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The shape of the Tuhura luxury yacht from Oceanco is reminiscent of a typical canoe

tuhura luxury yacht canoe shape interpreted in a modern way

The design of a groundbreaking yacht was presented at the last “Dubai International Boat Show”. The 115 meter long Tuhura luxury yacht from Oceanco has the shape of a typical canoe, but has a modern interior design. So don’t be fooled by the shape. This is a state-of-the-art superyacht of the last generation. Read on to find out more details about Oceanco’s latest project.

tuhura luxury yacht 115 meters long canoe shape modern

The Tuhura luxury yacht emerged from the collaboration of experienced designers, engineers and interior architects. The length of the yachts from the series varies between 80 and 120 meters, with the standard project being 115 meters long and 18 meters wide. Thus, the yacht offers more than enough space for a spacious interior and a large sun deck. According to the designer Igor Lobanov, the concept is based on a very simple idea. He wanted to present the classic shape of the canoe in a modern way. With its traditional design, the luxury yacht should appear timeless. Apart from the shape, however, there are no other similarities between the two.

tuhura luxury yacht design project sundeck

The name of the yacht concept comes from Maori and means “discover”, “explore”, “dig up” and “investigate” at the same time. A real boat or ship should serve exactly these purposes. However, if you own such a yacht, you shouldn’t necessarily cross the ocean to discover something new. Even the design of the ship is a real invention. The pictures of the interior design convince you of this.

tuhura luxury yacht interior design modern round design

Interior designer Achille Salvagni designed the interior. For the colors and materials, he has drawn inspiration from East Asia and the Pacific Islands. The interior is dominated by materials such as teak, bronze and brass, which are in harmony with one another. Tatami mats on the floor give a classic Asian touch and oval elements make the rooms appear larger.

tuhura luxury yacht living area oval shape sofa round tables

Although the design is reminiscent of a simple canoe, a real smart home is hidden under the deck. State-of-the-art technology is not lacking on board the Tuhura luxury yacht. Smart air conditioning, lights, music systems, etc. are available to the owner of this super yacht.

tuhura luxury yacht design project large window fronts

The windows are an important feature of the Tuhura luxury yacht. From the inside out, they open up wonderful views of coasts, endless waters, sunsets or modern harbors. However, if you look at the yacht from the outside, you cannot distinguish the windows from the rest of the outer skin. This is made possible by a new, modern technology.

tuhura luxury yacht interior design bedroom outlook

The bedrooms in the superyacht are indistinguishable from those in a 5-star hotel. And the view through the window can be different every day. A privacy screen is unnecessary here, as the darkening of the windows ensures this.

tuhura luxury yacht design interior furnishings wood elements

Info about the project

Manufacturer: Oceanco Yachts

Design studio: Lobanov design

Shipbuilding engineers: BMT Nigel Gee

Interior architect: Achille Salvagni