House with winter garden – put indoor plants in the limelight as decoration

house with winter garden kitchen plant beds idea corners industrial bar stools kitchen island

Plants are a wonderful decoration option. They create a natural atmosphere and, in larger quantities, can even create a tropical ambience. But today we’re going to show you some more original ways to play with the plants in the interior.

House with winter garden in modern flower boxes

house with winter garden integrated flower boxes idea white high gloss modern

Plants in front of a window can be a wonderful substitute for a wall. With this design for a house with a winter garden, both the plants and the room receive sufficient daylight and a pretty privacy screen is also guaranteed.

House with winter garden in the bedroom

house with winter garden bedroom design window design plants boxes

This idea for a house with a winter garden was implemented in a bedroom with a minimalist design. Look what a breathtaking atmosphere is created in this way. The white high gloss flower boxes give the modern decor the finishing touch.

Vertical winter garden

house with winter garden vertical garden wall decoration idea parquet

Vertical gardens are no longer a novelty, but they are by no means losing their popularity. Decorate any wall with ferns, succulents or climbing plants and set a particularly original accent in your house with a winter garden.

Decoration idea for the modern staircase area

house with winter garden stairs dark wood tropical plants deco

With all the green and natural atmosphere, the dark wooden staircase with its modern design really comes into its own. You will feel like you are in the middle of nature in your own home. Climbing stairs is a lot more fun.

Plants in the dining area

Bench plants upholstery furniture pictures wall

We now present you a minimalist one House with winter garden, where the houseplants serve as decoration. The single-family house by MM ++ Architects is located in the city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. The project combines modern architecture and nature.

minimalist house with winter garden – the indoor plants as room dividers

Indoor plants allotment corner sofa

That House with winter garden was built on a very small piece of land. The limited living space should accommodate a young family with three small children. The architects of MM++ therefore had to do without a large garden – but you designed the garden in the house with a lot of imagination. The building is divided into two volumes – the first houses the living room and the kitchen. The two rooms are seamlessly connected into a large living area. They are visually separated by a small winter garden. The winter garden consists of several plants at different heights. Two narrow but very long skylights allow plenty of sunlight into the room. In the second volume of the minimalist House with winter garden Bedrooms of parents and children are located.

minimalist house with winter garden – clever room distribution

Big city two floors modern project

The project was inspired by nature – the indoor plants play an important role. On the one hand, they serve as decoration, on the other hand, they successfully replace the missing garden outside, ultimately creating a pleasant ambience where you can relax after a long day at work. The entrance to the house is also planted in line with the overall concept – tall tree bushes provide privacy here. The house with winter garden is excellent proof that modern architecture creates a relationship with nature.

Modern minimalist architecture

setting up small kitchen houseplants

The winter garden in a minimalist style 

Decoration winter garden minimalist interior

Modern fitted kitchen in white

Kitchen exotic houseplant palm trees

Skylights allow plenty of sunlight into the room

Skylight floor to set up grass living room

The living area looks spacious

Skylight fitted kitchen green glass wall

Design a modern minimalist kitchen

Glass kitchen back wall houseplants skylight

Kitchen with a window and a view of the courtyard

Handleless cabinets wood dining area

design a minimalist bathroom

Sink mirror glass door tile floor

Parents bedroom

large bedroom set up chocolate brown bed

The children’s room – modern and bright

Girls room large bed built-in wardrobe

The other children’s room in green

Set up children's rooms imaginatively minimalist

The house entrance – with privacy screens

Bamboo privacy screen minimalist architecture

minimalist architecture

glazed lighting tall bamboo plants

House roof blueprint minimalist

minimalist architecture winter garden blueprint room distribution