WPC decking – the plastic alternative to real wood

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Decking boards made of wood are eye-catching, but are unfortunately also very maintenance-intensive. In order for them to retain their beauty for longer, they must be regularly treated with special wood oils or protected with glaze. They need a refreshing color every now and then. the WPC decking are a good alternative because they combine the beautiful look of the wood and the robustness of the plastic floor coverings.

What are WPC decking?

wpc decking plastic pool area

But what exactly does WPC mean? Behind this is the term wood-plastic composites – i.e. a floor covering made from a wood-plastic composite material. WPC decking is made of 70 percent wood and 30 percent plastic. The properties of the WPC boards have been improved with additives and a strong coating. This makes the material particularly robust, weatherproof and easy to care for.

Advantages and disadvantages of WPC decking

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Compared to real wood, this composite material impresses with several properties. It is resistant to moisture, pests and temperature fluctuations, extremely environmentally friendly, easy to care for and of course inexpensive. The WPC decking boards are splinter-free and are perfect for barefoot use. They are therefore a popular choice not only for the terrace, but are also installed on the balcony and by the pool area. The maintenance costs after laying are significantly lower, because this flooring does not need painting, oiling or glazing. We can name the disadvantage that the WPC boards lose some of their color intensity in the first few years. In the long run, they are also not as durable as the wooden floorboards and can be damaged by rain and UV rays.

The WPC decking boards are divided into two categories. A distinction is made between hollow chamber profiles and solid profiles. These with a full profile are relatively more weight because they have a solid core, while the planks with hollow chamber profiles are lighter thanks to the cavities in their interior. Find out what the difference is between the two types and find the perfect product for her.

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