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33 designer wallpapers – a variety of extravagance, elegance and innovation

wallpaper designs barbara becker geometric figures blue white

We present to you 33 designer wallpapers, that amaze with extravagance and modern decors. Recognized artists, architects and celebrities have expressed their own style through these wall decorations. Check out their collections.

Designer wallpapers by Barbara Becker

pattern wallpapers barbara becker yellow white curtain pattern


Demanding and refined, Barbara Becker’s wallpapers are dedicated to today’s contemporary interior design. A beautiful wall decoration simply goes hand in hand with a good furniture design.

Designer wallpapers barbara becker pattern purple sheer curtains

barbara becker wallpaper pattern blue yellow floral

zebra pattern wallpaper barbara becker wall decoration

Designer wallpapers barbara becker red white floral decorations

barbara becker wallpapers black and white baroque

barbara becker wallpapers geometric pattern blue white

barbara becker wallpapers burgundy red swirls


Wallpapers for princesses (and princes) by Harald Glööckler, Germany’s most eccentric fashion designer. Extraordinary and grandiose motifs such as leopard, angel wings, peacock feather, baroque. Designer wallpapers, decorated with rhinestones and glittering crowns.

Designer wallpapers with extravagant motifs

HARALD GLÖÖCKLER wallpapers red black crowns

HARALD GLÖÖCKLER wallpaper angel wings leopard pattern

HARALD GLÖÖCKLER wallpaper baroque gold blue

HARALD GLÖÖCKLER fashion designer wallpaper gold princesses

HARALD GLÖÖCKLER golden wallpaper peacock feather

HARALD GLÖÖCKLER designer wallpapers baroque white-black


Flowing colors that merge in different directions. The decors resemble a grid design that becomes wider and narrower with a seamless gradient.

designer wallpaper icon raster design purple dark gray

icon wallpaper pink waves gradient

icon pattern wallpaper black dark gray texture


Club atmosphere in puristic elegance: Discreet, unmistakable stripes in different widths and color combinations create a refined atmosphere. The geometric figures are combined with each other to create interesting effects.

porsche wallpaper stripes light gray white

porsche wallpapers small patterns elegant

porsche design wallpaper stripes gray


Dynamic lines and expressive, lively shapes set the room in motion. New, flowing structures and shapes are created. The designs by Zaha Hadid are a real example of innovative, future-oriented creations in wall design.

zaha hadid wallpaper red swirl

zaha hadid wallpaper elastica futuristic

zaha hadid designer wallpaper cells futuristic

zaha hadid architect wallpaper futuristic shapes

IDENTITY wallpapers – barcode and fingerprint

identity wallpaper barcode wall decoration gray

identity wallpaper fingerprint gray black furniture

abstract patterns and shapes by KARIM RASHID

karim rashid wallpaper gold black pattern fireplace

karim rashid design wallpaper gray matrix

karim rashid designer pattern wallpaper abstract motifs

glittering effects from LUIGI COLANI

wallpaper luigi colani gold texture design

pattern wallpaper glittering effect luigi colani

luigi colani wallpapers gray shades

luigi colani copper scratch effects