Preventing myocardial infarction: is fish oil suitable for preventing sudden cardiac death?

Fish Oil Heart Attack Protect Tips New Studies

Sudden cardiac death occurs quickly: First there are severe cardiac arrhythmias, followed by cardiac arrest in a few minutes. The cause of around 80% of all cases is the heart attack, which then triggers the subsequent cardiac arrhythmia. But what can you do about it? Doctors recommend numerous preventive measures, and a new study is now trying to prove that fish oil could also protect against heart attacks.

Preventing heart attacks: Omega-3 fatty acids are important for prevention

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The Italian research group GISSI analyzed statistics relating to cases of sudden cardiac death and found that in countries where people regularly eat fish, heart diseases are significantly less common than in countries where fish is rarely on the table. As part of the study, the doctors read the medical records of more than 11,000 patients, examined them and gave a quarter of them a capsule of the drug Omacor, which contains concentrated omega-3 fatty acids, every day. In this case, it is not a food supplement, but a medicine that can only be prescribed by a doctor and that is highly purified. It was found that in this group, the incidence of sudden cardiac death and myocardial infarction has decreased significantly. Researchers and doctors claim that the fish oil keeps the vessels in the heart open and is therefore suitable as a preventive measure.

Prevent heart attacks with fish oil

Fish oil which foods prevent heart attacks

In another study carried out by researchers from the medical school at Harvard University, patients were given the drug Icosapent Ethyl. The results showed that the fish oil derivative drug could protect against cardiovascular disease.

Whether and in what form the fish oil is used as part of the preventive measures depends on the doctor. He can best assess whether a certain diet should be followed, whether medication must be taken or whether dietary supplements can supply the body with the important omega-3 fatty acids.

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