Wall cladding

14 wall design ideas from different materials for every room

wall design ideas wallpaper-concrete-cork-wood

The walls play a major role in furnishing and interior design and should definitely be included. After all, an accent wall can be an eye-catcher and can therefore perfectly enhance the atmosphere. It can also be designed in a wide variety of ways and with a wide variety of techniques and materials. Living ideas with wall paints and wallpaper are just two of many ideas that can be used in a variety of ways. If you want to design one or more walls, you can also use one of our original wall design ideas and inspirations for any room.

Walls paint ideas

wall design ideas modern-wall-design-abstract-pattern-dining area

The classic wall design with color does not necessarily mean simply painting a wall in a certain color. There are a multitude of design options and wall design ideas with color for the walls that can be implemented, such as a beautiful pattern that can be designed from several colors and makes any wall look more lively. You can choose a regular pattern for a creative wall design, as well as an irregular or abstract one.

wall design ideas wall color-modern-pastel tones-pattern-geometric-desk

You can see great and modern wall design ideas in the two examples above, where different patterns were used to create a unique accent wall and a lively ambience. Similar colors were always used, but contrasts are also an exciting option. Use strong or subtle pastel tones as you like and create the look you want.

Wallpapers as wall design ideas

wall design ideas wallpaper-watercolor-effect-watercolor-blue

You can also use wallpaper for colored wall design ideas. Unique motifs and patterns make for great eye-catchers on the wall and can be used for any room. If you want wall design ideas for the living room, wallpaper ideas can be used just as well as if you are looking for bedroom ideas for wall design or want to spice up the boring hallway. The silhouette look above and the watercolor effect on the wallpaper below are just two of the countless possibilities that not only look modern, but can also create a unique hallway, bedroom or living room wall.

wall design-ideas-design-wallpaper-high-quality-side-table-hall-room-design

Whether patterns or motifs or even high-quality and modern photo wallpapers that can even visually enlarge small rooms, whether for just one accent wall or the entire room does not matter and hardly depends on the effect you want to achieve. As ideas for wall design, wallpapers are simply a perfect and quick solution that also lasts forever, provided you trust high-quality wallpapers.

Decoration ideas made of wood

wall design-ideas-living room-wall-desk-console-mirror-wood-accent

If you want to cover the wall, there are also different variants available. Wood as wall cladding is one of them and especially a great solution if you want to set a warm accent. The wood does not necessarily have to take up the entire wall, but can also be combined with other materials. A plain white wall is just one option. A large mirror that extends from the floor to the ceiling, wallpaper or wall paint also go well with this natural material. It goes without saying that the wood can also be painted as desired.

wall design-ideas-concrete-wood-bedroom-design

A very nice combination is also concrete and wood, which is especially good in modern and minimalist interiors. If you want to design your walls quickly, cheaply and easily, then this is a great option. The contrast of warm and cold both in terms of material and color make such wall design ideas particularly captivating.


If you want an interesting structure, cover the wall with pieces of wood or panels and create not only a warm atmosphere, but also an attractive pattern that will attract everyone’s attention. Use this example for your living room ideas, it is recommended as a background for the wall unit or a shelf. For the wall design in the bedroom, this accent wall can in turn be designed behind the bed, whereby the wood does not necessarily have to take up the entire wall.

Design a mirror wall

Wall design-ideas-mirror-moldings-pattern-living room-inspiration

A mirror wall not only serves as an optical extension for small rooms, but also represents an elegant decoration. If a simple mirror is too boring for you, you can also decorate the wall with a few decorative strips made of wood or metal and also design the mirror wall. Geometric patterns in particular look very modern.

Wall design ideas with blackboards and blackboard paints


If you are one of those people who want frequent changes and are therefore looking for inexpensive and variable design options, you can also use blackboard paint and then design and paint this wall at any time according to your taste in order to implement very individual wall design ideas. Especially creative individuals will face wall design ideas like this one.


Alternatively, a larger board can also be used and this is particularly good as wall design ideas for the hallway, where this type of wall decoration can look original and peppy. Especially if you don’t want to hang up the classic murals or photos again, but want to try something different, blackboards can be a great alternative. And then you can welcome all your guests right away.

Ideas for wall design in the bathroom


In damp rooms such as the bathroom, the use of decorations and materials for the wall is somewhat more limited, because not everything can withstand moisture. Oil paintings and wall paints, wallpaper and wood are often not intended for use, which is why you have to look for other variants for the wall design. It is no secret that tiles are the best option. But before you read on in boredom, we would like to let you know that tiles no longer look and have to be used classic. Hexagonal models or such a herringbone pattern, for example, are simply real eye-catchers and are suitable as wall design ideas for every furnishing style.

wall design-ideas-concrete-design-bathroom-modern-accent-wall niche

If you still want to try other and more unusual wall design ideas, the modern concrete look is another variant. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a smooth wall, because there are many different ways of designing concrete. From ornamental, floral motifs to designs imitating wood to modern geometric motifs as in the example above. Here you can let your imagination run free again.

Make wall decorations yourself out of cork

wall design-ideas-cork-wall-unit-modern-warm-atmosphere

Admit it, when you read Cork, the first thing you imagined was something boring, didn’t you? But as you can see, an oversized cork wall can really be very effective. In addition, the material looks very similar to wood, but is a lot cheaper and is therefore a perfect alternative if you have a limited budget. Use cork, for example, for the wall design in the living room. There the material can form the background for the wall unit, but it can also decorate the wall behind the sofa.


But you can not only design the living room in this way. Since it is also a very practical material that is often used for pin boards, a wall right next to the desk or even in the kitchen can be designed in this way. And even as a wall design in the hallway, cork is well suited, where it can fulfill the same function as the blackboard, but in this case creates a warm atmosphere.