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Folding napkins for Christmas – decoration ideas and instructions

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With all the preparation for the Christmas dinner with family and friends, you can feel overwhelmed and forget small things such as napkins. If you want to plan everything down to the last detail, then take a look at these great ideas in our picture gallery! The nicely folded napkins made of paper or fabric will give the Christmas table decorations that certain something. That Folding napkins for Christmas is not difficult at all and is really fun! Even children can take part in the folding of Christmas napkins.

Folding napkins for Christmas – the classic pyramid

napkins fold for christmas pyramid classic deco table yellow-green

The napkins should be coordinated with the tablecloth and the tableware set. Conjure up unusual shapes such as Christmas tree, candle, star, boots, lotus flower and others. Folding Christmas napkins can be an art that requires a bit of practice, but it’s well worth it. Take a look at our great ideas and follow the step-by-step instructions! Have fun!

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Fold a Christmas tree out of a cloth napkin

Fold napkins for Christmas instructions-decorations

If you want to decorate your plates for Christmas, choose the shape of a Christmas tree. It goes well with every table decoration and adds to the festive mood. Folding a Christmas tree works best with cloth napkins. To give the whole thing the finishing touch, decorate the finished napkins with small bows, Christmas balls or other elements.

 Instructions for folding the Christmas tree

Folding napkins for Christmas instructions-fir tree

Fold elf boots out of a paper napkin


You can also make a small boot for Christmas from a simple paper napkin. These are what Santa’s helpers – the elves – wear. To do this, you can use single-colored napkins or napkins with a Christmas pattern. They should be around 40 x 40 cm. The finished elf boots look chic from all sides and can be placed upright on the plate.

Fold a pinwheel out of a cloth napkin

napkins fold for christmas pinwheel idea blue decoration winter

Original candle idea made from napkinsnapkin folds for christmas yellow candle idea romanticInstructions for foldingFolding napkins for christmas instructions table decorations plates

Great napkin ideas

Fold napkins for Christmas - decorate a candy cane ribbon

 3 examples of folded napkins with picture instructions


combine two napkins

Fold napkins for Christmas - combine red checkered serviettes


double-sided cloth napkins



big stars lie on the white platesNapkins fold big blue stars at Christmas


in red they are just as festive


Interesting idea with printed templates


silver bells as a napkin decoration


napkin decoration christmas napkin ring place card

napkin-decoration-christmas-napkin-rings-berry branches