The beginning of the cherry blossom season in Bonn in 2019 is again attracting tourists from all over the world

Cherry blossom 2019 in Bonn, spring mid-April Heerstrasse

Although Bonn has a whole range of interesting sights to offer, one of nature’s most spectacular attractions attracts tourists from many countries every year. Cherry blossom officially started on Sunday in 2019. The famous cherry trees in Bonn’s old town are in full bloom. Tourists, especially from Asian countries like Japan, flock to Heerstraße and Breite Straße to capture the romantic flowers in photos and videos before they fall to the ground.

Bonn cherry blossom in the old town of Heerstrasse

Depending on the temperatures, the cherry trees bloom once every two weeks between the beginning and the middle of April. The warmer it gets, the faster the blossoms fall from the trees. The branches with the pink flowers stretch across the streets of the old town, forming a tunnel-like canopy. The pink spectacle is the perfect background not only for selfies, but also for professional photo shoots.

Sakura Japanese cherry blossoms in bloom in spring

During the two weeks that Bonn’s cherry blossoms bloom, thousands of people from all over the world flock to see them. The tourists clog the narrow cobblestone streets of the neighborhood, armed with selfie sticks, cameras and smartphones. The photo craze used to lead to complaints to the local authorities about traffic or the noise of visitors. Now an unusual road sign warns drivers: “Cherry blossom photographers – please take a step”.

Although the cherry blossom means road traffic problems for residents and drivers, the local businesses in the old town eagerly await the flowering season every year and welcome the upswing that the cherry blossoms bring every year. It is a delight for cafes and restaurants that attract tourists with special offers.

Cherry blossom in Bonn pink spectacle in the old town