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Make vegan chocolate yourself – homemade dessert idea

vegan chocolate itself makes bitter nuts ingredients healthy

Have you always wanted to make chocolate yourself? Then you can do this with today’s recipes. These are vegan recipes with which, unlike the chocolate from the shop, you can determine yourself what goes into your dessert. You can decide this by choosing the right one for you from our ideas and then the perfect one Make vegan chocolate yourself.

Make vegan chocolate yourself with fruits and nuts

Make vegan chocolate yourself inspiration-dates-walnut-almonds

You can make vegan chocolate yourself in a few simple steps. You can add any ingredients to any chocolate and add, for example, nuts, raisins or coconut to get a particularly tasty taste. In addition, the more cocoa you use, the more bitter the chocolate will be.

Make vegan chocolate yourself – simple recipe ideas


Ingredients such as cinnamon, chilli, dates and other dried fruits, as well as amaretto, are also very popular. All of these things can be considered when making your own vegan chocolate. Even if some ingredients seem strange to you at first glance, it is still worth trying them for dessert. You never know what might be new to you.

Recipe idea


– 125 g cocoa butter or coconut oil

– 50 g cocoa powder, unsweetened

– 2 tbsp agave syrup

– if you like, the pulp of a vanilla pod

– possibly nuts or other ingredients

A water bath

Make vegan chocolate yourself with a hot water bath and cocoa fridge

The cocoa butter or coconut oil is melted in a water bath. Make sure that the water does not get warmer than 50 degrees. Once everything has become liquid, you can stir in the cocoa powder until there are no more lumps. Then add the agave syrup and taste until you reach the level of sweetness you want. Instead of agave syrup, you can also use another sweetness (e.g. maple syrup). However, avoid sugar when making vegan chocolate yourself. This is because it is unhealthy.

Let the chocolate set


Then pour the liquid into any shape you like. You can improvise here, for example with an ice cube mold, or buy a special chocolate mold. As long as the chocolate is still liquid, you can add additional ingredients if you make the vegan chocolate yourself. Then it goes into the refrigerator. It has to be firmly fixed there. This takes about 2 hours. Since homemade chocolate melts faster at room temperature than the one you bought, you should also store it in the refrigerator later.



If you want a kick of freshness, choose mint as an ingredient. You add these to the chocolate in the mold. If you make this vegan chocolate yourself and serve it on a special occasion, you can also decorate the dessert with a few mint leaves so that the chocolate looks even more appetizing.

White chocolate


If you like white chocolate, you can also make this vegan chocolate yourself. In principle, you use the same ingredients for this purpose, only that you need almond butter instead of cocoa powder. Otherwise, the recipe is just as easy to implement. You will now find out how exactly:

Ingredients for white chocolate


– 80 g cocoa butter

– 30 g coconut oil

– 50 g white almond butter

– 1 pinch of ground vanilla pod

– 50 g agave syrup

Vegan dessert


So that you can make the vegan chocolate yourself, first melt the coconut oil and cocoa butter in a water bath again. If everything is liquid, the almond butter, agave syrup and vanilla can be added. Mix everything together well and pour the finished liquid into any shape and let it set in the refrigerator, preferably overnight.

Chocolate with quinoa


If you would like to add other ingredients when you make the vegan chocolate yourself, you can of course do so as long as the chocolate is not yet hard. Quinoa is particularly popular. Sunflower seeds or sesame seeds or a mix of all three ingredients are also suitable.

Mix white and brown


Can’t decide between white and brown chocolate? Well, then you can easily prepare both variants. It’s also a great idea to mix the two together. Interesting marble effects are created. If you make the vegan chocolate yourself, you have a wide variety of design options available.

Vegan chocolate as a gift idea

vegan-chocolate-make-it-yourself-praline-filling-bitter chocolate

Chocolates are often given away. If these are also homemade, the gesture is particularly nice. If you dare, try a few pralines if you make the vegan chocolate yourself. You can also fill this as you like. To do this, first design a hollow body, which you then fill and seal with chocolate.


Make vegan chocolate yourself lollipop-idea-fruity-strawberry-raisins

If you want to make the vegan chocolate yourself and then give it away, this lollipop variant is a great idea. Get sticks to place in the chocolate that is still liquid. Decorate with nuts or fruits and let the chocolate harden again. With lollipops you will make children and adults happy. Lollipop bouquets are also pretty.

chocolate bar


You can also make vegan chocolate yourself in the form of bars. This works with both white and brown chocolate. You can also use muesli, corn flakes or other similar additional ingredients for this. A delicious snack for in between!

granola bar

vegan-chocolate-make-yourself-chashew-pistachio-muesli bars

If you prefer a real granola bar, the chocolate should take up a smaller part of the bar. In this case, it just serves to hold the muesli, nuts, fruits and all the other coarse ingredients together. The muesli bar that you make after you make the vegan chocolate yourself can be prepared according to your taste.

healthy chocolate


Because you only use plant-based products and no sugar when you make the vegan chocolate yourself, it becomes healthier than conventional and even more than bought chocolate. Plus, homemade food always tastes so much better, doesn’t it? Make the chocolate together with the whole family so that everyone can add their favorite ingredients.

Idea for shapes

vegan-chocolate-do-it-yourself-muffin-mold-baking-paper-chocolate candies

As already mentioned, there is no need to obtain a special shape for the homemade chocolate. You are guaranteed to have plenty of other baking utensils to use for this purpose. So does the muffin tin. You should line these with baking paper in advance so that the chocolate can be removed more easily later. The shape cannot be bent like the ice cube mold, unless you use a silicone mold.

Paper cases


Paper liners, which are also used for muffins or cupcakes, are even easier to use if you make vegan chocolate yourself. The practical thing about this idea is that you can serve it with the mold and it creates a decorative effect on the table. 

Vegan chocolate for cocoa


You already know how to make vegan chocolate yourself. Instead of simply consuming them, you can also prepare a delicious cocoa. Take any plant-based milk, such as almond milk, and warm it up. Then you can add as many pieces of chocolate as you want. Stir until the chocolate has melted. If you like, you can also add a little cinnamon.