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Holidays in Holland by the sea: the most beautiful places and beaches for your summer vacation!

Summer is in full swing and it is high time to start planning our summer vacation. Long, white beaches, idyllic landscapes, picturesque coastal towns with beautiful old towns – sounds pretty tempting, doesn’t it? Whether in Italy, Malta or on an exotic island – a beach holiday is always pure relaxation! But why wander so far away when the good is so close? Are you longing for a little break, but don’t want to sit on the plane forever or is your budget a little tight this year? We have the perfect solution for you, namely a holiday in Holland by the sea! The neighboring country not only has delicious cheese, tulips and windmills in its repertoire, but also has a lot to offer when it comes to beach holidays. Whether with the children, with friends or with the dog – the Dutch coast is a real balm for the soul. To make planning easier for you, we have put together the most beautiful beaches and coastal locations for you in this article!

Is it possible to take a holiday in the Netherlands in 2021? You should know these rules

Entry requirements Netherlands Corona Zandvoort beach vacation tips Vacation in Holland by the sea with the dog

And good news for everyone who wants to spend a holiday in Holland by the sea! Germany is no longer a high-risk area for the Netherlands and a beach holiday is now possible without any problems despite Corona. German tourists no longer have to show a negative PCR test or antigen test either on entry or on their return journey. The contact restrictions have already been lifted and cafes, bars and restaurants are allowed to receive guests again. A mask requirement applies to everyone in public transport as well as at train stations and airports. In addition, the Dutch government is offering free trials for all travelers and tourists in July and August.

Scheveningen for the perfect holiday in Holland by the sea

Holidays in Holland by the sea Tips Scheveningen beach holidays

Without a doubt, Scheveningen is by far the most popular and well-known beach in the Netherlands and therefore the first choice for a holiday in Holland by the sea. With around 18 million visitors a year, an unbelievable commotion awaits you there. However, the beach is huge and not as crowded as you might think. There are many quieter stretches of beach where you can enjoy long walks and just relax in peace. Especially in the off-season it can happen that you have a whole stretch of beach to yourself. As a district of The Hague, Scheveningen offers a wide range of leisure activities for young and old. From diving and surfing to bungee jumps from the observation tower – everyone will find happiness in Scheveningen! Are you in the mood for a wild party? Then you should definitely visit some of the beach bars and restaurants along the promenade and on the pier! Another highlight is the walk across the pier and the observation tower, from which you have a breathtaking view.

Domburg beach

Beaches in the Netherlands Holidays in Holland by the sea tips

Domburg Beach is one of the oldest seaside resorts in the Netherlands and is located in South Holland. The place is best known for its picturesque beach huts and dunes, which are ideal for a relaxing holiday in Holland by the sea with the children. Since the sea water and the quality of the beach promote the health of the visitors, Domburg is also referred to as a “healing seaside resort”. A wide range of wellness options awaits you there, mainly specializing in Thelasso therapy. The beach is not particularly big, but it is really beautiful and is considered the cleanest of all beaches in Holland. In addition, the walkways on the sand make walking with a stroller or wheelchair much easier. Directly behind the dunes you will find the coastal town of the same name, the center of which will enchant you with its typical Dutch charm.

Beach vacation in Zandvoort

Vacation in Holland by the sea the most beautiful beaches on the North Sea

Zandvoort aan Zee is also known as the “pearl on the lake” and is one of the most important and popular seaside resorts in the Netherlands. The 9 km long white sandy beach is ideal for sunbathing, walking or swimming and the many cafes and bars along the coast invite you to linger. Since the water slopes very shallowly, the place is ideal for a family vacation with the children. All adrenaline junkies will get their money’s worth in Zandvoort, as the beach offers a wide range of water sports. From sailing to surfing to paddling, absolutely everything is included! The blue flag is also waving here, so you can be sure that the beach is really clean and safe. But what makes Zandvoort so popular with tourists is that it is only 30 kilometers from Amsterdam. So if you want to take a break from sunbathing, you can experience the unique atmosphere of the capital in less than an hour’s drive.

Bergen aan Zee

Beach in Amsterdam Holiday in Holland by the sea tips

Pure Caribbean feeling! In Bergen aan Zee you will find another beautiful beach that is ideal for your holiday in Holland by the sea! The small village on the coast in North Holland is a real paradise for all water sports enthusiasts. Whether surfing, swimming or sailing – in Bergen aan Zee you will find the ideal conditions for all of this. The seaside resort is known for its beautiful white sandy beach and attracts thousands of visitors every year. And if you are not into sunbathing, you can go on a great bike tour along the promenade. The numerous beach cafes with their relaxed atmosphere and great music are very inviting and cater for your physical well-being with delicious cocktails and regional dishes. In addition, Bergen aan Zee was awarded the blue flag for the eighth time last year, making it one of the safest and cleanest beaches in Holland. The city of the same name is located directly behind the dunes and turns into an art market every Thursday in July and August, which is illuminated by a wonderful light show.

Egmond aan Zee

Dog-friendly beaches in the Netherlands Holidays in Holland by the sea tips

When it comes to a great holiday by the sea in Holland, Egmond aan Zee is a real classic. The coastal town is known for its golden sand, wonderfully warm water and perfect fishing opportunities! The 5 km long beach is located in North Holland and is divided into different zones, which makes for more comfort for tourists. There are areas for sports and games, areas for quiet sunbathing, and nudist areas. Like most Dutch beaches, Egmond aan Zee has also been awarded the blue flag and enchants holidaymakers with its cleanliness. The landmark of Egmond aan Zee is the lighthouse “Van Speijk”, which was painted by many artists around the world. Another popular destination is the city of Alkmaar, where you should definitely try the delicious cheese at the cheese market! And if you’ve had enough of lazing around and sunbathing, you can take a boat tour and discover the beautiful beach from the water.

Noordwijk for a quiet holiday in Holland by the sea

the most beautiful beaches on the North Sea Holidays in Holland by the sea with your dog

Sea and tulips, activity and relaxation, city and country – on a holiday in Holland by the sea in Nordwijk you can experience all of this at the same time! The seaside resort is in close proximity to the popular Keukenhof tulip fields that we all know. The 13 kilometer long beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing and if you want a little more action, you can also rent a kayak. Nordwijk is surrounded by endless forests and dune landscapes, which are ideal for a long walk. The place even made it into the 21 best beaches in the world by National Geographic in 2017 and has already been awarded the blue flag several times. Several bars await you along the coast, where you can linger with friends in the evening and enjoy the view. And the best part about it? Dogs are also welcome in Noordwijk, so you can take your four-legged friend with you on holiday!

The most beautiful islands for your vacation in Holland by the sea

Scheveningen beach tips Holidays in Holland by the sea with children

The beautiful islands of Texel, Ameland, Schiermonnikoog and Terschelling are located directly in front of the Netherlands in the North Sea, in the waters of the Wadden Sea. Each of the islands has its own charm and attracts tourists with different highlights and great beaches. The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can discover a variety of different creatures on a mudflat hike. For your holiday in Holland by the sea, we will briefly introduce each of the islands below.


the most beautiful beaches in North Holland Holiday in Holland by the sea tips

Texel is the westernmost and at the same time the largest island of the West Frisian Islands. The geographical location, the strong wind and the 30 km long beach make Texel the best possible choice for a holiday in Holland by the sea for surfers. The Dutch island not only impresses with the endless beaches, but also with numerous quiet areas that are ideal for cycling or walking. In Texel, you should definitely visit the Eierlands dunes near the lighthouse and enjoy the wonderful view of the whole island from there. And if you want a bit of peace and quiet, you will find the most secluded stretches of beach in the south at De Hors.


Holidays in Holland by the sea Tips for dog-friendly beaches in Europe

Ameland is not called the “Wattdiamant” for nothing – every holidaymaker feels at home there. The island has a wonderfully long beach, which is also considered to be the cleanest in the whole country. It has been awarded the blue flag more than 30 times and is therefore perfect for a holiday in Holland by the sea. Especially the beach sections at Hollum, Buren and Nes are characterized by their exceptional cleanliness. And if you are hungry in between, you will find 4 pavilions on the beach, where delicious food and cold drinks are sold. But Ameland has much more to offer and you should definitely explore the historic villages and the unique flora and fauna in the nature areas! If you are lucky, you can attend an extremely interesting event that takes place only on Ameland several times a year. Lifeboats are pulled into the sea by 10 horses – sounds cool, doesn’t it?


North Sea beaches in the Netherlands Holidays in Holland by the sea tips

Schiermonnikoog is really a unique place: although it is the smallest Dutch wadden island, it still has the widest beach in all of Europe. Due to the diverse nature, the island was declared a national park and is a real dream for all nature lovers. From dunes to forests, mudflats, salt marshes and small lakes – there you can find everything your heart desires! The absolute highlight on Schiermonnikoog is the reef. The widest sand plate offers unforgettable sights, which are formed by wind and water. However, cars are not allowed on the island and it is best to rent a bike.


the most beautiful beaches in Holland Strandurlaum by car tips

If you want a quiet holiday by the sea in Holland, you will find it on Vlieland. The island is just 12 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide and exudes a unique, cozy atmosphere. Almost 1200 people live in the only village in Oost-Vlieland – it couldn’t be quieter, right? The same applies here: Cars are forbidden! The absolute highlight on Vlieland is the 45 meter high dune with a lighthouse on top.


Egmond aan Zee beach holiday in Holland by the sea tips

Terschelling is also called the bicycle island and is the second largest island after Texel. The first thing you see on the island is the 55 meter high “Brandaris” lighthouse, which, by the way, is also the oldest in the Netherlands. On 80 kilometers of cycling routes you can discover up to 600 wild plant species, including various types of orchids. And a little tip for all connoisseurs: ice cream and cheese are traditionally made and sold in many farmhouses on Terschellin.

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