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Vacation in Romania – An amusement park in the Turda Salt Mine

vacation in romania salt mine-idea-leisure-lake

A particularly interesting project was implemented in the Romanian city of Turda. This is an amusement park for which an extremely interesting location at a depth of 120 meters was chosen. Yes you’ve read correctly. It is located in an old, abandoned salt mine, which consists of a total of three mines. The theme park is a great destination to consider if you have one Vacation in Romania have planned.

Vacation in Romania – The city of Turda


The leisure park for vacation in Romania includes various attractions, which are made possible, among other things, thanks to the natural by-products of the mine. This includes, for example, a natural lake on which tourists can now go boating. Another attraction is the square with table tennis tables, which give ping-pong fans the opportunity to reduce stress in a healthy way. There is also an amphitheater, a Ferris wheel, a mini golf course and a bowling alley.

Vacation in Romania at a depth of 120 meters


From a visual point of view, the amusement park is extremely attractive as a travel destination for holidays in Romania. A look up from the depths gives only a small insight into the dimensions of the earth and still has an impressive effect. Interesting formations and patterns in the walls are breathtakingly beautiful and create an original atmosphere while you spend your free time with sport and fun. The atmosphere is supported by artificial lighting in the form of interesting pendant lights.

Original amusement park idea

vacation-romania-ferris wheel-fun-water-asthmatic-lighting

But that’s not enough. In the former mine there is also a unique microclimate, which makes the amusement park a perfect attraction for holidays in Romania, even for allergy sufferers. A humidity of 80% and the constant temperature of 11 to 12 degrees make it impossible for almost all bacteria to live, while allergens are completely absent.

Part of the story


Different levels for leisure activities


Futuristic lighting

vacation-romania-ferris wheel-authentic-design-popular-travel destination

Tourist attraction in Romania


View from below


Holidays in Romania with ferris wheel

vacation-romania-minigolf-ferris wheel-destination-attraction-history-facts-entry



Basketball court

vacation-romania-stadium-soccer-basketball-field-sporty-amusement park

Healthy vacation


Areas to relax


The elevator under the ground


View from top to bottom


Micro-climate suitable for allergy sufferers

vacation in romania cave-turda-mine-lighting-futuristic

Table tennis area

vacation in romania theme park-idea-table tennis-lamp-sport

Holidays in Romania – natural lakes

vacation in romania salt mine-microclimate-temperautr-constant-cave

Turda Salt Mine – Part of the story


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Vacation in climate-neutral dream houses: passive energy houses on Tenerife

Passive energy houses beach-solar-systems-roof-terrace-sun beds

Tenerife is the largest Canary Island, famous for its dream beaches and also for the fact that the largest mountain in Spain, the Teide, is located here. Popular with all holidaymakers for whom sun and sea are an absolute must, there are many different ways to spend your vacation here. The tourist resorts of Playa de las Américas, Puerto de la Cruz or Costa Adeje, where there are hotels of various categories, are particularly popular. But there is also something for holidaymakers with very special requirements. How about B. with a vacation in the test laboratory, which is idyllically located in the south of the island with only about 5 minutes walk to the beach?

Futuristic passive energy houses in a science fiction landscape

Passive energy houses wind-sun-renewable-energies-use

Admittedly, that doesn’t sound like a dream vacation at first. But when you find out that it is an “open-air laboratory”, the first shock is digested. If you then also see the various passive energy houses that are waiting there for you, first online and then later perhaps directly on site, everything will give way to a feeling of pure holiday joy. the Casas Bioclimáticas are a project of the Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (ITER) funded by the island government. So it’s about renewable energies, the use of the sun, water and wind.

And what something like this looks like in the ideal case is manifested in the 25 casas on the institute’s premises, which vary in look from the Bauhaus bungalow to the hobbit cave. The most beautiful and sustainable designs were selected from the submissions from around 400 architectural offices from all over the world. You pay a price of 130 to 180 euros per day for this exclusivity, which is not too high. All houses are very tastefully decorated and the entire system generates enough energy via wind turbines on the site and solar energy to be self-sufficient. It even operates its own seawater desalination plant

When research knows the window should be kept shut

Passive energy houses beach-vacation-solar-systems-roof

These passive energy houses dispense with conventional air conditioning systems. Instead, intelligent construction with air chambers and shafts, the use of the location of the houses and, in one case, even a small stream flowing through the living room guarantee a pleasant interior temperature – despite the hot climates in Tenerife. But the houses are also a research project at the same time. In this respect, the vacationers who spend the night there are also part of an experiment.

The scientists receive vast amounts of data from sensors inside the houses, which reveal further potential for optimization in energy use. One or the other vacationer likes to tilt the window to let in fresh air. On the one hand, this is understandable, but it can also be wrong in the interests of the researchers. The data say that an open window is not needed, but the resident is scientifically irrational. But precisely this behavior is valuable, in this case it is clear that the needs of the house and the person must be adapted to one another.

Passive energy houses – small drawback, great holiday experience

Passive energy houses renewable-energy-solar-systems-gable roof

On the one hand, the vacationers contribute to a better understanding of the scientists and, on the other hand, they enjoy their vacation. There is, however, a small drawback: the resort is a bit off the beaten track; Access to the site is through a gate that is guarded by a porter 24 hours a day. Most holidaymakers use a rental car for shopping in the supermarket or for trips across the island. Although there is also a dedicated service that receives shopping lists and gets everything you need, it is not used very often.

Either way, the Casas Climáticas are an absolutely worthwhile holiday destination for couples as well as for families of up to 5 and an absolute experience. Who in your circle of acquaintances has ever taken a vacation to a test site? And even if the prices are a bit high – with a cheap flight such as B. from the low-cost airline SunExpress, which is also flying to Tenerife for the first time this season, you can still have a wonderful holiday at a reasonable price. And if you want to be environmentally friendly while flying, why not take a look at Atmosfair stop by and pay a small amount to offset the carbon footprint.


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Short checklist for the apartment before vacation in the summer


You are lying on a beach with a view of the crystal-clear, turquoise-blue sea, you feel the warm rays of the sun on your skin, your cell phone and laptop are switched off. Simply fantastic! And exactly at that moment your thoughts hit you like a blow: “Have I closed the window? And turned off the iron? ”If you don’t really want to experience this scenario, you should get your home fit before you start your trip. Our short one Vacation checklist guides you through the most important things that usually need to be done before departure. So you can go on vacation with peace of mind.

1. Plan measures to protect against burglary


The holiday season is also high season for burglars. Make sure all windows and doors are tightly closed. By the way, existing windows and balcony doors can be made burglar-proof with appropriate security technology. Intelligently installed radio sensors for example, can ward off break-ins. The sensors can easily be attached to the window or door frame and record every movement. If a door is opened and nobody is at home, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. Investigations by the police show that more than a third of all break-in attempts fail because apartments and houses are well secured.


Avoid anything that suggests you are leaving and an empty house. It is ideal to fake presence. For example, you can use timers for lights and shutters to make your home appear inhabited. In the meantime, lighting systems can also be programmed and controlled using an app with a smartphone. This allows you to switch the light on and off remotely while on vacation.

– Lock windows and doors

– Set the alarm system and timer

– Redirect mail, unsubscribe from the newspaper, avoid full mailboxes

– Hide or deposit valuables

2. Responsibilities for the home


Let a neighbor, friend, or other trusted person look after your home. It makes sense to leave a spare key with you in order to enable access to the apartment in an emergency (e.g. water and fire damage). Also ask this person to regularly empty your mailbox, move the garbage cans out, water the flowers in the apartment, and feed the pets. The effort should of course remain within tolerable limits.

– Deposit the apartment and letterbox keys with someone you trust

– Current payments take into account e.g. rent, ancillary costs, telephone, electricity, water, gas and insurance

– Plan tenant obligations in advance, e.g. cleaning the stairwell, mowing the lawn

– Take care of flowers and animals

3. Doing household chores


Perishable foods should be used up or given away before traveling. Trash cans should be emptied. Wash everything through again before packing your suitcase. So the laundry basket is empty and the suitcases are full. After your return from vacation, you will have to tackle another mountain of laundry anyway. Freshly make beds. When you come back from vacation, there really is nothing better than slipping into your own bed.

– Consume or give away perishable food

– Empty the refrigerator, switch it off if necessary, open the door

– Take away garbage

– The dishwasher should be clean and empty, leave the door a little open

– Change bed linen 

– To make the laundry

4. Save electricity and money


Electrical devices in standby mode also consume a lot of electricity all the time. The secret power guzzlers include coffee machines, TV sets, computers, printers, hi-fi systems, etc. It is therefore important to disconnect all electronic devices from the power supply before starting your journey. If you are really not at home for a long time, you should turn off the water connections. If you distribute some baking soda or baking soda in the toilet, you avoid deposits and smells from standing water.

– Switch off all electrical devices from the mains

– Turn off the water and gas as far as necessary

– Regulate heating or thermostat


If you take these tips into account and take the time to take a last tour of the house before you leave, you can go on holiday in a relaxed manner!

Pictures CC0:

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Off to the neighbors of Bavaria: The city of Salzburg introduces itself

Of course they still exist – the Germans who love to travel, who hop from last-minute offer to last-minute offer and spend more time taking security measures at the airport than at the actual holiday destination. But maybe that is also the reason why many Germans wish to be able to spend their vacation as close to home as possible. For those who live in southern Germany, a trip to the Austrian neighbors is ideal. This article reveals what you can experience on a short trip to Salzburg and when most of the tourists can be found there.

Culture is very important in Salzburg


Salzburg has many names and they all fit the capital of the Austrian federal state of the same name like a fist on the eye. It is known as the city of Mozart and celebrated as the city of festivals. A look at the following table reveals what there is to see culturally:

Cathedral quarter The cathedral, the residence and the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter are referred to as the cathedral quarter. However, there is much more to see there – such as the state rooms and the gallery of the residence, the cathedral terrace, museums, oratorios and galleries.
Fortress Hohensalzburg The Hohensalzburg Fortress is a popular postcard motif. The fortress towers over the roofs of the old town and can be described with this superlative: The castle is the oldest, completely preserved castle complex in Western Europe. The fortress welcomes visitors all year round and can be reached on foot or by cable car.
Mozart’s birth place  If he already gives it its name, then the city of Salzburg must also show why it is nicknamed “City of Mozart”. This can be explained with a look into the city center, because there, at Number 9 Getreidegasse, is the Hagenau house where Mozart was born in 1756. Today the house not only functions as a pilgrimage site, but also as a museum.
Hellbrunn Palace Hellbrunn Palace was once planned as a pleasure palace for the Salzburg prince archbishops. Today, many tourists regularly make pilgrimages to the south of the city, mainly because of the water features. What is behind this are hydraulic machines that make the water jump and splash. This complex is also versatile and combines an artificial park with a natural biotope.
Mirabell Castle Mirabell Palace is worth seeing in two ways: The heart of the building complex is the marble hall, which can be reached via the Engelstreppe, and which is now a popular wedding location. But the trappings are also worth a visit. The baroque pleasure garden is extremely versatile with its Pegasus fountain, fountain, hedge theater, dwarf garden, rose garden and orangery.

The green side of the city

Anyone who spurts after one attraction after the other throughout the day should treat themselves to a completely natural break in the green spots of the city. Above all, the mountains around the city invite you to do this. The Mönchsberg, Kapuzinerberg, Festungsberg, Gaisberg and Untersberg are just a few examples – and they all have one thing in common: They provide a clear view of town and country. Also natural is the recurring element of water, which is taken up in the Hellbrunn water features and does not end with the city’s drinking fountains. Those who need more than just a natural break could also spend a full day at the zoo.

This is how you reside in Salzburg


The reason for staying in Salzburg usually also answers the question of where it is best to stay the night. If you want to avoid the city center, you should look for a conveniently located place to stay and the amenities that can sweeten a short trip. Elixshausen is in the north of the city and is north of the A1. In romance Hotel Gmachl shows a small image of the city:

– The accommodation has been around for 680 years, so tradition, history and history are just as important as in Salzburg itself.

– The city of Salzburg is often listed in the hit lists of the most romantic places – the Romantikhotel also takes this approach with offers on the topic of togetherness.

– From a culinary point of view, regionality and quality are equally important here. In terms of content, the exquisite is served in the gourmet restaurant, while traditional food is available in the country butcher’s.

A popular address in both summer and winter!?


In summer, those who have chosen a city break instead of a beach holiday travel to Salzburg. In winter, the city literally calls for the skiers. A comparison of the reveals how this is noticeable in terms of numbers Summer and winter statistics :

Summer 2016Winter 2016/2017
Arrivals (total) 3,623,419 15,062,892
Type of accommodation (private / commercial) 2,855,176 overnight stays in commercial accommodation providers. 10,454,047 overnight stays in commercial accommodation providers.
345,727 overnight stays in private accommodation. 2,932,092 overnight stays in private accommodation.

These statistics clearly show that Salzburg is five times as popular in winter as it is in the summer months. Travel tip: Salzburg holidaymakers should above all look for accommodation that has something to offer when the season or weather conditions are inconsistent. A wellness offer is the best choice in order to be able to enjoy the city and the short trip regardless of the weather.


Images: © (CC0 Public Domain) / Hans, werdepate, MonikaP, WohnblogAt, cocoparisienne

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Discover the ultimate bike park in Switzerland – driving fun and a unique panorama in one

bike park in switzerland routes, slopes, difficulty level

Good bike parks should deliver maximum riding fun and minimize the risk of injury as much as possible. The bike parks in Switzerland succeed without a doubt. In no other country are there more MTB parks per square kilometer than here. Freeriders and downhillers can choose between 17 different bike parks with lift support. The descents of more than 1000 meters, unique routes for every level of difficulty as well as the breathtaking panorama of the Swiss mountains are absolutely recommendable for an adventurous bike holiday. In the following, we present 7 of the best Swiss bike parks that guarantee you biker adrenaline under safe conditions.

Bike park in Switzerland – Färich Davos

davos färich bike park switzerland mountain nature

The first bike park, which is undoubtedly one of the best and is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland, is the MTB Park Färich Davos. This bike park is available to all freeriders along the Flüela valley, regardless of their ability to ride. Both beginners and professional riders can improve their biking here or learn to assess it better, because Färich Davos offers its visitors various elements such as pump tracks, jumps, tables and Northshore structures.

färich davos bikepark switzerland jumps pumptrack mtb bike park

Whether for mountain bikers or downhill riders, Davos Kloster, with its 10,000 meters of altitude on various trails, offers incredible driving fun. Incidentally, children can also benefit from the purposefully simple and low-lying pump track between the trees.

Bellwald mountain bike and downhill park

downhill park bellwald switzerland truss wooden bridges

In the small mountain village of Bellwald in the canton of Valais, the iXS Downhill Cup takes place at the beginning of October for good reason. Downhill riders are guaranteed not to be bored on the 2200 meter long downhill slopes. In the idyllic Bellwald you can expect interesting routes with many small and large jumps and gaps as well as natural soil conditions. As a freeride and downhill park, the facility has established itself as a well-maintained and safe route across national borders. The park has a blue and a black driving route. One route is not designated as black because of technically difficult areas. Here, high concentration is required at the high speed in the demanding traverses. The first objects that make the bike take off are already in the first 200 meters. Steep wall curves, wooden bridges, step-ups and step-downs guarantee great driving pleasure. The blue trail was built several years after the black one. “Denis X-Trail” offers an easy route that guarantees great fun even with a leisurely driving style. You don’t necessarily need a downhill bike on the natural ground with no roots or blows. You are also safe on the move with an all mountain bike. The easier route is 2 km, while the black trail is 2.3 km.

Verbier bike park in Switzerland

Verbier bikepark downhill slopes enduro downhill

Downhill fans will find 7 downhill slopes with different levels of difficulty in the Verbier Bike Park. Verbier has blue beginner slopes, difficult competition slopes and 23 different enduro slopes. Take the cable car to the top for fun and driving fun. Depending on whether you want to take a short break or plan a longer stay, half-day tickets to season tickets are offered.

verbier mtb park switzerland steep stretches natural bells

This bike park in the Schwarz also offers trails of various levels of difficulty. To warm up, you can choose an easier route and then dare to tackle more complicated slopes. Although Bikepark Verbier is technically relatively difficult, you will always find a way to avoid jumps and drops here.

Zermatt bike park

zermatt bike park in switzerland panorama mtb downhill

One of the best bike destinations in Switzerland that you should visit when you get the chance is Zermatt. Zermatt attracts thousands of tourists every year and is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in Switzerland. Zermatt is simply the mountain bike paradise at the foot of the Matterhorn. The MTB Park has over 100 km of trails to offer, which not only promise the highest level of driving pleasure at various levels of difficulty, but also reward bikers with breathtaking views of the mountains. The single trail paradise of Zermatt offers a unique view of the Toblerone mountain.

zermatt mountain bike park in switzerland experience

Surrounded by 38 mountain peaks over 4000 meters, this bike park has something for everyone. The slopes are ideal for both beginners and advanced skiers. Here you will find everything your heart desires – natural and uneven, steep slopes or those with a lot of flow. If you combine the short or all-day mountain bike tours with the unique mountain scenery of the Alps, you can expect an unforgettable mountain bike experience.

Biking in St. Moritz

corviglia st.moritz mtb park downhill landscape

The Corviglia Flowtrail in St. Moritz, which blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, guarantees you a lot of fun with a 4 km long downhill pump track. With a length of 4 km and a difference in altitude of 480 m, Corviglia is available to passionate mountain bikers. This attractive route is by no means only suitable for downhill enthusiasts.

engadin st. moritz mountain bike park switzerland mountains

Here children and beginners also have the opportunity to learn to biking, to brake properly and to overcome obstacles. With the newly learned techniques, nothing stands in the way of driving fun on Corviglia. The WM Flow Trail and the Foppettas Flow Trail are also absolute highlights in St. Moritz. With the natural forms of the terrain, hollows and hills, mountain biking can almost be compared to surfing.

Lenzerheide bike park

lenzerheide bike park in switzerland bike world cup

Of the Lenzerheide bike park in Switzerland offers all bikers, from beginners to professional pilots, a unique and varied playground. Since it was expanded in 2014, it has offered bike enthusiasts five different routes with different characteristics and levels of difficulty. There are also many other enduro single trails that stretch for a total of 43 kilometers.

lenzerheide degree of difficulty jumps curves bike park in switzerland

The simple FLOWline is ideal for beginners and families. With its flowing curves and small jumps, it is particularly suitable as a start to the day. The most popular route among visitors is the red one, which requires moderate to good driving skills. Adrenaline, speed, flow and airtime best describe PRIMEline. The STRAIGHTline route is one of the most difficult and attracts the world’s best riders to the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup.

Crans Montana Bike Park in Switzerland

mtb park downhill crans montana riding fun

This is a true enduro paradise and MTB park Crans Montana, which is located in the canton of Valais. In addition to the beautiful landscape that accompanies you all the time, this bike park in Switzerland offers two additional downhill slopes. The black slope measures 2.5 km and offers advanced riders various jumps and several technical areas in the forest and gravel. The red route, on the other hand, convinces with jumps, elevated curves and areas in the forest that guarantee special bike fun thanks to root passages. The 3 km long route is suitable for bikers with average riding ability.

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Mountain bike accessories – which MTB equipment should you take with you?

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike trip routes

Regardless of whether you spend a quick bike tour for a day or a long time away from civilization in the mountains, mountain bike accessories are an indispensable matter. In this guide we have put together the most important MTB equipment that you should always have at hand during your bike trip. If you are one of those cyclists who are enthusiastic about sports, our practical tips on the right mountain bike accessories for your problem-free experience on wheels can be very helpful.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel mobile phone (1)

The topic that we will focus on in the following lines is the MTB equipment that you should have in your backpack on your next bike trip. Discover our list of the most important things you will need for all kinds of conditions.

 Useful mountain bike accessories

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel routes parts bicycle

The return of good weather and long days enables us to plan the long-awaited bike trip. For this reason, it would make sense to prepare some must-have accessories as companions so that the experience doesn’t miss out. Injuries or any mechanical problem are just some of the possible cases, and if we haven’t thought about the necessary mountain bike accessories beforehand, the adrenaline level cannot just rise because of the riding. So if you pay attention to a few safety aspects in this regard, you can avoid many headaches and even serious accidents.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel backpack water bottles

First of all, there is the question of the size of the backpack for the required mountain bike accessories. Ideally, you should take the essentials with you without your luggage becoming too big and heavy.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike trip stretch food bike tube water bottle

Accordingly, nutrition and hydration are essential for any type of mountain biking. A few bottles of water are therefore a must in your pocket. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you find out the exact location of some drinking water points on the square. Even if you are not planning a long excursion, always have something to eat with you in case the bike tour takes longer than expected. Granola bars, dried fruits or nuts will provide you with the most important nutrients for this type of sporting activity. In addition, these foods have a long shelf life and do not take up more space than in a small satchel.

Which mountain bike accessories shouldn’t be missing?

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike trip routes bicycle repair kit

The list of required MTB equipment in the backpack continues with the spare tire. In the event that the volume of the luggage allows it, you can also provide two of them, especially for long mountain bike tours. Flat tires often occur on rocky routes or extreme jumps. As a replacement for the bicycle tube, the bicycle repair kit is already mandatory. These aids, especially those with ready-made adhesive, can be used quickly on site when a tire is to be changed.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel routes parts bicycle hand pump

The hand pump is also part of our list for mountain bike accessories. This is essential for inflating a tire after repairing a puncture or simply for adjusting the air pressure. The pump is one of the mountain bike accessories that will never let you down.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel routes parts bicycle multi-function tool

Furthermore, a good multi-purpose instrument must find space in the cyclist’s prepared backpack. A compact tool can, to a greater or lesser extent, partially or completely solve many problems while driving. In principle, such a multi-function tool should be equipped with a T25 Torx and flat head screwdriver, Allen key and possibly also with pliers and scissors. If the instrument also has a built-in tire lever, you are on the safe side.

Mountain bike accessories as protection against unpleasant surprises

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel routes parts bicycle chain lubrication

A small bottle of chain lubrication can be very useful, especially when, for example, a downhill mountain bike trail crosses a watercourse. In the case of a dusty route, the stuff should also be available.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel routes parts bike in addition

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can also count on additional spare parts. These are usually a derailleur hanger, replaceable disc brakes, and bicycle spokes. Given their negligible weight, these tools are mountain bike accessories that you cannot avoid. Adhesives and zip ties are also useful for many repairs.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel routes parts bicycle first aid set

The MTB equipment that you have to carry in your luggage cannot do without a first aid kit. Such a small bag can hold bandages, disinfectants, towels and so on. An anti-inflammatory cream is also a good precaution.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike travel routes parts bicycle rain jacket cellphone light

If you are going to be exposed to long sun exposure, it is imperative to buy lip balm and sunscreen. On the other hand, a compact, waterproof jacket as cycling clothing is also a useful mountain bike accessory when it rains.

mountain bike accessories mtb equipment important bike trip routes view mountains

Last but not least, it is important that you have a charged phone with pre-installed mountain bike apps and navigation. In the event of an injury, a mechanical problem or an emergency of any kind, the mobile phone ensures a certain amount of peace and quiet while cycling.

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Tips for a holiday in Advent – relaxation in the atmospheric pre-Christmas season!

Holidays in Advent Christmas market-visit-short-trip-lights

The Christmas countdown is on and soon, in addition to the usual obligations, the Christmas preparations will be on the program: writing cards, decorating your apartment, desperately looking for the right gifts. One Christmas party follows the next and in between there are some appointments until the end of the year. Use the Advent season to escape the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas season and recharge your batteries. A short vacation will definitely put you in a real pre-Christmas mood! Here you will find our tips for a relaxing holiday in Advent!

Holidays in Advent – which short trips are worthwhile in the run-up to Christmas

Holidays in Advent christmas market-wien-rathaus-platz

The Advent season is a suitable travel time for people who want to take a break from the hectic Christmas preparations. Since not many people have vacation shortly before Christmas, the vacation in Advent is usually limited to a long Advent weekend from Thursday to Sunday or a short weekend trip. City trips and wellness trips are therefore particularly popular.


From the end of November, cities are getting more and more beautiful and festive for Advent. Numerous shining fairy lights and green fir trees enchant every shopping mile and create a festive atmosphere. The most beautiful places are transformed into magical Christmas markets. According to a survey is out of the question for the absolute majority of Austrians during Advent without a Christmas market. A third of those surveyed want to visit the Christmas markets more often, because that is simply part of the Christmas season. In the run-up to Christmas, a short trip with a visit to the Christmas market offers an ideal opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful cities at home or abroad and to get to know the Christmas spirit of other countries. Destinations in Austria are preferably smaller and larger Cities with attractive Christmas markets like Innsbruck, Graz, Salzburg and of course the capital Vienna. Well-known, traditional markets in Germany include the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, the Zurich Christkindlmarkt in the main train station and the markets in South Tyrol.

Holidays in Advent mountains-snow-picturesque-surroundings

The Bavarian, Austrian and South Tyrolean mountains are a popular travel destination for people who want to experience wonderful natural beauty in December. You can hike through the snow-covered landscape or simply relax in the hotel’s hot swimming pool while the sun rises over the dreamy mountain peaks. The Erzgebirge in Germany is also transformed into a Christmas land and enchants visitors with Christmas sounds. With many events and Christmas markets, cities like Freiberg, Zwickau and Chemnitz invite visitors to experience the most beautiful time of the year in one of the most beautiful regions in Germany.


In addition to city trips, romantic and wellness trips are very popular in Advent. So you can swap the stressful pre-Christmas time with family and relatives for a few relaxing wellness days with your dear partner. The destination is of secondary importance, as the suite’s equipment is in the foreground. Hotels with a spacious wellness area including sauna, steam bath and indoor swimming pool are increasingly being booked in the Advent season. Many also like to pamper themselves with massages and wellness treatments.

Burglary prevention before your holiday in Advent


In the atmospheric Advent season, a trip can be particularly tempting, which burglars know well and like to crack down on unguarded houses. If you don’t want to worry about your belongings at home, there are some precautions you need to take before you travel. Whether it’s a short trip or a multi-day vacation, the most important thing is that the house should not make an uninhabited impression. With timers, for example, you can simulate presence. If a certain time is set, the light should go on or off.

Protect your home from burglary by identifying and securing the weak points in your house or apartment. Burglars take advantage of favorable opportunities such as unsecured entrance and patio doors, cellar and roof windows or other areas that are easily accessible from the outside. Burglar-resistant windows and doors, roller shutters with solid slats and multi-point locks that can also be retrofitted offer good protection. And if, despite all caution, your home should be broken into, it is always good to have a high-performance home insurance, for example from the Grazer Mutuals to have. The insurance brings calm and a feeling of security.

Image sources: CC0

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Luxury yacht design – relaxing cruises without limits

design luxury yacht tropical polar region travel comfort

Attention adventurers and travel fans! We have a unique one Luxury yacht design with which you have no limits when traveling. With the yacht you can not only visit exotic and tropical areas, but also extreme polar regions. The latter is made possible primarily by the special hull, the design of which was developed to break ice. In principle, the yacht gives you the opportunity to reach the most remote places in the world without any problems. And apart from this attractive feature, the luxury yacht design also offers a luxurious and comfortable interior that will make your trip as pleasant as possible.

Luxury yacht design with helicopter landing pad

luxury yacht design polar area ice floes helicopter landing area

A small supply ship, utensils for expeditions, toys, a diving boat, diving equipment and up to two helicopters are housed in the ship. The luxury yacht design is also impressive in its size. It should have a length of 65 to 100 meters. The attractive and practical yacht is called Seaxplorer and the design comes from Damen Yachts. It remains to be seen until this impressive and mobile travel accommodation hits the market. Exciting and relaxing vacations are certainly guaranteed with this luxury yacht design.

Luxury yacht design with many extras

design luxury yacht modern shipbuilding ice equipment extras

Now take a look at some more photos of the luxury yacht design, as well as the video at the end of the article, to get more impressions of the yacht. You are sure to start dreaming about your next vacation right away.

Icebreaker design for the yacht

design luxury yacht pool deck idea ocean iceberg cruise

Modern yacht design

luxury yacht design icebreaker model ship polar

The deck of the yacht

luxury yacht design deck pool day bed chaise lounge fire pit

Luxurious interiors

luxury yacht design interior bedroom living room modern outlook

Super yacht of ladies.

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