Increase environmental awareness: From now on, buyers have to pay for the thin plastic bags in the Aldi

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From now on, buyers have to pay for the thin plastic bags in the Aldi. The discounter will sell the plastic bags at a symbolic price of 1 euro cent. The reason: According to statistics, buyers used and ejected more than three billion bags last year alone. The majority of customers had not only bought the shirt bags, but simply packed their purchases in the thin, free fruit and vegetable bags. The plastics not only pollute the environment, but also promote the throw-away culture.

Increase environmental awareness: Looking for alternatives to plastic bags

Increasing environmental awareness Plastic biodegradable

In order to increase environmental awareness, many supermarket chains have decided to replace plastic bags with paper bags. Other alternatives were also discussed: In the future, for example, customers in supermarkets should be able to carry their purchases in vegetable nets. The vegetable nets are made of fabric or string and can be used several times. Another variant would be to have the plastic bags made from biodegradable plastics. These so-called bio-plastics are mostly made from genetically modified raw materials such as corn and sugar cane.

Increase environmental awareness: The competition had already taken measures

Increase environmental awareness. Replace supermarket plastic bags

Incidentally, the competition has already introduced similar measures to protect the environment: In Lidl, plastic bags will be banned from spring 2017, instead only bags made from biodegradable materials will be sold. This enabled the company to save more than 3000 tons of plastic annually. The supermarket chain Real also spoke up two months ago and promised to replace the plastic with paper bags. With this step, 65,000 fewer plastic bags will pollute the environment per year. But not everyone agreed on whether this step will really have a positive impact on the environment. Critics commented on this, warning that the manufacture of paper bags uses more resources. Therefore, paper bags are actually more suitable as a reusable alternative than disposable bags.

It remains to be seen what long-term effect the new measures will really have on plastic bag consumption. But one thing is certain: we, as buyers, share responsibility and should definitely act in an environmentally conscious manner.

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