These are Germany’s best employers in 2019 according to the new LinkedIn ranking

With a user base of more than 610 million users, LinkedIn creates rankings to find out which companies are particularly attractive as employers in certain countries, including Germany, France, Australia, India and the USA. Management consultancies, automakers and e-commerce companies top this year’s LinkedIn “Best Employers” list for Germany. Popular domestic companies such as Zalando, Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bank dominate the top 10 list of 2019, while many brands have defended their top position in last year’s ranking. In order to create the “Best Employer” list, LinkedIn analyzed four pillars for each company, including engagement and employer attractiveness as well as employee loyalty.

Here are Germany’s best employers in 2019

Amazon ranked 10th best employer

10. Amazon

Worldwide number of employees: 560,000+

Since 2010, the e-commerce giant has invested over 20 billion euros in Europe, with over 65,000 employees from the region. As an international company, Amazon has four principles that its employees use every day: Passion for invention, focus on customers / competitors, optimization of operational processes (operational excellence) and long-term thinking.

Long-term employees of the world-famous brand have a number of advantages. In Germany, this includes a guaranteed salary increase in the first 24 months, employee discounts and pension benefits.

Germany's best employer 2019 Boston Conculting Group

9. Boston Consulting Group

Worldwide number of employees: 16,000+

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was founded in 1963 and has expanded its business to more than 90 cities. The consulting firm claims that several of its clients are among the 500 largest companies.

BCG strives to hire people who are motivated to make a lasting impact, whether through the customers they work with or their impact on industries and communities.

Germany's best employer 2019 Deutsche Bank

8. Deutsche Bank

Worldwide number of employees: 91,700+

With the goal of becoming the “leading, customer-oriented, globally active bank”, the company, headquartered in Frankfurt, has six values ​​that its employees should adhere to: integrity, innovation, partnership, customer orientation, sustainable performance and discipline.

Deutsche Bank describes itself as an “adventurous but responsible” lender and uses these principles as a guide for working with shareholders, customers, other employees, and the communities in which the company operates.

BMW headquarters and museum in Munich Vogelblick

7. BMW Group

Worldwide number of employees: 134,500+

Germany is known for its automobile manufacturers. It is therefore not surprising that only local businesses are on this list. The BMW Group comprises several popular brands, including Mini and Rolls-Royce, and operates in more than 140 countries. So a lot of workers are needed to keep the company running at full speed. While production, design and construction play an important role in the operating processes, there are a number of areas of responsibility at BMW, including finance, logistics, marketing and sustainability, that are particularly sought after by job seekers.

Germany's best employer 2019 McKinsey

6. McKinsey & Company

Worldwide number of employees: 30,000

McKinsey & Company operates in more than 130 cities around the world and works with all types of organizations, from the private sector to public institutions to governments.

Because the company sees its people as its greatest strength, McKinsey invests a lot of money in professional training and career development. More than $ 200 million a year, actually! Development opportunities available to employees include virtual learning programs with colleagues from around the world and informal mentors.

Deutsche-Telekom Magenta brand differentiation

5. Deutsche Telekom

Worldwide number of employees: 216,000+

Deutsche Telekom is Europe’s largest telecommunications company, serving around 178 million customers in around 50 countries. Many will immediately recognize the company for its magenta logo in combination with the distinctive “T”. Working at Telekom offers many advantages such as flexible working time models, old-age provision, health care and even childcare. As a modern employer, Deutsche Telekom has taken numerous measures and initiatives to promote the compatibility of private life and work.

Zalando is a sought-after employer in Germany

4. Zalando

Worldwide number of employees: 15,500+

Founded only a decade ago, Zalando has developed into a leading online fashion platform in Europe and one of the most sought-after employers in Germany.

Zalando currently offers products from around 2,000 brands in its range and is active in 17 countries. Nevertheless, the company attracts employees from all over the world. Employees from more than 130 nations work at Zalando. The company states that each of them has a voice and is actively writing the company’s success story.

Siemens office building Trees and flowers in the front yard

3. Siemens

Worldwide number of employees: 379,000

Siemens is a global leader in energy and power generation, finance, mobility and healthcare.

Siemens endeavors to employ employees who can adapt to the constant changes in the economy and society and who can positively cope with the associated challenges. While technology is an important aspect of Siemens, areas such as marketing, technology, mobility and internet security also offer good opportunities for personal fulfillment in your job.

Daimler automaker group office building

2. Daimler

Worldwide number of employees: 298,500+

Whether it is about developing new technologies and making products more environmentally friendly or simply being one step ahead of the competition – as a leading German automobile manufacturer, Daimler is all about change. While the headquarters are in Europe, Daimler employs people from over 150 nations worldwide.

In addition, Daimler offers opportunities for international assignments. The company supports employees and their families when they are abroad.

SAP software developer the most sought-after employer in Germany

1. SAP

Worldwide number of employees: 96,000+

SAP takes first place in the ranking – both from LinkedIn and Glassdoor – and is the most desirable employer in Germany. The German software manufacturer invests 100 million US dollars every year in professional development in order to develop and retain its employees worldwide. And they make use of all possibilities, such as flexible working conditions, year-round volunteer offers and health-related additional benefits.

When it comes to the ideal candidate, SAP seeks those who are passionate about consumer interests, who are dreamers at heart, and who are constantly striving to improve their skills, according to its CEO, Bill McDermott.