Wall cladding

Wall cladding

Decorative wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem

wall cladding by muurbloem fabric optics

The Dutch manufacturer for decorative wall covering Muurbloem shows us that luxury is just a fold away. The wallpaper company presents its folds & Pleats collection is a modern and unique way of decorating the interior of your home. Whether inside or outside, in the office or in the private apartment, this is it decorative wall covering an inspiration for work, leisure activities or simply for relaxation.

Decorative wall covering by Muurbloem – the Folds & Pleats collection

wall covering by muurbloem blue jeans

The wall coverings in blue jeans look look particularly casual, while the white satin diamond and blue gala satin wallpaper look more official and aesthetic, and the gray calk stripes model is all about business. Regardless of which one decorative wall covering You will choose, these interesting designs will transform the two-dimensional boring walls into three-dimensional decoration for your home. From gentle and sexy to complex and inspiring, this collection offers something for every taste.

Creative designs for decorative wall cladding in fabric look

wall cladding by muurbloem gray calk stripes

The Gala Satin model in blue as an example of decorative wall cladding

wall covering by muurbloem blue gala satin

Decorative wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 8

Decorative wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 7

Decorative wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 6

Wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 5

Wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 4

Wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 3

Wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 2

Wall cladding in fabric look by Muurbloem 1

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Wall cladding

Innovative ideas for wall cladding – decorative acoustic panels

Innovative ideas for wall cladding

All innovative ideas for wall cladding by Anne Kyyrö Quinns combine beauty with functionality and environmental awareness. The decorative acoustic panels that the company makes always make a good impression no matter where they are used. The manufacturer works with customers, architects and interior designers to create innovative acoustic wall solutions for interior design.

Wall panels as innovative ideas for wall cladding

Innovative ideas for wall cladding orange acoustic panels

Innovative ideas for wall cladding are the modern solution for furnishing apartments and public spaces. The decorative wall panels are handcrafted from luxurious fabrics and are excellent as a contemporary wall decoration. Anne Kyyrö Quinn describes its own products as a bridge between modern city life and the natural landscape. The effect of the decorative acoustic panels can still be noticed in everyday life – they bring an elegant, inconspicuous beauty and comfort with them.

Innovative ideas for wall cladding in interior design

gray interior decorative acoustic wall design

With the panels, you can quickly and easily create an extraordinary accent wall that becomes an absolute highlight in the room. Thanks to the three-dimensional motifs and patterns, an interesting illusion is created that attracts everyone’s attention. If you’re still looking for the perfect solution to finally improve on that boring, bare wall that has been bothering you for so long, then these models may be just the ticket.

Modern wall design with flowers in orange

innovative ideas wall cladding-acoustic wall

Here is a nice example from the acoustic panel collection. It shows motifs similar to flowers that give the impression that you are being viewed through a microscope. The images stimulate the imagination and are unique in their execution. In addition, there is a strong orange color that can create a warm and at the same time striking accent in any type of room. This variant is also available in other colors, including a bright pink.

Acoustic wall cladding with colorful accents

Wall cladding acoustic panels Anne-Kyyro-Quinns

Acoustic wall panels in green and gray from London

Decorative acoustic wall panels Anne-Kyyro-Quinn green gray

Modern design in bold color variations – blossom in pink

Decorative acoustic wall panels

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Wall cladding

Decorative wall design – colored wallpaper with stripes

Wall covering strong colors red stripes wallpaper agency

Decorative wall design subject to constant change of style. The latest colorful and lively trends that inspire us again and again are the bold colored stripes wallpaper from wallpaper agency.

Decorative wall design that visually transforms the room

Bold color combination wall design - stripes wallpaper

Now is the season for hot hues and sharp, clean lines. Colors mean joie de vivre. Vertically arranged stripes create the optical illusion for a higher ceiling, which creates an airy feeling of space and gives a room open generosity. the Decorative wall design with horizontal patterns brings the high ceilings down visually.

Decorative wall design for atmospheric furnishings

Stripes tapestry wall decoration

the Decorative wall design with bold stripes in pink, purple and green – or in the color combination of black, white, gray and yellow radiates comfort and style. These stripe wallpapers from Wallpaper agency could furnish your living and dining room, sitting area, bedroom and even bathroom, atmospherically. All walls can be beautifully decorated with slim stripes. You can even add a trendy contrast to the wall design with a striped paper and a different pattern in the same color.

Creative wall cladding in yellow and gray

decorative wall design-modern stripes yellow purple

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Wall cladding

Pen drawing on the wall – wallpaper pattern design by Rollout

Design tap rollout series doodle

Fine penmanship can be used in many areas of application. Even if not exactly calligraphic, the modern ones Wallpaper pattern by Alissia Melka-Teichroew have their own unique, incomparable aesthetic. The “Ballpoint Wallpaper” series is part of the Rollout Artist series.

Wallpaper pattern design by Alissia Melka-Teichroew

Diagonal cross wallpaper pattern design ink

The New York based creative artist Alissia Melka-Teichroew has taken her writing skills to another level. Who hasn’t written and drawn directly on the wall with a ballpoint pen? The favorite pastime of the children offers new horizons for creative interior design. The playful ones Wallpaper pattern fill the room with artistic chaos.

Vertical parallel stripes

Parallel running stripes on the wall blue pen drawing pen

With the help of different techniques, Melka-Teichroew has 6 different ones Wallpaper pattern developed – from stripes that run straight through the wall to transverse to abstract scribbling. Discreet stripes are a real eye-catcher and are reminiscent of childhood. The cheeky graphics underline the personality of extravagant people. They bring momentum to your house.

Stripes running parallel over the entire length

Horizontal Running Wallpaper Pattern Modern Rollout Design

These attractive indigo blue wallpapers have already been brought to the market and are still offered in red, black and gold. The pen colors used are water-based. Custom size and color options are also possible. Scribble Wallpaper pattern make this playful collection something special.

Scribble in the corner – modern wallpaper from Rollout 

Wallpaper pattern colorful stain ink corner design modern

Write on the wall with a ballpoint pen

Designer pattern wall design wallpaper ink blue

Wallpaper patterns by Zaha Hadid for Marburg stand for more dynamism

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Wall cladding

Modern wall cladding made of wood creates an inviting ambience

indoor garden glass ideas for wall cladding wood

If you prefer natural materials for your interior, this is the one Wall cladding made of wood the right choice for you. Take a look at these wonderful ideas for wall design made of wood and get inspiration for the wall decoration in your home. Wood is a natural material that gives the home warmth, comfort and coziness.

Wall cladding made of wood for the modern home

floor and wall ideas for wall cladding wood

Although the Wall cladding made of wood Considered a classic option for interior design, the wood material can also work quite well in a modern interior. The modern minimalist style is considered by some to be cool and aloof. If you want to bring in a bit of warmth, create an inviting ambience, or simply want to bring in more naturalness, have the wall partially or completely clad with wood.

Coordinate the wooden wall cladding with the interior

black and white decoration ideas for wall cladding made of wood

The modern Wall cladding made of wood fits different decorations and furnishing styles. Nevertheless, you should coordinate these precisely with the interior. Think about whether you will choose light or dark wood and which walls you will be covering exactly. Combine the wood with warm colors and an interior with a rustic design for the classic variant. If you like contrasts, combine the wood paneling with minimalist black and white furnishings.

Living room with high ceiling and wooden interior wall

living room interior balcony ideas for wall cladding made of wood

Modern living room with wooden partition

white corner sofa ideas for wooden wall cladding

Wall and ceiling cladding made of wood

wall design ideas for wall cladding made of wood

Interior completely made of wood

bench floral decoration ideas for wall cladding made of wood

Living room in wood seen from above

bedroom overview ideas for wood cladding

Bedroom with a rustic look

bedroom natural wood ideas for wall cladding wood

Wall, floor and ceiling in wood

bedroom view ideas for wall cladding wood

Playroom with wood paneling

sliding window ideas for wall cladding wood

Contrasts in the dining room interior

modern dining room ideas for wall cladding wood

Kitchen in light wood

kitchen light wood ideas for cladding wood

Headboard in the bedroom

headboard bedroom ideas for wall cladding wood

Dark wood in the kitchen 

high ceiling ideas for wall cladding wood

Modern wooden living room with panoramic views

glass wall panoramic view ideas for wall cladding wood

Modern kitchen with ladder

dining room ladder ideas for cladding wood

Bedroom with a rustic look

dark wood rustic ideas for wall cladding wood

Wood paneling in the living room

ceiling cladding wall ideas for wall cladding wood

Cozy bedroom with wall design made of wood

exit patio ideas for cladding wood

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Wall cladding

Decorative wall cladding made of wooden panels by QuadroLegno

decorative wall cladding made of quadrolegno wooden panels

the decorative wall covering made of wood by QuadroLegno are very impressive products from the Elite collection. The Italian company is very passionate about wood, design, research and innovation and strives to push the envelope when it comes to creating and manufacturing wall cladding from wood panels. This is exactly what is reflected in the Elite Collection.

Decorative wall cladding from QuadroLegno – the Elite collection

decorative wall cladding by quadrolegno square

the decorative wall covering made of wooden panels could also be used for the floor for an equally impressive effect, although the square panel shape is not typical for the wooden floor. The collection has three series – Elite Charme, Elite Graphic and Elite Prestige, the design of which is very original and unique. The Charme series emphasizes the raw natural beauty of the wood fiber. The Graphic series uses engraved designs with relief for a more dramatic effect. The Prestige series represents knots and parquet made of walnut, which are available in non-uniform variations and whose design represents the classic and timeless shine.

Luxury design for decorative wall covering in the living room

modern wall cladding by quadrolegno white red

Decorative wooden panels with irregular patterns

modern wall cladding by quadrolegno design brown

Wooden panels with a modern design in white and red

modern wall cladding by quadrolegno irregular shapes

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Wall cladding

Living ideas: The design of the walls with color

Wall painting color coral divided wall

Photo: Charles & Hudson

White walls get very boring over time. For this reason, the following post is about bringing some variety into the game, as there are different methods of making the walls more exciting and appealing.

Colors not only stand for the joie de vivre, they also drive away the boring uniform look. The primary colors (blue, yellow, red) are probably among the most important colors that deliver energy to your own four walls. If you don’t like the strong tones, you can tone them down a bit. To achieve this, all you have to do is mix two complementary colors, such as yellow and blue. This allows soft shades to be produced that have a harmonious effect on the living environment.

Design of the walls – original ideas in two colors

paint select color renovate apartment

Photo: Ms..G

An alternative for an original design of the walls can also be the colored divided wall. For example, the upper part of the wall can be painted a light brown shade and the lower part a strong blue. The cool blue is grounded by the brown tone so that the colors go well together.

Tip:      If strong colors are used, these can be enhanced with various home accessories (e.g. for arshabitandi) are loosened up again.

Original design of the walls – concrete look replaces the neutral nuances

Colors cheerful combinations beige neutral color palette

Photo: Niels Heidenreich

In addition to the strong colors, the concrete look is particularly popular. There is no need for a concrete wall to achieve this look. Anyone can bring this trend into their home with the help of the following guide.

Accessories for concrete look for an area of ​​approx. Ten square meters:

–          Basic spatula (consumption: approx. 500 grams per square meter)

–          Effect spatula (consumption: approx. 100 grams per square meter)

In preparation, edges and corners should be masked and furniture and the floor should be covered with a film. In the case of freshly plastered walls, it is advantageous to paint them with an acrylic deep primer beforehand, as this then ensures more adhesion.

Color ideas living room pink red shades

Photo: OpenClips

After drying, the effect filler is applied and spread with the concrete smoother. The effect filler will not stick to the unevenness of the basic filler. A lot of pressure should be exerted here, because then the effect filler layer shimmers through, creating the desired concrete look.

In the next step, the basic filler is then applied to the wall using a short-pile roller. Then the concrete smoother (spatula) is used, which conjures up a structured effect. To do this, it is important that the spatula is run back and forth across the wall. If this results in small edges or grooves, this is intentional. Then the whole process is repeated once more. The whole thing then has to dry for about six hours.

select apply let dry white

Photo: OpenClips

The possibilities and variants for designing walls are almost unlimited. If you like it a little more unusual, you can also design your walls with felt elements or wall panels made of polyester or fiberglass, for example.

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Wall cladding

Wood wall panels – rustic furnishing ideas from SDA

Wood wall panels - rustic interior design ideas

Wood wall panels are a stylish proposal for modern and cozy furnishings. Arranged with wooden furniture or minimalist furniture, they perfectly complete the interior design. SDA’s products contain several practical ideas that we would like to briefly introduce to you.

The wood wall panels as integrated works of art

Wood wall panels - rustic furnishing ideas

the Wood wall panels are a peculiar interpretation of modern art and also made of high quality wood. The wall cladding made of wooden panels combines some useful functions. However, you have to expect that the wooden panels can also decorate your apartments.

Wooden wall panels for cozy interior furnishings

Furnishing ideas wood panels white sofa

the Wooden wall panels from SDA appear friendly and cozy, but also dramatic at the same time. They are an original combination of high quality teak roots and tree resin. The dimensions of the panels are 50X50cm, so that makes 4 panels per square meter. The whole look is strongly influenced by the fibers and knots that are typical for the wood.

Wooden furniture and wooden wall decorations – beautiful and cozy

Wooden table wall design wood wallpaper decor

Wall design with wooden panels

cozy wood wall panels

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