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Make Christmas gifts yourself: 7 creative and quick DIY ideas

Make Christmas gifts yourself 7 last minute ideas

Christmas is getting closer – but for many the pre-Christmas season will be hectic. The stress of shopping reigns supreme and the right gifts have still not been found. In this case, only one thing helps – make the Christmas presents yourself. Ultimately, no gift looks more personal than a homemade present with a handmade Christmas card. And while doing handicrafts, the Christmas spirit is guaranteed to arise. We have put together 7 cool ideas for handmade last-minute gifts that you can use to surprise family and friends.

Make Christmas presents yourself: gift box with sweets

Make Christmas gifts yourself toilet rolls decorative paper

Whether as a last-minute present or as a souvenir: small, lovingly packaged gifts are guaranteed to cause a sensation. The gift box is perfect for small sweets such as gingerbread, candy or biscuits. We offer you an idea for charming packaging that is not only suitable for Christmas, but also for other festive occasions.

Make Christmas gifts yourself sweets gift bag toilet rolls

For the first handicraft project you will need the following materials:

Cardboard tube

hot glue


Felt, red


Cardboard, green

Decorative ribbons with Christmas motifs


Jewelry pearls


Make Christmas gifts yourself gift bag DIY idea

You can either use a loo roll or, if you want to wrap more candy, a paper towel roll. Use the cardboard tube as a template and cut out two circles from the red felt. Fasten the first circle with the hot glue gun (see photo above). Stick the green cardboard on the cardboard tube.

Make Christmas presents yourself, make a gift bag, instructions

Cut out a 4 cm long piece of decorative tape, glue it to the second circle and then attach it to the cardboard tube with the hot glue gun. The lid is ready.

Make Christmas gifts yourself Last minute gift bag sweets

Now you only have to decorate the cardboard tube with the decorative ribbons, the rhinestones and the pearls. Let your imagination run wild. Fill the packaging bag with sweets.

Make Christmas presents yourself – wrist rest for the keyboard

Wrist rest make yourself ideas gifts last minute

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or big. A homemade wrist rest says “I’m thinking of you” like no other present and can be tinkered at the very last moment before Christmas.

Make Christmas gifts yourself wrist rest keyboard

Here are the necessary materials at a glance:

Checkered fabric

Pillow filling

Sewing thread

Buttons, four holes



Deco tape

Make Christmas presents and sew your own wrist rest

Simply sew a pillowcase first, then sew on two buttons. Connect two holes with each other using a cross so that the thread looks like an X at the end. Then make a bow-like decorative seam for the mouth. Fill the pillowcase with the pillow filling and sew the ends together. Decorate with decorative ribbon on request.

Sew felt bookmarks yourself

Make Christmas gifts yourself bookmarks

A nice gift for real bookworms: they will definitely look forward to a lovingly made bookmark made of felt. You will need the following materials for the craft project:



Sewing thread



hot glue





Deco tape

Make Christmas gifts yourself bookmark book fabric buttons

Cut out a rectangular piece measuring 15 cm X 5 cm from the cardboard. Cut out a rectangle measuring 10cm X 3 cm from the felt. Sew the piece of felt onto the cardboard. Glue buttons, rhinestones and pearls onto the felt. Stick a 20 cm long piece of decorative tape to the cardboard. complete!

Last minute gifts – make your own bath bomb

Make Christmas gifts yourself DIY bath bombs

Pamper the recipient with a fragrant bath bomb for Christmas. The bath ball dissolves bubblingly when it comes into contact with water and releases its aromas in the bathtub. Since it contains oils, it also has a skin-caring effect.

Make your own bath bomb recipe instructions

Here are the necessary materials:

Soda – 180 g

Citric acid – 90 g

Epsom salt – 120 g

Corn starch – 64 g

Food coloring (powder)

Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp

Water – 1 tbsp

Fragrance oil – 10 drops

Preparation: mix the baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, corn starch and food coloring in a bowl. Mix the vegetable oil, water and scented oil in a smaller bowl.

Make Christmas presents, make your own bath bomb

Add the solution to the baking soda mixture and stir well until it is dry. Then put these in molds and press them lightly with your fingers.

Bath bomb recipe Christmas gifts last minute

Let the bath bombs harden for about 2-4 days. Pack the bath balls airtight and always be careful not to let them come into contact with water.

Christmas gifts yourself make a last minute bath bomb idea

Make Christmas presents yourself – make slime

Christmas gifts children make slime yourself

Are you invited to a family with children? Surprise the little ones with a cool gift. We’ll show you how you can make the trendy slime that has captured children’s hearts around the world yourself.

Christmas gifts make yourself slime children

You need the following ingredients:

Flour – 128 g

Water. 235 ml

Salt – 150 g

Citric acid – 2 tbsp

Sunflower oil – 1 tbsp

Food coloring

Glitter – 1 tbsp

1 mason jar

Deco tape

Make Christmas presents yourself, make slime

And this is how the slime is made: Put the flour, water, salt and citric acid in a saucepan and heat for 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly. The result is a dry, non-sticky dough. Let the dough cool, then add the food coloring and stir well. Put in a mason jar and decorate with decorative ribbon. complete!

Make last minute Christmas presents yourself: room fragrance

Christmas presents bring home fragrances

With a home-made room fragrance you are giving away long-term joy. Because the stylishly decorated mason jar also offers further decoration and storage options when the room fragrance has already been used up. And it can be perfectly arranged next to the festive paper Christmas decorations.

Christmas gifts themselves make scented oils souvenirs

You need these materials for the last minute gift:


Deco tape

cinnamon sticks

Orange slices

Star anise


Make last-minute gifts for room fragrances

Fill the mason jar with the lemongrass, star anise, cinnamon sticks and orange slices. Pour hot water over them so that the aromas can be released.

Make Christmas presents yourself: decorate mugs with nail polish

Gift ideas decorate last minute cup of nail polish

Turn a white cup into a special one-off with nail polish. We’ll show you how you can give even simple porcelain cups a personal touch.

Make Christmas presents yourself, paint a cup of porcelain

You need the following materials:


Nail polish (2 colors)

Craft glue Mod Podge

Disposable bowl


Deco tape

paint brush

Painting cup of porcelain nail polish

Pour water into the disposable bowl, then add several drops of the first nail polish (the light pink shade). Add several drops of the second nail polish (the dark pink shade). Add a few more drops of the light shade. Immerse the cup halfway in the water using circular movements. Take out and let dry on kitchen paper. Then use a brush to apply a thin layer of the Mod Podge craft glue only to the nail polish.

Cup of porcelain Christmas gift ideas