Cold feet as an important warning sign: According to a new study, several chronic diseases can be behind it

Cold feet are commonplace for most Germans, especially in winter. When the temperature is below zero, feet and hands are the first to freeze. But a large proportion of those affected suffer from these complaints all year round. If neither high-quality shoes nor thick socks help, then the cause should be found by your family doctor. Because cold feet are often an important warning sign. A research team in South Korea was even able to demonstrate a connection between cold feet and numerous chronic diseases.

Cold feet as a symptom of chronic illness?

Cold feet symptom of chronic illness

Extreme coldness is an important symptom in traditional Korean medicine. In Asia there is an active search for the cause of the cold feet of those affected. The scientists from the “Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine” carried out a study in cooperation with the “Department of Korean Internal Medicine”. The aim of the study was to find out if cold feet could be a symptom of chronic diseases.

Cold feet warm up socks with stripes

The study analyzed the electronic health records of 6,149 patients in South Korea. The researchers divided the subjects into two groups. The patients who suffered from cold feet formed the test group. All others formed the control group. After the analysis, the scientists were able to determine that the patients in the test group suffered more often from chronic diseases compared to those in the control group.

They believe that there is a link between cold feet and anemia, hypotension, gastritis, diabetes and low blood pressure. The cold feet are therefore considered a symptom and not a possible cause of the chronic diseases.

Cold feet and circulatory problems

Warm up cold feet with a foot bath with Epsom salt

Various circulatory problems are considered to be the most common cause of cold feet. If the heart is not performing well enough, the blood cannot flow through the blood vessels with the right pressure. As a result of the poor circulation, the feet are not adequately supplied with blood and an extreme sensation of cold arises. Blood pressure may drop in patients with various hormonal or metabolic disorders. However, those with circulatory disease also have other symptoms. In any case, it is always worthwhile to seek advice from your family doctor to be on the safe side.

Warm up cold feet in front of a fireplace in winter

If the feet are not only cold but also tingle, they can indicate calcification and narrowing of the blood vessels. Atherosclerosis is a dangerous condition because sometimes blood vessels in one part of the body can suddenly close. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke. In all of these cases, cold feet are an accompanying symptom that can help doctors make a diagnosis. And early diagnosis and treatment is very important, especially in the case of arteriosclerosis.

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