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Vacation in the Bavarian Forest: Sights and tips for your summer vacation in Germany!

Fascinating mountain landscapes, idyllic lakes and countless trees that tower high into the sky – a relaxed holiday in the middle of nature is good for the mind and soul. But we don’t have to get on the plane straight away, because back home we also find plenty of beautiful places like something out of a fairy tale book. The varied nature and the beautiful lakes in Germany not only inspire visitors here, but from all over the world. The Bavarian Forest is one of the most popular and well-known holiday destinations among nature lovers. So if you are not in the mood for a typical beach holiday or a city break this year, but rather a relaxing excursion, then you should definitely read on. In today’s article we will take you on a little journey and reveal the most beautiful places for an unforgettable holiday in the Bavarian Forest!

Where is the Bavarian Forest in Germany?

Hiking trails in Bavaria Vacation in the Bavarian Forest Tips

Wildlife watching, relaxed walks or hiking tours – those who want to be very close to nature are always in good hands with a holiday in the Bavarian Forest. In addition to all the natural highlights, you can also look forward to countless exciting sights that ensure a lot of fun. The Bavarian Forest includes the districts of Deggendorf, Passau, Regen, Cham, Straubing-Bogen and Freyung-Grafenau. It was founded in 1970 and is the oldest nature park in Germany. Did you know that the Bavarian Forest, together with the Czech Sumava, form the largest forest landscape in Central Europe? At the southern end of the low mountain range, the Bavarian Forest borders on Austria. On the huge area you can expect idyllic waters, significant natural monuments, fairytale natural landscapes and an impressive animal world – the perfect place to experience nature up close and to sniff the wonderfully fresh air!

Vacation in the Bavarian Forest: The great Arber

the great Arber Bavaria vacation Bavarian forest sights

An absolute highlight in the truest sense of the word on a holiday in the Bavarian Forest is undoubtedly the “King of the Bavarian Forest”, namely the Great Arber. It is part of the Bavarian-Bohemian border massif and is located north of Bodenmais very close to the Czech border. With a height of 1456 meters, the big Aber is the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest and is very popular with both hikers and families. The countless hiking trails lead you to the top and the four peaks offer you unforgettable views of the surrounding region. And if you prefer something a little more comfortable, you can take the gondola up to the top. The view also leaves the visitor speechless and with a bit of luck you can even see as far as the Alps in good weather. In winter, the great Arber is transformed into a true winter wonderland and the largest family ski area in the Bavarian Forest. The ski schools, the wide chairlifts and the numerous slopes make the mountain a real paradise for all skiers!


Arbersee Bavarian Forest list the most beautiful lakes in Germany

Two particularly beautiful excursion destinations on the Großer Arber that you shouldn’t miss out on during your holiday in the Bavarian Forest are the Kleiner and Großer Arber lakes. You will find the Kleiner Arbersee between the Großer and the Kleiner Arber, which hides behind its big brother at a height of 1384 meters. The floating islands on the Kleiner Arbersee provide an excellent view and an idyllic tranquility spreads out. The Großer Arbersee is on the other side, west of the Großer Arber. There you can walk along the circular hiking trail along the shore or rent a boat. And when you get hungry, try the regional cuisine in the Arberseehaus while you enjoy the view of the beautiful lake. Are you planning a vacation in the Bavarian Forest with the children? Then you should definitely visit the fairy tale park next to the Großer Arbersee, where you can explore various fairy tales during the tour.

Falkenstein Castle

Falkenstein Castle Bavaria Vacation Bavarian Forest Sights

Falkenstein Castle is a landmark of the Upper Bavarian Forest and is one of the most important sights that you should not miss on your vacation in the Bavarian Forest. The castle lies on a large granite cone and is surrounded by the second largest nature park in Bavaria, the so-called “Schloßpark”. From the tower you have a wonderful panoramic view over the park, the place and the nature that surrounds the castle. The building is not just a feast for the eyes from the outside. In the walls you will find the Falkenstein Hunting Museum, where you can not only explore prepared animals and trophies, but also take a tour to learn more about the background to hunting and the connections between culture and hunting. A very special highlight are the Falkenstein Castle Courtyard Games, which take place every weekend from the end of June to the beginning of August. Are you tired after a long walk through the castle? Then visit the Burg Falkenstein restaurant and let yourself be pampered with delicious dishes.

Treetop path in Neuschönau

Treetop Walk Bavaria Vacation Bavarian Forest Tips

During your vacation in the Bavarian Forest you have the unique opportunity to visit the longest treetop path in the world. It is located in Neuschönau and is a total of 1300 meters long. The 44 meter high construction tower opens up wonderful views over the wonderful Taler and the beautiful mountains of the Bavarian Forest. On a clear day, with a bit of luck, you can even see the northern main ridge of the Alps. The three ancient beech and fir trees inside the tower give visitors a unique insight into the development of the forest. The treetop path is mainly made of wood and thus conveys an unadulterated natural result. Experience nature from a completely new perspective – that is the basic idea of ​​the treetop path in the Bavarian Forest. Numerous rope bridges, balancing beams and wobbly bridges ensure a unique experience for the brave on the way to the “treetop”. Those who prefer it more relaxed can take the elevator to the treetop path. And on your return, you can treat yourself to a treat in the “Waldwirtschaft” directly below the treetop path, while the children play on the playground right next to the terrace.

Vacation in the Bavarian Forest: WaldWipfelWeg

Waldwipfelweg Bavaria Vacation Bavarian Forest Tips

If you look into the woods from the jetties, listen to the chirping of birds and enjoy the tranquility of nature, you immediately switch to relaxation mode. Stress has absolutely no chance on a holiday in the Bavarian Forest! Experience nature without solid ground under your feet and take a walk at dizzying heights on the WaldWipfelWeg in Sankt Englmar. The path is a full 2.50 meters wide and up to 52 meters high and is also known by the locals as the “summit of emotions”. The WaldWipfelWeg is also barrier-free and therefore ideal for families with prams or wheelchair users. From the 52 meter high construction tower you have a wonderful panoramic view over the Danube valley and the entire Bavarian Forest. The more daring of you can also take the alternative route over the suspension bridge at a height of 25 meters. And while you are there, you should visit another highlight in the Bavarian Forest – the house upside down, which is completely on the roof. Your perception system is already made to skid quite nicely when you step on it due to the additional longitudinal and transverse inclination. The house is fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and children’s room and the amazing perspective guarantees great souvenir photos!

Bavarian Forest Glass Road

Glassworks Bavarian Forest the most beautiful places in Bavaria tips

Since glass production, glass design and glass processing have always been of great importance in the region, the Bavarian Forest is also known as the “Glass Forest”. Look over the shoulder of the glassmakers at their laborious work and visit one of the numerous glass factories. A very special highlight is the 250-kilometer-long Glass Road in Eastern Bavaria. It was founded in 1997 and opened by Chancellor Helmut Kohl in the same year. There you have the unique opportunity to admire the glass in all its facets. In the glassworks you can even try out glass blowing yourself under professional supervision. The Glasstraße delights visitors with constantly changing exhibitions, summer festivals and fairytale Advent markets.

Experience the Wild West in Pullman City

Bavarian Forest Activities with children Pullman City tips

A holiday in the Bavarian Forest actually has much more to offer than beautiful nature and mountain landscapes. Only a few kilometers from the Austrian border and behind Passau you will find one of the most famous sights in the Bavarian Forest – the western town of Pullman City. Fearless knife throwers, shootings, daredevil horsemen and much more – you can experience everything that happened back then in the Wild West and what you (or your partner at least) dreamed of as children! An absolute highlight for visitors of all ages is definitely the American History Show, which takes place every evening. Cowboys, settlers, Indians, horses and carriages are guaranteed to make you laugh and transport you to another time. And when there is no show, visit the children’s train or the adventure playground. There you can also try your hand at archery, horse riding, gold panning or poker. Or why not take the Pullman City Express for a short tour of the Wild West? There is really a lot to experience, so that you can spend an unforgettable holiday in the Bavarian Forest.

Pure nature: hiking through the Bavarian Forest

Bavarian Forest National Park Sights Natural wonders in Germany

Are you longing for an active holiday in the Bavarian Forest? Then you should definitely explore some of the countless hiking trails in the region! The demanding routes in the Green Roof of Europe make the hearts of all experienced hikers beat faster. But families with children also get their money’s worth, because there are many circular hiking trails that invite you to take a leisurely and relaxed stroll. You will find sporting challenges in the summit tours that take you to the Großer Arber or other peaks such as Lusen, Osser, Rachel or Dreisessel. Long-distance hikers are by no means neglected on a holiday in the Bavarian Forest, as the most important long-distance hiking trails cross the Bavarian Forest mountain range. How about, for example, the Goldsteig, which with its proud 660 kilometers and 38 stages is the longest quality trail in Germany? Or romp around on the Gläserne Steig, the Pandurensteig or the East Bavarian Way of St. James – the possibilities are endless!

Riesloch Falls Bavaria the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany

That you can also discover some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Germany in the Bavarian Forest shouldn’t come as a surprise. In the vicinity of Bodenmais in the Regen district you will find a natural spectacle of a special kind: the Riesloch waterfalls. They are considered to be the highest waterfalls in the entire Bavarian Forest. The region is the basis of life for various types of moss and protected animals and the via ferrata right next to the waterfall offers a wonderful view of the mountain roof.

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