New Pantone color “Period Red” is intended to break the taboo on menstruation

When it comes to colors, the Pantone Color Institute has been a true trendsetter for quite some time. Every new color that the institute publishes or even just mentions quickly turns into a trend and so the Pantone Color of the Year is chosen every year, which together with other Pantone colors also influences the fashion world. We have already introduced you to the Pantone color of the year 2020 and previous years. But now there is a new shade of red in the spotlight, which also has a very specific goal: The so-called period red, a strong, self-confident and adventurous shade of red, takes up the taboo topic “menstruation” and is intended to draw attention to the fact that the recurring female cycle is a natural one Period and anything but a touchy subject.

Pantone color “Period”

Pantone color period red in the fight against the taboo topic menstruation

The Pantone color was inspired by the steady menstrual flow. Incidentally, the color was developed in collaboration with a gynecologist and the Swedish brand for women’s hygiene products “Intimina”. However, the color should be viewed more like a symbol and not like an exact representation – after all, blood can have different shades of red, which also change during menstruation. That is also the reason why a reader on Instagram suggested that the Pantone Color Institute should develop a whole Pantone color palette that represents all period colors.

Pantone Color Period was created in collaboration with Intimina

What was particularly popular with the women, of course, also attracted a number of opponents. Men in particular were rather disgusted on social media, which proves once again that it is high time to change the way people think. Designations such as “strawberry days”, “I have my days” and “red days”, which are used as a paraphrase in everyday life, basically show how uncomfortable it is for people to talk about the topic, even in the 21st century. And although modern society seems to be moving in the right direction in relation to this, the situation in many parts of the world is still tragic.

Taboo subject “menstrutation”

In many cultures, menstruation is considered impure and women are isolated

In some cultures, a menstruating woman is considered impure. This thinking extends to the fact that women have to live in isolation during their period. This is the case in some areas of Nepal. During this isolation period, there are also not infrequently deaths. And even if it seems almost impossible to be able to change the way of thinking in such cultures, steps like the Pantone color “period” are a small step towards improvement. “All over the world today, millions of women and girls still suffer from the stigma associated with periods, ”said Jillian Popkins, director of action assistance at Policy Aid. “Many girls miss important school days or even drop out altogether, which is one reason why so many women around the world experience lifelong poverty.”

Red Pantone color 2020 for a campaign

Red Pantone Color Period is intended to make people more open to the topic of the female cycle

The color was developed for a campaign by Intimina called “Seen + Heard”, which calls on people of both sexes to talk more openly about menstruation. Period red “encourages menstruating people to be proud of who they are,” said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, adding that the goal is “to get everyone, regardless of gender, to be themselves To feel comfortable with speaking spontaneously and openly about this pure and natural body function. “

Menstruation is a natural body function that is not negative

And of course it always is – because without it, reproduction would be quite difficult, wouldn’t it? But “despite the fact that billions of people are menstruating, periods have historically been treated as something that should not be seen and talked about,” says Danela Žagar, Global Brand Manager at Intimina. “Enough is enough, it’s 2020. Isn’t it time you stopped viewing your period as a private affair or a negative experience? Isn’t it time to call on people who are trying to maintain the period stigma? “

Idea for a color palette of different shades of red like blood

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