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Nicecream recipe – prepare your own vegan ice cream with fresh and delicious ingredients

homemade nicecream recipe nicely decorated for warm summer days

The summer season is approaching with all its might and is likely to result in an almost unbearable heat wave. But that also has a positive side. One of the most beautiful moments of summer is the freshness that is offered on hot days. We are talking in particular about the frozen and fruity delicacies that are suitable for small and large gourmets. Do you know that it is also possible to make healthy and delicious ice cream recipes at once? So we invite you to indulge in the light taste of our Nicecream recipe: a banana-based ice cream, no dairy, no sugar and no gluten. In addition, we will give you some good tips and ideas for fresh variations.

Homemade nice cream recipe

prepare a simple nicecream recipe based on bananas with muesli and other firschen ingredients

You might be wondering what a nice cream recipe could look like? Confused about hearing or reading this term for the first time? It’s just that someone gave the Nicecream recipe a real name that we think is very clever. Ice cream is not only delicious, it is also healthy and can consist of frozen bananas or other sugar and gluten-free ingredients. Even if you’re not a fan of bananas, believe us, frozen fruit tastes very different. They are very creamy and mild – just like normal ice cream. Your kids are sure to love this refreshing treat too. However, we kind of wonder why a nice cream recipe is usually only made as banana ice cream.

enjoy fresh-looking ice cream for the summer with mint and fresh fruit

In fact, you can use any frozen fruit to make healthy ice cream – it doesn’t have to be bananas. If you don’t have time for frozen bananas, almost any other fruit can be bought frozen under the sun. However, freshly frozen bananas are rarely or not at all to be found in the store. Such a fruity ice cream is ideal for everyone who wants to eat lactose-free or gluten-free, are allergic to it or just want to be healthy.

Vegan ice cream recipes: what’s the point of the beautiful combination?

two mugs with nice cream made from strawberries with spoons

Before making a Nicecream recipe, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you want to make a nice cream from bananas, simply peel ripe (brown, blotchy) bananas, chop them up and place them on a baking sheet in the freezer. You can do this with any fruit like strawberries or pineapple. Let the pieces freeze, then put everything in a bag to keep the fruit in your freezer.

Prepare strawberry ice cream from frozen fruits as a nicecream recipe

When you’re ready to make the healthy nice cream recipe, you need to use a good quality food processor or high speed mixer and add your bananas (or other frozen fruit) to the jug. If you don’t have high quality equipment, leave your bananas or other fruit out of the freezer for a while to allow them to thaw easily as this makes them easier to mix.

A homemade mix of fresh ingredients for ice cream, gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free

However, do not leave the fruit at room temperature for too long or it will turn into pulp. You can then puree the fruits while they are still frozen. If your fruits are really still hard, you may need to add a small amount of liquid, like coconut milk, to the jug to get things going. So here is our nice cream recipe that you can prepare yourself at home and enjoy with the whole family.

Nicecream recipe – sugar-free, fat-free, lactose-free, gluten-free

Use vegan chocolate and nuts as a decoration for ice cream

The Nicecream recipe is best known for its light and at the same time creamy consistency, which invites this pleasure to cool down in the warmer months. Generally, a blender is used to mix frozen fruit with other tasty ingredients. Regardless of whether you prefer rich or rather fruity textures, the combinations are reduced to infinity. Before we give you ice cream recipe ideas, our team will first give you some useful information to remember.

use a pureed mixture of pineapple and strawberries for ice cream

Who is this nice cream recipe for? In general, this gluttony is for all those who like to feast on hot summer days. However, since it is a vegan treat, this trendy dessert is highly valued by dieticians, vegans, lactose intolerants, and diabetics. Let’s get to the basics and let’s take a look at some homemade ice cream recipes that are perfect for summer enjoyment.


ingredients for nicecream made from bananas cut strawberries and pineapple into pieces

First of all, it should be mentioned that it is the frozen bananas that serve as the base. Then add other tasty ingredients of your choice to take the homemade ice cream to a higher level. Sweet flavors like vegan chocolate, peppermint, peanut butter, etc. are used. Here are a few more ideas:

1 pineapple

500 g strawberries

1 kg of bananas

2 egg whites

1 tbsp lemon juice

100 ml of oat milk

100 ml orange juice


Pack fresh fruit in ziplock bags for freezer

If you want to add the finishing touches to your ice cream recipes, don’t forget to complete them with something special. Chocolate chips, sprinkles, berries, and nuts are great ways to add flavor and texture to the lovely cream. First cut the fruit into pieces and put everything in ziplock bags in the freezer for 24 hours.

Prepare an exotic nicecream recipe for pineapple ice cream in a coconut cup

Simply mix 300 g of bananas and 250 g of strawberries with the oat milk. Puree the mixture until everything becomes homogeneous. You can add a natural sweetener, but remember that bananas are sweet enough.

Pineapple Ice Cream:

Puree frozen pineapple pieces in a blender

Again first mix 300 g of bananas, 250 g of pineapple and oat milk. If necessary, add sugar or sweetener and puree the fruit. You can make any type of fruit-flavored ice cream with banana and oat milk. This healthy ice cream is also great for your children.


Prepare strawberry sorbet as a nice cream recipe with almonds at home

First, mix the frozen fruits with 50-60 ml of orange juice. Frozen fruits need some liquid for a homogeneous puree. Then beat the egg white with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice until stiff. Then stir some egg white into the frozen fruit puree. Store the finished sorbet in the freezer for up to 3 days. But if you want to keep the sorbet longer, you need to add glycerin.