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Why personal liability insurance is essential for peace of mind on the go

Getting out of town for a few days or a week can take some mental strength. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of preparation. This can be for a vacation or for a business trip that you have to take. One of the most important things that will give you peace of mind is knowing that you are covered in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond your control.

private liability insurance helpful in the event of unforeseen circumstances

It is so easy to get sued for personal harm these days that it can be your turn at any waking moment. You could be sued for stepping on someone’s feet. So what do you do in a world where a simple “I’m sorry” no longer counts? We used to be tolerant of each other and mistakes were made and forgiven. Today we live in such a hectic, sensitive world that we are practically walking on eggshells.

So you’re going on vacation. You packed your bags and made sure the dogs have a sitter who also waters your plants. You prepaid your electricity bill. What could be missing from your to-do list? You have probably forgotten to take out personal liability insurance through a reputable one website complete. What exactly is it and what does it cover?

private liability insurance for travel

Most people in Germany have personal liability insurance. While it’s not required by law, it’s definitely worth having. You can get coverage of up to € 30 million depending on your coverage needs. The greatest claim that can be made against you is precisely this amount. If there is more than one claim from the same incident, they will be treated as one claim. The great thing about this insurance is that it offers low costs with high coverage. If someone makes a claim, you are not responsible for any deductibles.

Around the world in 80 days with personal protection insurance

personal liability insurance stay abroad

This insurance doesn’t just cover you when you are at home. It is also useful when you go on vacation. Imagine relaxing in your hotel and deciding to get a massage in the spa. Once you get there you will see a hot pool and decide to go there later. But as you walk by, a woman standing next to the pool trying to serve drinks is accidentally pushed into the pool by you and suffers head injuries – that’s where personal protection insurance comes in. Notice that it was an accident, but the person who was injured doesn’t see it that way. She has no health insurance and someone has to pay for it. If you weren’t insured you would have to reckon with thousands of euros.

What can you expect from your personal liability insurance?

when does personal liability insurance not pay

Well, it goes without saying that some incidents that are purely deliberate are not covered. If you get angry and take it out on someone and they claim damages, you won’t be covered. Talk to your insurance broker to make sure you understand what is and is not covered.

unintentional accidents can happen while traveling who pays for insurance

Don’t underestimate that accidental accidents, that can happen in your travels. It could be as simple as trying to close the door behind you and accidentally catching someone’s hand in the process. Even if it wasn’t done on purpose, the injured person may not see it that way.

Peace of mind is a must when traveling

Personal liability insurance when traveling is recommended

So take out personal liability insurance when you are out and about to cover yourself. It will save you millions of lawsuits that you may not have anticipated. It will also help you relax on your vacation because you no longer have to worry about financial matters. So that you can enjoy your vacation in peace, all you need is inexpensive insurance that not only protects you but also your family. Always make sure that you read the terms of your policy and that you know what you are insured for. What could be nicer than relaxing on the beach knowing that you are not spending a penny more than you budgeted for?

private liability insurance for families on vacation