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Prepare vegan pancakes & bake vegan pancakes – 6 recipes

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Pancakes are a very popular breakfast, and not just for children. Adults cannot resist them either. But pancakes can not only be prepared for breakfast. They are also very popular as a snack between meals or with afternoon coffee. Today we would like to introduce you to another variant. To this end, we have some great recipes that you can use Vegan pancakes can prepare.

Prepare vegan pancakes

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Vegan means that you don’t use any animal products. This might seem strange at first, but you’ll be amazed at how delicious the pancakes turn out. The use of herbal products is also healthier. Try out the recipes with which you can prepare vegan pancakes and combine them with fresh fruit, jam or jam or with chocolate.

Vegan topping of pancakes – sweet or savory


Pancakes don’t necessarily have to be viewed as a sweet dessert. If sugar is left out as an ingredient, you get a great batter that you can use like a tortilla. Melt vegan cheese in the pancake while it’s still hot or wrap it with vegetables. In principle, the pancake is like bread: you can top it with anything, depending on how you prepare it. But you can not only prepare the classic pancakes vegan.

Pancakes instead of pancakes


Pancakes are a variation on American pancakes. The difference between the two is in the thickness. While pancakes are baked very thinly, pancakes should rise really nicely. That also makes them perfect for fillings. Fruits are simply added to the batter and then baked together in the frying pan. Not only can you prepare vegan pancakes, vegan pancakes are also a healthy alternative again. We have also put together some great recipe ideas for vegan pancakes. If you would like to prepare pancakes vegan and eat vegan pancakes, you can use the following recipes to ensure variety on a regular basis. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, brunch or afternoon snack.

Vegan pancakes

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If you want to use milk, but also prepare the pancakes vegan at the same time, you can also use any plant-based milk. These include almond milk and soy milk, among others. Each type of milk has its own taste. Try for yourself which one you like best.

Savory pancakes


– 10 tbsp wheat flour

– 2 tbsp soy flour

– 375 ml soy milk

– 1/2 teaspoon salt

– oil for frying

Vegetable filling


Slowly stir the soy milk into the already mixed dry ingredients to make vegan pancakes. Mix everything together well until you get a lump-free dough. Let it swell for 10 minutes and stir again. The dough becomes more fluid by adding more soy milk. The more liquid it is, the thinner the pancakes will be.

Sweet pancakes


If you want to prepare the pancakes vegan and sweet, you can not only use sugar for this purpose. Maple syrup or agave syrup are also popular. Different juices are another great idea and a great substitute for whole fruit that can’t fit in a thin pancake.

Pancakes with apple juice


– 1 cup of apple juice

– 2 cups of wheat flour

– 2 teaspoons sweetener (sugar, syrup)

– 1 cup of soy milk

– 2 teaspoons of baking soda

– 1 pinch of salt

– vegetable oil for frying

Candied fruit filling


First mix the flour with the baking powder to bake the pancakes vegan. Then add the remaining products and mix a smooth batter. The thin shape of the pancake is obtained by swirling the pan evenly after adding the batter.

Vanilla flavored pancakes


– 500 ml soy milk or water

– 250 g flour

– 4 tbsp sugar

– 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

– 1 pinch of salt

– vegetable oil

Prepare pancakes


Since the pancakes get quite thick, bake them over medium heat so they don’t burn on the outside before they’re done on the inside. Always add some batter to the pan and turn the vegan pancakes once they have bubbles or are as golden brown as you want them to be.

Neutral pancakes without sugar


Just as you can prepare hearty vegan pancakes, you can also prepare pancakes. We’ll be introducing you to such a recipe first. Then we have another sweet idea for you that requires maple syrup and plant-based milk, as well as a variant with fruit inside.

Recipe for fluffy, vegan pancakes


This recipe ensures that the pancakes are wonderfully fluffy inside despite the lack of milk and eggs. For preparation you use products that you usually always have around the house. You can never have enough vegan pancakes like this one.

Exotic breakfast


– 155 g of flour

– 2 tbsp sugar

– 2 teaspoons of baking soda

– 1 pinch of salt

– 300 ml of water

– 1 tbsp oil

Whole wheat pancakes


Put the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix the oil with the water in an extra container. Now make a well in the flour mixture and add the water with the oil. Mix everything with a whisk. Lumps are not a problem at all, they are even desirable.

Pancakes with maple syrup

Prepare vegan pancakes-healthy-food-maple syrup

– 200 g of flour

– 400 ml of hazelnut milk

– 1 teaspoon Baking powder

– 1 pinch of salt

– 1 tbsp maple syrup or agave syrup

Mix all the ingredients together. A viscous dough should result. Then add any amount (depending on how big the pancakes are to be) into the preheated pan. Bake the pancakes until you get the color you want.

Vegan blueberry pancakes

pancake vegan blueberry plum pancake recipe

The pancakes become particularly tasty and fruity if you fill them with any fruit. Blueberries are a classic, but other fruits such as apples are also very suitable. Here are the ingredients for such a recipe as a vegan alternative to pancakes.

Special pancake pan


– 125 g spelled flour

– 1 teaspoon of crushed flaxseed

– 230 ml soy milk

– 50 g blueberries

– 1 teaspoon Baking powder

– 2 teaspoons of agave syrup

– 1 pinch of salt

– 1 pinch of cinnamon

– 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil

Flaxseed as an ingredient


Put the flax seeds in a bowl with about 3 tablespoons of water. You should get absorbed in it. In the meantime, you can mix the dry ingredients together. Once the flax seeds have been in the water for at least 5 minutes, you can add them to the flour mixture. Also add the agave syrup and milk. Stir in the blueberries and bake the pancakes in coconut oil. You can also use coconut oil when baking sweet vegan pancakes.