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Autumn travel destinations: ideas for weekend getaways in European cities

Off-summer tourism can be excellent in many parts of Europe, and some fall destinations are particularly impressive. The summer heat subsides and many cities and rural areas are at their most beautiful when the leaves are colored and the autumn sun makes them shine. All of this also applies to the most beautiful metropolises in Europe, which you can discover over the weekend. Along with some notable events and attractions, this is a perfect proposition to add new destinations to your fall travel list. Here are some great places to visit if you are traveling across Europe in the fall or any other time of year.

Discover the best travel destinations across Europe in autumn

couple in love kissing during city trip

If you are lucky enough to be able to discover Europe at any time of the year, autumn really is the perfect time of year. The most important European travel destinations in autumn have just passed the high season. The streets are quieter with no tourists as real life continues. So fall is the perfect time to hang out with people and be off the beaten path. Outside the tourist season, you can also enjoy the best hotels at the best price. There are also fewer queues for your best activities in Europe as well as more free seats in restaurants and of course fewer people in your photos. In other words, autumn is certainly the best time of year to be in the most beautiful European cities.

Lugano in Switzerland

Lake Lugano in autumn with yellow tree leaves and birds flying south

This is a riot of flavors and colors, where the desire to celebrate the beginning of the autumn season in the company of friends, in front of a good glass of wine and tasty local gastronomic products, always becomes tempting. The traditional autumn festival in Lugano returns and brings the streets and squares of the old town to life. In the first week of October, visitors can discover local cuisine for three days and taste excellent Ticino wines in the various grottos on the streets of the city.

ceresio lake ticino in switzerland beautiful view at the end of summer

The autumn market with local food and handicrafts cannot be overlooked either. In addition to the celebrations, there will be various musical entertainment options offered by various folk bands. Finally, a free guided tour is also offered to discover and admire the beautiful architecture and landscape of Lugano. Book your chosen hotel at the best price in Lugano and enjoy your stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland.

Pula in Croatia

Amphitheater arena in pula croatia remains from roman times

The city of Pula is proof that Croatia can always surprise you. You probably know Zagreb, which is also a beautiful city. This is ideal for a city break in Europe and is also a perfect destination for Christmas. If you’ve seen beautiful sunsets in Zadar or Nin, one of the most romantic travel destinations along with Dubrovnik, which inspired the Games of Thrones series, you will definitely love Pula too.

old wooden bridge in white connects rocks with the city of pula in croatia as a tourist attraction and travel destination in autumn

The city is rich in history, especially with the Roman amphitheater which is one of the best preserved in Europe. Pula is also a perfect destination for those who love a relaxing holiday with sun and sea. So just travel there and enjoy a wonderful vacation by booking a hotel, villa or apartment and relaxing in the city where the tie was invented.

Autumn travel destinations – Gdansk

visit the center of gdansk in poland as a travel destination in autumn

Gdansk is another perfect European autumn destination. More and more travelers are amazed by the beauty of this city. There is no other place like Gdansk, which is also known as a city of courage, freshness and freedom. Gdansk is also a thriving center for culture, science, sport and entertainment. Discover the Polish cultural city in autumn for an unforgettable experience. Book a hotel or apartment in Gdansk and enjoy the best activities either with a 5-star stay or simply in one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

Bordeaux in France

people enjoy the place de la bourse next to bordeaux in france

Bordeaux has already been voted the most beautiful travel destination in Europe and is a city that can leave you olfactory, tasty, visual and unforgettable memories. This city, now one of the most popular destinations for travelers in search of authenticity, offers you an exceptional stay. You can enjoy history, gastronomy and human warmth through the smiles of the inhabitants. But also fall in love with the vineyards of Saint-Emilion, the beaches of Arcachon in Aquitaine.

view of autumn landscape of saint emilion village next to bordeaux with wine cellars for short weekend breaks

The latter is in fact one of the most beautiful regions in France. Bordeaux is traditional, contemporary, classic, down-to-earth and cosmopolitan at the same time. Paris has nothing to envy and autumn is an ideal time of year to discover this city and its vineyards. You can stay in a hotel, guest house, apartment or even a castle at the best price in Bordeaux, as well as experience exciting activities and tours such as a dinner cruise or a wine tour.

Bilbao in Spain

view of the guggenheim museum in bilbao with a view of the city

Robert Wotherwell, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, the greatest artists, await you at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao this autumn. This also helps you avoid long queues and overcrowded rooms. In autumn everything is quieter in Bilbao. The museum’s permanent collection offers you incredible works of art to enjoy in the tranquility of a relaxed museum space. This is usually only visited by a privileged few. However, if you prefer landscapes to museum art, this is also not a problem. The vineyards around Bilbao have beautiful colors in autumn. So treat yourself to a visit to the Rioja vineyards or a full-day tour of Bilbao. If you’re interested in autumn destinations a little further from Germany, a short break in Spain can be the perfect choice.

Edinburgh in Scotland

beautiful view with ediburgh castle in scotland

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a very lively travel destination. Except in autumn, it is ideal to celebrate Christmas time, New Year’s Eve or summer with its many festivities. However, Edinburgh is especially beautiful during the autumn time, when the sun, sky and nature agree to offer you landscapes that can take your breath away. So not only will you see a great city for yourself, but you will also have nice places to stay at the best prices and fewer tourists. Plus, enjoy the best things to do in Edinburgh, such as a visit to Edinburgh Castle or a tour of Loch Ness for the bravest.

Travel destinations in autumn – Ghent in Belgium

Front view of the center in gent from a canal of the city in belgium as autumn travel destinations

Ghent is a city that is said to have emerged from a fairy tale and is not that far away from Germany. It is not the most famous city in Belgium, and yet one of the most beautiful cities in the small country. In addition to the river and the history of the castle, as well as the traditions, but also the shops and cultural events, there are countless things to do and discover there. Travel there on the weekend and discover the sweetness of life in this city. Treat yourself to a city trip to this gem in Europe and enjoy beautiful autumn days through the many sights.

Budapest in Hungary

Evening lights in Budapest from a hill with a bridge

Climb the hills of Budapest and watch the river, the parliament, the warm colors of the trees in the landscape and feel comfortable in one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Enjoy the charm of both parts of the city with a sightseeing cruise or get the most of Budapest with the dynamism of nightlife. Dozens of activities await you in the Hungarian capital. The central market hall, the Budapest Opera House, the Castle Hill, everything is quieter in Budapest in autumn. Book an unforgettable trip in a city full of history and architecture. Enjoy the great time in one of the most beautiful European autumn travel destinations.

Barcelona in Catalonia (Spain)

young woman with sunglasses makes selfie in park guell with view of the city of barcelona in autumn

Who doesn’t know this city? Even Freddie Mercury has dedicated a song to Barcelona. Park Güell, the Sagrada Familia, the Royal Basilica of Montserrat and the most beautiful treasures of Barcelona await you in autumn and offer you a unique experience in one of the most popular destinations of travelers from all over the world. Explore one of the world’s liveliest cities during the off-season and benefit from lower prices too. Avoid long waiting in front of the sights and enjoy this time to visit the surroundings of Barcelona such as the beautiful cities of Girona or Sitges.

Autumn travel destinations – Porto in Portugal

city ​​view of porto with river in portugal

Regardless of whether you travel there in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Porto is a great city to rediscover at any time of the year. All you need is a ray of sunshine illuminating the colorful houses of Ribeira and warming the barrels of port that sleep in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia. The second city of Portugal Lisbon has nothing to envy and many travelers have fallen in love with the charm of Porto. Autumn is the perfect time to discover the Douro Valley and its vineyards, which have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

river douro from the gardens of cristal palace in porto portugal

Book a suitable accommodation such as a hotel or a simple hostel in Porto at the best price in autumn. Choose from the best activities like Douro Valley tour with wine tasting or a gourmet tour of the city to taste all the delicacies of traditional Portuguese cuisine. You will just love the fall season in Porto.

Florence in Italy

city ​​of florence seen from a hill in autumn with green plants and palm trees

Italy is also a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world, and Florence is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, boasting some of the best cultural events and stunning architecture. Many of the most beautiful museums in Europe are located here. In the quiet of an autumn day, discover the Uffizi Gallery, Michelangelo’s David and Florence Cathedral. You will surely love it while you stay in a hotel, guest house or apartment. Enjoy an extraordinary stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Traditional boats on the water in the Amsterdam Canal in the Netherlands as travel destinations in autumn

Last but not least, we mention one of the most famous cities in the world. In autumn you can admire this not only as a party location, but also in peace as a couple. Amsterdam is one of the most romantic travel destinations all year round. This is especially true when the trees along the canals dress in their warm autumn colors. Visited by millions of travelers every year, this city is quieter at this time of year. You will go unnoticed and not seen as a tourist but as a resident of Amsterdam. Stroll through the beautiful little designer shops and bookstores in Amsterdam. There is enough to discover there and many hotels where you can stay the night. You can also visit many interesting museums. Combine boat trips with other activities and tours in Amsterdam, such as a dinner cruise.