Leipzig Book Fair 2019: The highlights of Germany’s largest book fair

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The Leipzig Book Fair opened on March 19. We present you the most important highlights from the largest book fair in Germany.

Leipzig Book Fair 2019: What does the future look like?

Leipzig Book Fair children's books visit pupils

On the very first day, the situation in the book industry in Germany was discussed intensely. A study recently showed that publishers across Germany are facing a major challenge. As the general manager of the German book trade association, Mr. Alexander Skipis, explained, we have learned a lot since then. The first positive results were not long in coming: In 2018, for the first time in six years, more books were sold, and for many this year, too, begins with an increase in sales and an industry growth of 4.5%. According to Alexander Skipis, this is proof that the book is firmly anchored in German society.

Leipzig Book Fair 2019: These are the highlights!

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More students at the Leipzig Book Fair 2019

As every year, Thursday is the day when school classes visit the fair. The teenagers are interested in politics, comics and thriller novels, among other things. Promoting reading is the focus for the organizers, more and more publishers are paying extra attention to the equipment of the exhibition stands and attach great importance to book design in order to arouse the curiosity of young readers and to set themselves apart from the other publishing houses.

The Czech Republic is the host country for 2019

The Czech Republic has been selected as the host country: more than 50 authors will present their works in over 100 events. The Czech writer Jaroslav Rudiš has already entertained literary critics and was nominated for a prize in the “Fiction” category.

The award ceremony will take place this evening

The official award ceremony will take place tonight. Prizes are awarded in the following categories: “Non-fiction”, “Fiction” and “Translation”. Five authors in each category made it onto the shortlist, we are excited to see who will win.

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