The $119 Throw Blanket I Got at Dillard’s for 65% Off

Last weekend my husband and I went shopping. We were browsing small kitchen appliances and home decor at Dillard’s. The store is having a sale where you can get 65% off everything and some products you can get an extra 30%. I got a knit throw blanket for 65% off with an extra 30%.

Last weekend my husband and I went shopping for a couple of things. We decided to browse stores like JC Penney and Dillard’s. After browsing JC Penney we went to Dillard’s where the brand was offering 65% off everything and an extra 30% off some products. A couple of weeks ago we went there and bought a jacket where a sales associate told us that the store is being made into a discount location. The store is liquidating it’s inventory and removing some items. The fragrance and beauty section had been removed as well as some clothing.

When we went there a couple of weeks ago you could only get 65% off everything. I saw a knit throw blanket that was on sale for 65% off. The blanket originally cost $119 which is expensive for a throw blanket. It was on sale for 65% off and cost $41 but that was still kind of expensive so I didn’t get it. We assumed it was that expensive because it was wool.

Last weekend, we went shopping at Dillard’s again and the store was offering an extra 30% off some products. The blanket was $41 but was discounted an extra 30% and cost about $28. That’s still pretty expensive for a but it’s a pretty good price for a wool knit blanket so I decided to get it. I, however looked at the tag to see if it was made of wool but it wasn’t, It was made of acrylic and made in China. $28 is kind of expensive for an acrylic throw blanket.


I still got the blanket, though. I looked online for wool throw blankets and most cost over $100 which is expensive for a throw blanket. You can get a good quality bedding set for under $100. The blanket originally cost $119 but was on sale for 65% off so it retailed for $41 and I got an extra 30% off so it cost $28. I paid $31 after tax.

The blanket is of pretty good quality. It’s soft and pretty warm. It’s also a pretty good size. $119 is kind of expensive, though. Regardless, I got it for 65% off and got an extra 30% off.   Plus, wool throw blankets cost over $100 online and probably cost more in stores.

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