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Beach clothes and accessories that belong in the beach bag


The beginning of summer is approaching and one thinks more and more of the beach and the sea. Whether you are going to the seaside for the weekend or for a longer vacation, the right equipment, which you should have ready in the beach bag, is of particular importance. Because there are things that should definitely not be missing in your bag so that you can really enjoy the day. We made such a list Beach clothes and accessories put together, which you can also expand if necessary. Pack your beach bag and have everything you need close at hand.

1. Beach clothes and accessories – Beach cover

beach clothing and accessories beach cover-tunic-salmon-color-summer

A cover for the beach as beach clothing and accessories has several advantages. On the one hand, you can hide small blemishes and, on the other hand, you can also protect them from the sun if you think it is necessary. A nice beach cover in the form of a tunic or a scarf also ensures that you look extremely stylish even on the beach. Make a fashionable and attractive impression even on the beach!

2. Flip-flops as beach clothes and accessories

beachwear and accessories flip-flops-shoes-protective-feet

The ever-popular flip-flops, which are an essential part of beach clothing and accessories, are really reminiscent of summer. Not only are they comfortable, but they also protect your feet from the hot sand on the beach. Make sure that these match the rest of your look, i.e. the bikini, swimsuit or the beach cover.

3. Fedora hat for sun protection

beachwear and accessories fedora hat sun protection head trend

Anyone who has ever suffered from a sunstroke knows best how important it is to protect yourself from strong sunlight. The trendy fedora hat is wonderfully suitable for this and also gives your beach look the finishing touch. Choose it to match your beachwear and wear it with pride!

4. The sunglasses


The sunglasses are not only a must for the beach. But that’s where they shouldn’t be missing. On the one hand, the sunglasses relax the eyes and, on the other hand, they protect them again from the sun itself. And that this part of the beach clothes and accessories is incredibly stylish, we don’t even have to mention, do we?

5. Accessories for the hair

beachwear-accessories-hair-bandana-hair accessories-updo-tunic

The typical beach look of open, wavy hair is without a doubt very popular and attractive. However, it is no secret that loose hair can sometimes be quite annoying. Especially since wind is usually the order of the day on the beach. Therefore, pack your beach bag again with suitable beach clothing and accessories in the form of bandanas, a headband, headband or hair ties so that you can use them if necessary.

6. A cosmetic bag


Since the beach bag is usually quite large, smaller items often have to be found by nerve-wracking rummaging around. To avoid this, you can use a cosmetic bag to help you store creams, lip balm, your cell phone and even money or other items. This also protects them from the sand, which can quickly scratch surfaces. An indispensable part of beach clothing and accessories, which is even more practical with a transparent look.

7. Sun protection

beachwear-accessories-sun protection-skin-sunburn-sunscreen-spray

And while we come back to the subject of “protection”: It is also important to protect the skin from the strong, harmful summer sun. In addition to sunscreen as part of our list of essential beach clothes and accessories, there are a variety of products for this purpose. If you are not so sure about the right sun protection factor, you can also get advice from a dermatologist. This will determine the right factor for your skin type.

8. Lip balm

beachwear-accessories-lip balm-care-face-ladies-cosmetics

Another important part of beach clothing and accessories is the lip balm. Like the cold in winter, the hot sun can quickly dry out your lips. To counteract this, it is advisable to moisturize your lips several times a day, even on the beach.

9. Hair protection


In addition, there is also protection for the hair. If you equip the beach bag with the necessary beach clothes and accessories, don’t forget a suitable hairspray that has been specially developed for the beach. This will avoid dry, brittle hair that can be damaged by the sun.

10. Beach clothes and accessories – wet wipes

beachwear-accessories-wet wipes-care-cleaning-sea-beach

Since there are usually no sinks nearby on the beach, wet wipes are a perfect alternative for quickly “washing” your hands. What could be more uncomfortable than feeling dirty! So add wet wipes to your beachwear and accessories for quick cleaning.

11. A blanket for the beach


Often towels are used on the beach to lie on to sunbathe. However, it is rather uncomfortable to lie down on the towel that is still dry after drying, don’t you think so? Use a blanket instead. Not only is it bigger and can accommodate multiple people and all of your beach clothes and accessories, it also stays dry and makes your day at the beach more comfortable.

12. Microfiber towel


Instead of an ordinary towel, choose one made of microfiber. These absorb the moisture faster. In addition, they are relatively small and do not take up much space in the beach bag with all the beach clothes and accessories. This is a great way to accommodate a towel and a blanket at once.

13. Drinking water

beachwear-accessories-water-drink-dehydration-heat-the beginning of summer

Since you spend the whole day on the beach in the heat, sufficient drinking water is especially important there. You should definitely avoid dehydration. So take at least one large bottle of water with you to the beach and drink as much as you can!

14. Snacks for in between

beachwear-accessories-snack-fruits-watermelon-muesli bars

Swimming and romping in the water can quickly make you hungry. If you want to spend the whole day on the beach but don’t want to spend tons of money on restaurants, we recommend that you find space for small snacks in the beach bag in addition to beach clothes and accessories. Fruits, muesli bars, but also nuts or homemade sandwiches are particularly suitable. The latter shouldn’t lie around in the heat for too long.

15. Provide entertainment


Sufficient entertainment must also be provided for when you are out of the water. If you are out with friends, you can take a card or even a board game with you. But books, magazines and music are also great ways to pass the time on the beach.