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Colors for living room – 55 great ideas for color design

The living room is usually the largest room in the apartment or house. After all, a lot should fit in there – for example your favorite sofa, a large wall shelving system, TV cabinet, chest of drawers, dining area and possibly even a kitchenette.

colors for living room green gray carpet chandelier couch white

The right color design plays a decisive role here – the wall color ensures comfort and creates a visual connection between the individual areas. We’ll give you 55 great ideas for combining Colors for living room – let it inspire you!

Colors for living room – Select according to the room conditions

colors for living room fuchsia color shelf white furniture coffee table armchair

The choice of Colors for living room is closely related to two factors:

– Room conditions – If the room is spacious, the wall color may be dark / for example petrol blue / gray, chocolate brown / purple or wine red / anthracite /. If the room is smaller or if the living room has a sloping roof, you should opt for lighter colors / yellow, orange, pink /.

– Light / dark living room – The lighting conditions in the room also play an important role. In rooms that are flooded by sunlight / for example, rooms facing south or west / you can paint the wall opposite the window a dark accent color. And on the contrary – the dark, north-facing living room will benefit from a strong wall color such as azure, yellow or orange.

Colors for living room – gray furniture in front of a yellow wall

colors for living room yellow wall decal gray furnishing cage

It is not always possible to paint the walls in accent colors. Instead, many tenants opt for furniture in strong nuances. In this way a happy and cozy atmosphere is created – and the best part is – even if you move you can achieve the same effect in the new apartment.

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Combination of green and orange in the living room

colors for living room green orange canape floor lamp shelf

Green and orange is a great color combination if you want to bring freshness to the room that is reminiscent of spring. The minimalist living room also uses the colors in an interesting way. The wall was designed with a niche for built-in shelves and storage surfaces, whereby this area is optically separated from the green wall color by an orange hue. There are also canapé and floor lamps in orange.

Light colors in stripes

colors for living room stripes beige brown blue sofa toys

Striped patterns are very attractive and stylish. This not only applies to two-tone variants, but also when you combine several colors, including contrasting colors. The striped wall above consists of dark blue, light blue, brown and beige, which can also be found in the rest of the room design.

Combine the colors gray and berry

Strawberries color motifs ideas wall shelf white accents

The berry color has a special charm and looks cozy on the one hand and elegant on the other. In addition, it can not only be wonderfully combined with white, but also with any shade of gray or even with both color variants. The living room upstairs was designed in the same way. The middle wall, the pattern of the carpet and the sofa are gray, while berry serves as an accent color for the armchairs and two other wall areas, which are also framed by white supports.

Wall color orange on the fireplace

Wall color gray decorative accents white sofa set Shaggy carpet

Of course, white can also be combined with any other color, as it is neutral. How about a warm shade of orange? Accents were set in this room on the fireplace wall and with the help of decorations in this color.

Living room colors – Add a splash of color with the furniture

Gray wall azure sofa lemon yellow decorative cushion wood coffee table beech

Mint green is a fresh pastel shade that can be extremely delicate and relaxing. In combination with other shades of blue such as turquoise, its cool look is enhanced. You can add candy-colored accents with rosé and salmon. This color is often used as wall paint and can be combined well with furniture made of light wood. A mint green sofa in the living room can become a real highlight.

Living room in pink and yellow

Living room design yellow red berries wall paint ideas

The color pink has long since left the Barbie image and is finding its way into the modern living room. Rosé, old rose, fuchsia – each of these nuances has a completely different effect and can be used differently in the room. You can either opt for a delicate tone as the wall color or set very nice accents with an intense color such as raspberry red.

Red brick wall and pink accent wall

Living room home interior ideas brick wall eclectic decor

This example shows how Barbie Pink can be used in an eclectic living style. The designer has chosen very different design ideas for the two adjacent walls. These are in stark contrast to each other, but with the help of the other decorations and home accessories, the mix of styles is hardly disruptive here.

Orange nuances give the gray living room a splash of color

Living room color scheme orange accent wall

This is where cool and warm tones meet. Gray and orange are a sensational color combination that is also well suited for the living room. The dark wooden floor harmonizes with the warm appearance of the orange color and underlines the rough concrete surfaces.

Orange and blue in the living area of ​​a single family home

Contrasting colors medium blue wall opposite window orange

The light-dark contrast plays an important role in the overall effect of the facility. In the example above, we can see that light orange and dark wood get along particularly well. Here, on the other hand, brick red was chosen as the wall color. In combination with the light wood tone, there is an appealing interplay.

Living room living ideas – anthracite gray

Walls living room design ideas sofa set

Anthracite can be described as black with a shade of gray. It’s not that deep black, but looks just as elegant and timeless. The subtle and restrained color blends harmoniously into any interior and creates the perfect backdrop for colorful home accessories.

The light blue ceiling and the blue doors make the room look spacious

light oak wall panels white corner sofa

Not only the walls can be given a completely new look with color. The ceiling can also be designed in more diverse ways than you think. In this case, the light blue painted ceiling contrasts with the chandelier, which is kept entirely in white. The three murals with sea motifs convey a summery atmosphere.

Dark blue is not suitable for small rooms

dark blue accent color solid wood furniture mirror

Navy blue as a wall color, together with wood tones, ensures peace and comfort. A large mirror is leaned against the wall so that the living room does not look too gloomy. This makes the white couch a real highlight and immediately attracts attention.

Azure accents in the living room – the wooden wall panels make it look cozy

Living room-shape wood wall panels armchair

It’s not just navy blue that brings a summery flair to the living room. Turquoise is also a nice choice as a wall color and is reminiscent of the sea. You can also include the sea and sand color theme. Also put gold accents that represent the sun.

beige chocolate brown paint walls look cozy

lime green wall paint looks spacious and bright

Ideas light blue walls white furniture carpet lime green white stripes

yellow wall shelves light gray wall two stools

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Painting wall pastel blue very light beige carpet

Style set up ideas light blue beige

Living room-shape orange armchair with two sloping ceilings

Painting carpet contrasting colors yellow red orange corner sofa design sloping ceiling

white furniture living room set up ideas leather furniture

Walls ceiling gray furniture metal wall shelf

white light blue gray combine orange color accents

light blue wall orange painting gray sofa

Chocolate brown wall panels stool stripes mustard yellow strawberry red brown white walls

Chocolate brown wall coffee table stripes decorative pillow colorful

Sofa anthracite gray curtains multicolored blue green

Wall color red brown white sofa black chair

white mantelpiece gray wall orange fabric wallpapered accent

Photo wall living room gray wall color

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green curtains chair leather upholstered coffee table glass metal silver throw pillows

Living room painting accent wall neutral colors

grass green chairs open fireplace bright yellow sofa coffee table casters

gray relief surface stripes strawberries color armchair

Living room color scheme sofa gray red brown blue throw pillow

Living room coffee table bedspreads painting wall

Color design ideas dark blue bamboo furniture wall shelf

eclectic spacious living room colorful carpet curtains red armchairs

Laminate floor beige sofa coffee table wood glass

set up white cupboard colorful pendant lights

Peach color leather sofa coffee table stripes rug geometric figures

Color design ideas light blue yellow classic furniture

Wall colors beige pastel colors furniture pink light blue beige natural materials

Color accents yellow floor lamp light blue chair upholstered

Wall orange terracotta color natural wood furniture

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