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Traveling with hand luggage: helpful tips and tricks for a relaxed trip!

Summer is officially here and with the wonderful weather outside we all start to dream of a sunny beach vacation. Regardless of whether we are planning a business trip, a short vacation or a train trip through Europe – only taking our hand luggage with you is probably a very efficient and comfortable way to travel. The advantages of traveling with hand luggage are obvious: there is no annoying waiting for the suitcase after arrival, nothing can be lost and we do not have to pay expensive surcharges for checked luggage. And let’s be honest – who would feel like lugging a 20 kilogram suitcase everywhere with them? But what could we take with us given the limited space? What is allowed in hand luggage or how do we pack our suitcase so that as much as possible fits in? We’ll tell you all of this as well as many helpful tips and tricks for a relaxed trip below!

Traveling with hand luggage: the right suitcase is crucial

Packing your suitcase tips Travel with hand luggage checklist

The most important piece when traveling with hand luggage is of course a carry-on suitcase in the right size. Whether bags, rucksacks, trolleys, etc. – the selection is now huge and there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. If you would like to go on a short city trip or a hike, then you would be best advised with a backpack. On the other hand, if you place more value on comfort, you should choose a suitcase with wheels. Since we can use a hand luggage suitcase for many years, you shouldn’t skimp on quality when buying it.

Pack hand luggage correctly: that’s how it works!

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So that you can pack your hand luggage correctly, you should find out about the permitted dimensions before booking your flight, as these unfortunately differ from airline to airline. The most common regulation, however, is 55 x 45 x 25 centimeters. You could buy the most expensive suitcase and put together the best list for traveling with hand luggage – but if you just throw things randomly in the suitcase, you will end up barely getting it. Traveling with hand luggage is not just about what you pack, but also how you pack. It is of course very important that you do not take anything with you that you do not really need. So the dress that has been hanging in your wardrobe for 2 years and that you have never put on should rather stay at home. Because the more space you pack, the more you can put in your suitcase.

Traveling with hand luggage Tips Pack luggage correctly

Find out different outfits that you would like to wear during the trip and choose items of clothing that are as neutral as possible that can be combined with one another. To save some space, carry heavy items such as jackets and sweaters during the flight. Compression bags can reduce the volume of your clothes by around 40-50 percent and are therefore ideal for traveling with hand luggage. To save even more space, roll up your clothes instead of folding them neatly. The packing sequence is also very important when packing. Use rectangular and flat objects to fill in the bumps on the back wall, or stow heavy things like shoes in this place. And a little tip from us – to save additional space and keep your shoes in shape, you can stuff them with underwear and socks. Since you have to take electronic devices, liquids and cosmetics out of your hand luggage at the security check, it is best to pack them so that you can have them quickly at hand.

Traveling with hand luggage: compile a packing list

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When traveling with hand luggage, the right preparation is the be-all and end-all. However, every traveler and every travel destination is different and it is therefore not possible to estimate what is essential for a holiday. Even if everyone has their own methods, a packing list is always an advantage, because even the most obvious things can be forgotten in the hustle and bustle before you start your journey. The so-called Capsule Wardrobe system is ideal for traveling with hand luggage. This means that you only pack clothes that you really like and will wear. It is best to choose monochrome basics that can be combined with each other and possibly spiced up with accessories. In addition, you can easily buy most cosmetic items such as shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and deodorant on site. Alternatively, you can simply get sample packs or fill up small plastic cans and take them with you. Remember, however, that all liquids under 100ml must fit in a 1L clear bag.

What is prohibited in hand luggage?

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The flight is booked, the checklist has been put together and now it’s time to go on vacation! To save yourself trouble at the airport, however, you should find out what items you are not allowed to take with you when traveling with hand luggage. We are not going to list every weapon now, but in general it can be said that anything with which you could injure someone else is not allowed on board. Pocket knives, nail files, nail scissors and razor blades are also taboo. Objects that can be used as weapons, such as ski and hiking sticks or golf clubs, will be taken from you immediately. Cosmetic items such as hair and deodorant spray and nail polish remover could in some cases also be collected by airport staff.

Traveling with hand luggage Tips Pack luggage correctly