Wooden privacy screens – build a garden fence and shield the outside area

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If you are a nature lover or consider yourself to be one, then you’ve come to the right place with us! Because this is about a great way how you can better protect your privacy outdoors! We want to give you a few tips on how you can delimit your property and make it opaque and how you can seamlessly inscribe your privacy screen into the surrounding area. Yes, so that we can put it very clearly: we want over today Privacy screen made of wood speak and how the natural material shields us from unwanted looks! Stick with it, it’s going to be interesting!

Privacy screen made of wood – weatherproof garden fence

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The natural material wood is preferred by many house owners because it has many advantages as a privacy screen in the garden. It shines with a natural look and offers you many great options for protecting your privacy according to your own preferences. The wood has an easy-care surface, but when making your selection, please make sure that the type of wood you want is weather-resistant. It must be treated with special paints and varnishes, so the weather resistance is additionally increased and various types of pests, such as woodworms, are kept away in this way.

Privacy screens made of wood – which types of wood are suitable for outdoor use?

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What wood material should a wooden fence for privacy protection be made from? Many house owners are sure to ask themselves this question before deciding on a wooden privacy screen in their garden. Here we want to summarize what we researched about it:

Spruce and pine – these are certainly the most popular types of wood for outdoor use, because they are durable and can withstand several decades outside in a wide variety of weather conditions. Therefore, both types of wood are highly recommended as privacy protection and garden fence material.

Wooden privacy screens – native or exotic types of wood

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Larch and Douglas fir – the two types of softwood are also perfect for building privacy screens in the garden. They are characterized by a natural look, with these you can even do without impregnation. Caution: if you need to choose a type of wood, then consider the fact that beech, ash and maple are not suitable for the fence. Although hard, these types of wood lack durability. Oak and Robinia – These hardwoods are very durable but expensive, so they are rarely used as fences and privacy screens.

Privacy protection made of wood – the durability of the wood can be increased by technical processes

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Tropical wood types – you can now also find Bangkirai on the market, this type of wood impresses with its beautiful brown-red color, has a long service life and is recommended as a privacy screen or garden fence.

Modified types of wood – these are woods whose durability has been increased through a technical process. These include Accoya, Thermo ash, Thermo pine, Thermoepe, etc.After additional processing, all of these types of wood are dry and very durable.

Garden fences made of WPC can hardly be distinguished from solid wood

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Privacy screens and garden fences made of WPC – if you are not very familiar with the latest offers from specialist retailers, you can of course be surprised at first glance what exactly WPC means. This is the abbreviation for the English term wood plastic composites, which corresponds to wood-polymer material in German. It consists of wood fibers and binders. WPC has been used successfully for decking for a long time, and now this durable material is also being used as a privacy screen. It has a great advantage: WPC is hardly differentiated visually from solid wood, it retains its shape and does not turn gray, which means that it is completely color-stable.

Paint the garden fence or just paint it?


As far as the shape of the privacy fences is concerned, the offer is also very rich. You can find square and round shapes in specialist shops, it depends on whether you want to achieve a classic or a modern look. The color palette goes from white to beige and light brown to dark brown. You can actually paint some types of wood yourself, so what your privacy fence looks like depends on your taste and your own preferences.

A privacy fence made of wood is undoubtedly multifunctional. It can also serve as noise protection and reduce the noise from the street and from noisy neighbors enormously. This definitely increases your quality of life, you feel much better, calmer and well protected on your property.

The garden fence as an effective privacy screen

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With a wooden fence you can delimit your own property and protect it from uninvited visitors. It also serves as a privacy screen from the prying eyes of your neighbors and protects your privacy. So you can enjoy your free time outdoors without being disturbed, because what exactly you do in your garden is up to you! Perhaps you want to create a windless corner where you can enjoy your morning and afternoon coffee in peace. Or thanks to the various design options for the wooden elements for the garden, you can create a wonderful green oasis. Combine a privacy fence made of wood with one or more climbing grids to loosen up.

Spice up the garden fence – some creative ideas

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A trellis can be placed in between or used as a finishing element at the end of the fence. Both options are just great, you get a transparent look, but you are still well protected. And the visual effect is great! You can decorate the privacy fence with colorful climbing plants and achieve a natural vision. So everything is seamlessly inscribed in the garden landscape. You will certainly never feel cramped and “walled in” in your garden, on the contrary, you will fully enjoy every free hour there! With a book in hand or a glass of wine in the evening – you can be absolutely sure: your wooden privacy screen is totally reliable and keeps strangers away from your garden!

Garden fence with attractive decorative elements

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Shield the backyard with a self-made wooden fence

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