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Arrange the vegan snack platter yourself: this is how a nice party snack succeeds!

Charcuterie boards are a growing food trend that consistently outdoes itself in terms of variety and taste. The cheese and salami platters inspired many to develop entire grazing tables or special mottos such as brunch charcuterie and hot chocolate charcuterie to pamper their guests on various occasions. But there are also great ideas for those who are vegan or have a milk intolerance! Today we’re going to show you how you can be part of all the fun by making an Instagram-worthy vegan snack platter yourself!

What is a vegan charcuterie board?

vegan snack platter with cashew-based cheese, fruits and vegetables

First, let’s talk about how to pronounce the word “charcuterie”. It is / SHär’koodərē / or “shahr-ku-tuh-ree” – a French word that refers to sausage products, especially cured and smoked meat. While the focus was traditionally on food in the past, it is now more the art of how charcuterie boards are presented that is in the foreground. The vegan snack platters have the same concept, but are made with vegan meat and cheese.

When do you serve a vegan snack platter??

vegan snack platter with fresh ingredients

Charcuterie boards are great for the holidays or special occasions, but also for a dinner with snacks, especially when the family is sitting together and watching a movie or playing a game night. Speaking of which, if you are hosting a football evening, you can also design a snack stadium with a WOW factor.

Make a vegan snack platter yourself: this is how it works, step by step

vegan snack platter with seitalami and cashew cheese

Knowing how to nicely arrange a snack platter is key to adding the fancy factor to any gathering. Here are the basics to prepare your vegan charcuterie board.

Step 1: choose your serving board

Choose a tray or plate as the basis for the vegan snacks. There are numerous beautiful serving platters out there, but choose the one that suits the number of people you serve and the type of ingredients you plan to present. A big, fancy board is pretty, but bigger means you need more ingredients and therefore a higher budget. If you have a lot of food, it will take longer to prepare.

vegan snack platter with seitan cheese crackers and nuts

In terms of material and appearance, there are also endless possibilities. Mainly different wooden cutting boards are used, which you probably already have on hand. Sometimes slate is also used, but less often than wooden cutting boards. If you don’t have either, another option would be to use a baking sheet that you likely already have around the house.

Make vegan charcuterie board yourself

Here are some examples of which size would be optimal for which number of people:

  • For 2 to 4 people you can opt for a smaller serving tray, e.g. 35 x 23.5 cm, or a baking tray that is 20 x 20 cm in size.
  • If you are setting up a snack platter for a large number of people, especially on holidays, consider using one larger platter or several smaller platters in one style. For example, you could put 4 together to make a bigger square, or you could arrange them side by side for an epic long grazing board.
  • An XL cutting board measuring 60 cm x 40 cm would be perfect for 8-10 people. This is a huge board that you can serve enough food at once and then easily refill.

Step 2: add structure

Once you’ve chosen your board, you should start arranging the ingredients on it. Always start with the bigger things, e.g. if you want to serve whole cheese wheels, glasses and bowls.

Smaller bowls, such as B. Casserole molds are ideal as containers for loose products such as olives, pickled vegetables and jam or spreads. For example, you can fill pretzel sticks or breadsticks in glasses. These also add height to the arrangement.

Step 3: arrange the vegan plant-based cheese and meat

vegan cheese and seitan made from tofu

Now comes the fun part! As the trend towards the vegan lifestyle continues to grow, you can find many plant-based vegan cheese and meat options in most major grocery stores these days. You can choose whether you pre-cut the vegan cheese or serve it in block form with small cheese knives. There are also many varieties of vegetable meat available in stores. You can also prepare your own vegan salami by choosing a recipe for “Seitalami” online.

vegan cheese made from cashew and spices

What is vegan cheese?

Anyone new to the plant-based or dairy-free scene might be wondering what vegan cheese is made of. It depends on the brand, but vegan cheese can contain a combination of starch (potato or tapioca are popular) and vegetable oils like coconut oil. There are also varieties made from cashews (so watch out for the ingredients if you have an allergy!) And tofu, which adds flavor and texture.

Step 4: add crackers and crispy treats

Make vegan snack platter yourself

No vegan snack platter would be complete without crackers. It’s best to combine sweet and savory crackers. Then add some toasted or flavored nuts, such as: B. pepper-salt-almonds. You can also add a small pile of vegan dark chocolate (yes, cheese and chocolate make a great pair!).

Step 5: add fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables round off the whole thing perfectly and also add more color. Fill the vacancies on the serving board with grapes, sliced ​​apples, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and other favorite ingredients. At the end you can add a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme or even colored peppercorns. All of this brings new character into the game.

Combine sweet and sour - cheese crackers patties dates

And last but not least, a tip: try to distribute the colors evenly on the plate. Look for colorful foods in orange, green, red and purple and use them to set beautiful accents.