For World Cat Day 2019: These are the most popular cats on the net

Funny cats photos pam pam

Yesterday was World Cat Day 2019. In keeping with the festive occasion, we would like to surprise you with 13 funny pictures of the most popular cats on the web. These are the Instagram and Youtube animal stars who have captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide!

The most popular cats on the net: These are the internet stars

Funny cats pictures Kobi Kedi cat most beautiful eyes

The cute cat Kobi Kedi has become an internet star because of her sky blue eyes.

funny cats photos happiest cat shironeko

The cat Sironeko sleeps with a smile on his face.

Cats funny photos box loves Maru

It has long been known that cats love boxes and boxes. But Maru also finds boxes, bowls and plastic containers irresistible.

funny cats pictures City stretching exercises

And the Kater City has already become a sensation on the internet because of its stretching exercises.

Cats photos funny Garfi

Garfi is a big tomcat who, similar to Grumpy Cat, has a sullen expression on his face.

funny cats pictures snoopy cat famous cute

Who could resist the cute expression on the Snoopy cat’s face?

Cat funny photos hamilton mustache

The cat Hamilton has a very unusual – and funny – coat of paint that resembles a mustache.

Cats funny photos eyebrows Sam

The cat Sam also has a lot of fans online and is very popular. His coat of paint always makes him look surprised.

Funny cats pictures banye cute

The cat Banye just looks adorable and cute and no one can resist her charm.

Cats funny photos giant cat lotus maine coon

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: the giant tomcat Lotus is a cat. Main Coon cats can weigh over 12 kg and reach a length of 1.2 meters.

Funny Cats Pictures Luna Fashion Enthusiastic

The cat Luna is very fashion-conscious. Like a real fashionista, she is always photographed in cool outfits.

Cole and Jam are two male cats who were adopted from a shelter. They quickly became best friends. Numerous fans follow their adventures on YouTube.