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Waterfalls in Europe: Magical Places for Your Next Hiking Vacation!

A restful and relaxing beach vacation is always nice, but not for everyone. In addition to beautiful beaches and islands, there are also numerous exciting natural wonders in Europe and anyone who has ever climbed a summit knows the feeling: a wonderful satisfaction is spreading. Waterfalls are breathtaking nature games that have been enchanting mankind for several centuries. In some parts of the world they are even said to have mystical and healing abilities. It doesn’t always have to be the Niagara Falls, because the waterfalls in Europe are just as beautiful and there are many places for which it is worth taking our hiking boots out of the closet. The next hiking tour is pending, but the destination is still unclear? Whether waterfalls in Germany, Austria, Croatia or Iceland – in this article we will show you the most beautiful natural spectacles that you should not miss!

Waterfalls in Europe: The most beautiful places in Germany

Waterfalls nearby list the most beautiful lakes in Germany

We are all aware that Germany is a wonderful travel destination and that it has so much to offer in terms of sights and natural wonders. Enjoy peace and nature and take a little break from the stressful everyday life – you can experience all of this on a trip to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany! There are a total of around 500 waterfalls in Germany, 350 of which are in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg – pretty impressive, right??

Waterfalls Germany: Röthbach waterfall in Bavaria

Röthbach waterfall Germany the most beautiful waterfalls in NRW

One of the most impressive and beautiful waterfalls in Bavaria can be found at Königssee in the Berchtesgadener Land district in the middle of the national park. The Röthbachfall falls a full 470 meters deep and is even the highest in Germany. And the beauty? Due to its location, the waterfall is actually quite unknown, so you can enjoy the natural spectacle in peace. To reach it, you have to take a somewhat longer route and first take a boat across the Königssee. The journey ends at the Saletalm and from there you continue on foot. The hike is about 3 kilometers long, but the fantastic views and the untouched nature of the Alps are definitely worth it!

Triberg waterfalls

Triberg waterfalls hike natural wonders in Germany list

Would you like to go on a hike to the Triberg Waterfalls? In Baden-Württemberg in the Black Forest, the Triberg waterfalls rush down 163 meters. This also makes them the highest waterfall in Germany outside of the Alps. The water falls over a total of 7 steps over the mighty granite rocks into a wooded valley basin that ends directly in the center of Triberg. The well-developed hiking trails around the Triberg waterfalls allow you to enjoy the perfect views and always ensure an unforgettable experience. A jetty with a platform makes it possible to experience the spray from the falls up close and to take an exclusive look at the cascades. If you have enough time, you should definitely visit the waterfalls in the evening – from 10 p.m. they are illuminated and bathed in romantic light.

Tatzelwurm waterfalls

Tatzelwurm Waterfalls Germany Hiking Holidays in Europe Tips

Hidden in the Mangfall Mountains in the Bavarian Prealps you will find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. The Tatzelwurm waterfalls fascinate with an unusual appearance and an unbelievable wildness and power. They owe their name to the fairy tale of the Tatzelwurm, a mixture of dragon and dragon. According to legend, the monster threatened to devour people who ventured too close to the gorge. The rough masses of water plunge many meters into the depth, where they form in large basins and continue to flow. You can hear the falling water from afar, but you can only see the Tatzelwurm waterfalls up close. Fortunately, they are very easy to get to and you can almost drive there. Depending on the parking lot, it then takes about 10 minutes to walk to the waterfall.

All Saints Waterfalls

Allerheiligen waterfalls hike natural wonders in Germany

The Allerheiligen waterfalls are also among the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Germany! They are located near the town of Oppenau in Baden-Württemberg and are also known as the Büttensteiner waterfalls. The water plunges 90 meters down in several steps and the view is just magical. To reach the secluded place, you have to walk through nature, climb stairs and cross a couple of bridges – perfect for a short hiking tour! The waterfalls belonged to the Allerheiligen monastery for centuries and the signs on the 3 kilometer long legendary trail inform hikers about all the legends and sagas surrounding the monastery and the waterfalls.

Todtnau waterfall

Todtnauer Wasserfälle Germany Vacation in nature make tips

About an hour’s drive from the Triberg waterfalls you will find the next beautiful waterfalls in Europe. In Baden-Württemberg, between the holiday resorts of Aftersteg and Todrtnauberg, you can admire the Todtnau waterfalls. With a total height of 97 meters, they are also among the highest natural waterfalls in Germany and have been a listed building since 1987. You also have the opportunity to go on a short hike of around 6 kilometers around the waterfall. The circular hiking trail starts and ends in Todtnauberg and promises visitors an unforgettable day. Or how about making a short detour to Lake Constance and exploring the beautiful city of Freiburg im Breisgau, which is in close proximity to the waterfall?

Buchenegger waterfalls Allgäu

Buchenegger waterfalls Germany hiking in Europe

The breathtaking Buchenegger waterfalls are located between the Illertal and Lake Constance, or more precisely in the popular Allgäu Geopark. The beautiful location also gives you the opportunity to explore many other natural treasures and experience an unforgettable vacation. The hiking trails around the Buchenegger waterfalls will immerse you in nature in a unique way and let you forget everyday life. But the Buchenegger waterfalls are particularly well-known for gump jumping – i.e. cliff jumping. The highest jump point is about 30 meters high and since the water’s edge is very different, laypeople should rather avoid it.

Josefsthal waterfalls

Hiking vacation in Germany Josephstaler waterfalls

Although they are somewhat hidden in the forest, the Josefsthaler waterfalls are one of the most popular excursion destinations around the beautiful Schliersee in Bavaria. Thanks to a large number of tables, they are usually very easy to find. Depending on how long the route should be, you can either start in Josefsthal or directly on the Schliersee. From Josefsthal you can reach the waterfalls in around 15 minutes. The water pours in several streams about 12 meters above the mountain nose into a small basin. It doesn’t matter whether you want to bathe in the water or treat yourself to a picnic on the huge meadow – the Josefsthaler waterfalls are the ideal place for adventurers as well as for families with children.

Waterfalls in Europe: The most beautiful places in Austria

Uracher Oppenau waterfalls Hiking holiday in Germany tips

Are you planning to visit the neighboring country this year? Well, then of course a short trip to one of the beautiful waterfalls in Austria shouldn’t be missing! Most of them are in the midst of fantastic nature and landscapes and can therefore be perfectly combined with a short hiking tour.

Krimml waterfalls in Austria

Krimller waterfalls Austria hiking holiday summer 2021

And of course we start with the highest and most famous waterfall in Austria. With a height of 385 meters, the Krimml Waterfalls are not only one of the largest, but also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe. The water rushes towards it over three steps and the enormous force creates a spray that really makes the entire area seem magical. The approximately 4 km long path leads you through the Hohe Tauern National Park – the largest national park in Austria. Would you like to experience the Krimml Waterfalls from above? The waterfall path was laid out in 1900 and has since brought all visitors from the lower cascade up to the upper one. And if you get tired, you can take a short break at the numerous pulpits.

Myra Falls in Austria are among the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe

Myra Falls Austria Waterfalls in the Harz Mountains

Would you like to go on a weekend trip to Vienna? Then you should definitely visit the beautiful Myra Falls, which are only 60 kilometers from the capital! The small river Myra rises out of the Myralucke cave and from there makes its way through a gorge and the rock until the Myra Falls arise. Explore the natural spectacle with a short hike and let yourself be enchanted by the 600 meter long circular hiking trail with 25 bridges.

Grawa waterfalls

Grawa waterfall vacation waterfalls Austria tips

180 meters high and 85 meters wide: the Grawa waterfall is not only one of the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in Austria, but also the widest in the Eastern Alps. The so-called Wild Water Path first leads you past a quarry and the waterfall can be reached after about 10 minutes on foot. There you will find a platform and wooden loungers on which you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy the view. And the best thing? Wheelchair users and families with strollers can also use the path without any problems.

Waterfalls Iceland

Iceland waterfalls Lister the most beautiful lakes in Europe

When we talk about the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe, we must of course not forget Iceland. Whether fast and roaring or multi-stage and slow – thousands of breathtaking natural wonders are distributed over the small country, which attract many visitors every year.

Gullfoss waterfall

Waterfalls Iceland Gullfoss Waterfall Vacation

Gullfoss, also known as the Golden Waterfall, is 120 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik and is guaranteed to be one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. Together with the nearby geysers and Pingvellir, it is part of the so-called “Golden Circle”: a series of natural attractions that are guaranteed to amaze you. The 30 meter high waterfall can be reached via a narrow path from which you have an unforgettable view of it.

Dettifoss waterfall

Dettifoss water the most beautiful waterfalls Iceland

The Dettifoss waterfall is 100 meters wide and 44 meters high, making it the largest in northeast Iceland. The combination of volume flow and head, just before the Rhine Falls, also makes it the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The power of water actually throws splashes 1 kilometer away.

Krka waterfalls in Croatia

Krka waterfalls tips vacation in Croatia by the sea tips

When we think of the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe, Croatia would certainly not be the first country that would come to mind. In addition to beautiful beaches and islands, the country also has numerous other natural gems to offer. In fact, there are more waterfalls per square kilometer than any other country in the world – amazing, isn’t it? Embark on mysterious paths and be enchanted by the impressive Krka waterfalls. They are located in the Krka National Park in Croatia and wind their way through the dense green forests in a magical way. There are a total of 7 beautiful waterfalls that blend into the landscape and can be admired from numerous vantage points.

Krka waterfalls holidays in Croatia by the sea tips

Through various natural processes, the appearance and number of Krka waterfalls are constantly changing. How is that possible? The floor consists of tuff, which is constantly building itself over the years and the waterfalls change their size and height accordingly. At 800 meters, Skradinski Buk is the longest and most beautiful of the Krka waterfalls. The easy journey and the extensive network of wooden paths make Skradinski Buk one of the most visited sights in the national park.

the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe Eifel waterfalls

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