Does the baby’s gender depend on the parents’ genes?

The baby’s gender isn’t genetic, says a new study that looked at population data from Sweden since 1932. The fact that some parents only have boys, others only girls and still other couples raise representatives of both sexes has nothing to do with genes, as some previously assumed.

Predict the baby’s sex?

Baby's Gender - Is it genetic or not

Under the direction of Ralf Kuja-Halkola, a team from the Karolinska Institute in Solna examined the data of 3.54 million people and their children. This was only population data from Sweden. When evaluating the information, the researchers from Sweden, Australia and other countries found that there is no association between the parents’ genes and the baby’s sex. Likewise, the gender of the first child has nothing to do with that of the subsequent children.

Evaluations of a study on the sex of the baby - do the genes of the parents play a role

In this way, the researchers refuted the widespread assumption that parental genes have an influence on the sex of their offspring. Previous studies have shown that wealthier couples are more likely to have boys, while attractive people are more likely to have girls. However, according to the latest results from Kuja-Halkola and his team, these studies are also incorrect. It only confirmed the fact that more boys than girls are born worldwide.

Genetic sex depending on chromosomes

The genders of the children are created at random, depending on which chromosome is inherited from the father

So you can’t determine or influence the baby’s sex in advance. Ultimately, it is a question of the chromosomes and, more precisely, whether the child inherits an X (for girls) or a Y (for boys) chromosome from the father – and that in turn works at random. So anyone who previously believed that it was possible to determine the sex of the child in advance before the genital organs of the fetus had developed in the mother’s womb was wrong, according to research results.

Parents' genes do not affect whether a child becomes a boy or a girl

The study on the baby’s sex was published in the journal "Proceedings B" published by the British Royal Society and may here can be read.