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Bike parks in Germany – MTB routes for your next adventure

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes single trail outdoor sport bike stand

There are many excellent bike parks in Germany that offer both various descents and single trail fun. Anyone who has visited the country knows the many historical and cultural treasures that can be seen in almost every place. From the cosmopolitan metropolises to the medieval city walls to the green hills that seem to have some even more magnificent cathedrals or castles on every hill. However, if you are looking for your next mountain bike adventure, then you can find some of the best bike parks in Germany in this guide. We have put together a list of the most popular parks for you.

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes single trail rock jump

There is a suitable bike route for all tastes. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner, from downhill to freeride runs, the bike parks in Germany offer a variety of routes for every adrenaline junkie. They are ideally tailored to the needs of MTB riders and allow them to perfect their style and technique. From small regional to internationally renowned ones – use our collection to get an overview and choose the right bike park in Germany for your next bike trip.

What should good bike parks in Germany offer??

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes winterberg

The best way to get the most out of a descent with your mountain bike is of course to increase your adrenaline level. A good route must therefore not lack variety and variety. The combination of technology and flow is an important fun factor for most visitors to bike parks in Germany. Other important criteria are of course the price and the service offered, whereby the second is rather secondary, but can still ensure a more pleasant stay.

Winterberg bike park

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike stretch jump

The Bikepark Winterberg is a well-known place for sports activities in Germany and around the world. It attracts downhill fans from the Alps and the North Sea coast. With creative and challenging obstacles, the park is one of the best in Europe. Well thought-out trails and extensive maintenance make it easy to find your personal flow and get into the rhythm. There you get everything you need to train. Work on your technique and your style in a relaxed manner or simply cross exciting trails with your friends.

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes ramp

From many bike parks in Germany is Winterberg is the center of the German downhill scene, and you can be there too. A huge adventure playground that can be explored by bike is waiting for you. You don’t necessarily have to be a professional because the park has enough trails for all levels of driving. In addition, the bike park offers trails that you can take to the top of your skills step by step. Take the lift back up the mountain – that makes cycling there a real pleasure. You can choose your desired descent from professionally maintained cycle paths of all levels of difficulty. There are courses to learn the technical basics of MTB riding, and the equipment you need can be rented from the bike station.

From Garmisch into the Reintal

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes single trail view of raintal

The sport is called mountain biking and many forget that the spectacular Alps reach far into southern Germany, so that there are many mountains for cycling in Germany’s bike parks. Garmisch, for example, is one of the best alpine travel destinations, known for its spectacular landscape and varied outdoor activities, including mountain biking. The route from Garmisch to Reintal begins with an elaborate ascent on the firebreak, but then offers excellent single trails in the midst of incredible surroundings. A real piece of the Alps for sports fans who want to enjoy nature as well as extreme descents. Steep climbs and beautiful bike paths will increase your heart rate when you get there on the single trail. We recommend the here Focus Bikepark in Oberammergau.

Humberg Tower

The area around Kaiserslautern is criss-crossed by dirty bike routes and the route around the Humbergturm is a local favorite. A willing rider will be able to find any number of possible bike lanes of any length imaginable, including double and single trails.

Start with a stop at a local bookstore to pick up a map and spend the rest of the day doing some serious exploration of the area. You can expect a perfect view of the whole of Kaiserslautern and the surrounding area. Of the Trippstadt bike park is definitely worth a visit there.

MTB Nürburgring

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes single trail forest

The many kilometers around Nürburg make for hours of bike tours that can last up to 24 hours. There is indeed a 24-hour mountain bike race taking place there. You won’t find huge changes in elevation, but plenty of ups and downs to drive around for a full day. This trail is divided into three routes, with the constant ups and downs reminiscent of a roller coaster ride. The 26 km long route offers a fascinating route that leads through the Green Cave. One moment you drive varied and demanding on beautiful forest trails, and in the next minute you climb over hills with extensive landscape around you. You can find more about this on the Nürburgring website.


bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes single trail jump

The cycle paths in Rodalben are some of the most popular in Germany. MTB routes in the Palatinate Forest are from the bike parks in Germany, which offer very nice and entertaining rides with many technical sections. The area has world class single trails and if you get there early in the morning you can escape the many hikers who love the route too. Plus, soak up the sun’s rays through the trees in the morning dew as you cruise over streams, past waterfalls, and through caves. One bike park that you can try out in this region is that Palatinate Forest mountain bike park.

Bike parks in Germany – Northern Bavaria

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes mountain

There are many adventure routes in northern Bavaria, for example in the Bavarian Forest, in the Fichtel Mountains or in the Rhön. The single trails near Augsburg, Regensburg and Ingolstadt offer gentler ascents and descents. If you want to improve your technique, you should visit some bike parks in Germany, like these in Bischofsmais or Easter son. According to many sources, the Tiergarten route is one of the top bike parks in Germany. This mountain bike route offers the right experience for every taste. You can stay on the firebreak or hit one of the great single trail trails. Some single trails are only suitable for very experienced bikers. There are several bike lanes that have some very intense jumps from rock formations or fabricated kickers.

 The Todtnau bike park

bike parks in germany cycling mountain bike routes single trail outdoor sport activities downhill descent

The first mountain bike park in Germany has a downhill and a freeride route, as well as a new north bank path, which can be reached with a chair lift. This trail is a downhill racing track and requires a high level of skill. The length of the downhill route is approximately 3 km and can be classified as moderate, although it also requires good driving skills. An ideal route for those who want to adapt and build up to the downhill rides. The freeride trail is used as a toboggan run in winter and can be used by beginners and to warm up.