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Creme Fraiche substitute – low-calorie and vegan alternatives

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Crème fraîche can be called a French type of sour cream, which has a higher fat content – at least 30%. It is available in shops in numerous variations with herbs or garlic and can be smeared as a spread on bread. Its greatest advantage is that it does not flocculate as easily as sour cream at higher temperatures, for example in hot sauces or as a filling for pastries. Because of the large fat content, it’s worth it Creme Fraiche substitute to find around to save some calories.

Creme Fraiche substitute because of the high fat content

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Creme Fraiche is characterized by a special taste – slightly sour, but very mild, which occurs due to the specific production process. It is made from cream, which is converted by the lactose bacteria at a temperature of 20 to 40 degrees after one or two days. It counts as a sour cream product and is often used to refine sauces and dishes.

Save calories with creme fraiche substitutes

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The sour cream products – sour cream, sour cream, creme fraiche, etc., differ mainly in terms of fat and calorie content. Just for comparison, a tablespoon of sour cream has around 17 calories and one of creme fraiche – 44. On the other hand, mayonnaise can be easily replaced with creme fraiche, especially in pasta and potato salads. Since fat is a flavor carrier, you should experiment a bit, in which dishes which substitutes are appropriate and maintain the desired taste.

Creme Fraiche Substitute – through sour cream

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Sour cream is most similar to the taste and consistency of creme fraiche and, like them, can contain up to 15% sugar, but it tastes a bit sour and its fat content is 24-28%. It is also suitable as an addition to soups, but can flocculate in hot liquids. It is advisable to stir it with a little cornstarch and then process it.

Creme Fraiche substitute – with sour cream or sour cream


The popular sour cream has a fat content of at least 10%, which is significantly less than creme fraiche. It can be used for cold sauces, but flakes when cooked.

Creme Fraiche Substitute – by quark

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Quark is a lean variant of cream cheese and is available with a fat content of 10% to 40%. It can be seasoned with herbs and spices and is ideal for baking. However, the quark is not suitable for refining sauces, as it actually originated from the flocculation of milk and is not a nice picture in liquid dishes.

Creme Fraiche Substitute – through cream cheese

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The cream cheese is basically grainy and not as mild as creme fraiche. The more refined types, for example this one from Philadelphia, are quite suitable and if a more liquid consistency is desired, this can be achieved with a dash of milk.

Creme Fraiche substitute – with yogurt


You can replace creme fraiche with skimmed yoghurt if you let a small amount drain into the coffee filter for a few hours. With this clever tip you will make creme fraiche yourself and it will also be lower in calories than the finished product. It should be emphasized that this substitute is not suitable for cooking, but rather in the cold kitchen.

Creme Fraiche Substitute –  by mascarpone 

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Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese specialty that comes from Italy. It is often used as the basis of rich desserts and fillings for cakes. The use of mascarpone does not actually save any calories, as it actually contains around 80% fat. However, it can be successfully diluted with a little milk and produces a slightly sweet taste.

Vegan creme fraiche substitute (can also be used with lactose intolerance)


In the case of lactose intolerance, milk intolerance and for vegans, the general rule is to use vegetable substitutes instead of creme fraiche. Soy and oat cream, coconut milk and pureed tofu stand out as such. The first two taste a little sweeter or simply lack the sour note that can easily be achieved with a little lemon juice. Coconut milk goes wonderfully in soups and cooked dishes with a creamy structure.

Creme fraiche Cheese – Preparation and recipes


How you would taste the creme fraiche substitute or the original variant is purely a matter of taste and also varies greatly from dish to dish. However, the slightly sour cream can be used as a sauce for salads, vegan dishes or to refine delicious food. Seasoned with herbs and spices, you can pour them over fried potatoes or marinate the chicken with them before frying and then fry them. Experiment with new tastes and prefer low-calorie, healthy recipes!

Creme fraiche Cheese with herbs and spices


Use creme fraiche or a substitute as a sauce or marinade