Roberto Escobar has released a foldable smartphone that, according to him, can only be destroyed by fire

Roberto Escobar, 71, is launching a foldable cell phone through his investment company Escobar Inc. It’s called the Escobar Fold 1 and is named after its brother. Pablo Escobar’s brother was an accountant in the brutal Medellín cartel for years as it reinvented the global cocaine trade. Now he has a new market in his sights: smartphones. The company claims the folding phone has the most durable screen for this type of model on the market.

Roberto Escobar with a cheaper alternative

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Olof Gustafsson, chairman of Escobar Inc., told CNN the display is made of a proprietary plastic that "almost unbreakable" may be. He claimed this was the one "longest lasting phone screen on the market". Prices start at $ 349. The phone also uses Google’s Android operating system. "Our phone has been rigorously tested", said Gustafsson. "The only real way to harm our phone is to burn it, which the average user probably wouldn’t."

escobar fold 1 folding phone cheaper on the market than the competition

The company was formed by Roberto Escobar in 1984 as a holding company for “assets and valuables” for the Escobar brothers, according to their website. There were quite a few of them at the time. According to reports, Pablo Escobar was responsible for trafficking 80 percent of the world’s cocaine in the late 1970s and early 1980s. According to Forbes, Pablo Escobar was on the list of billionaires worldwide from 1987 to 1993. Escobar was shot dead in his hometown of Medellín on December 2nd while escaping from Colombian authorities.

From prison to business with smartphones

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Roberto Escobar then surrendered to the police in 1992 when the Medellín cartel was suppressed. He then spent ten years in prison for various drug offenses. However, after his release, he went on a business trip to one of his brother’s homes and once claimed he had made a breakthrough in finding a cure for AIDS.

Roberto is half blind and half deaf due to a letter bomb that exploded in front of his eyes in 1993 in prison. He dreams of following in Samsung’s footsteps with his foldable device and becoming a smartphone manufacturer. "We want to beat the competition", Gustafsson told CNN. "We found out very quickly that if we could make a good phone that would work at a reasonable price, we could sell a lot of devices. And that’s exactly what is happening now."

women in underwear hold the new foldable cell phone from roberto escobar inc You can learn more about it here read.