Artificial Intelligence: Human Avatars Project at CES 2020

Samsung will unveil a new generation of artificial intelligence at CES 2020 that will likely create human avatars. The company has been teasing the arrival of a new, lifelike project called NEON for the past few days. The brand is to present this as the world’s first artificial human being at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

New generation artificial intelligence

ces 2020 new project for artificial intelligence

While information about NEON has been scarce, many speculate that it may indeed be a successor to the company’s already existing intelligent assistant, Bixby. However, the latest information from project leader Pranav Mistry suggests that this may not be the case.

presentation of the new product samsung consumer electronics show

Instead, the project could actually be a digital avatar developer. This information comes from a tweet by Mistry. This shows that the engine behind Neon, called CORE R3, "can autonomously generate new expressions, new movements and new dialogues (also in Hindi). However, these will be completely different from the data originally recorded."

samsung neon human avatar replica

A thread about Reddit has also surfaced. He claims to have received videos from NEON’s website that have since been discontinued. These videos show that NEON can create lifelike avatars based on recorded videos of real people.

Virtual replica of people

new project neon from samsuns with human avatars virtual replica

Although the information is not yet official, the whole thing sounds reasonable. Samsung has so far refrained from calling NEON a voice-based assistant. This can replace the ones already on our cell phones. To remind users, this new AI based product is currently at Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Labs. This artificial intelligence is in the works as an independent entity from Samsung Electronics. While Pranav Mistry was exchanging information about the product, the tech giant himself remained up to date on the project.

The company didn’t tease the product on social media channels. However, NEON’s own Twitter page is flooding the web with information about the product. According to reports, NEON has filed several patents in the past relating to virtual characters that can not only look like their human counterparts but also go beyond their core programming.

conference ces 2020 innovations artificial intelligence

While it is unclear where these avatars could be used, if the company actually succeeds in demonstrating a working prototype of such code that can think and act like its human counterpart, it will indeed be a huge leap in technology be artificial intelligence.