Wooden planters in spotlight – 25 ideas for patio greening

Wooden planters, raised beds-bamboo plants-gray-floor tiles

Of the Planter made of wood is always on trend – the absolute classic is also preferred for the terrace or balcony nowadays. We give you 20 inspiring ideas on how to put the wooden bucket in the scene.

Wooden planters – design options


Of the Planter made of wood has many advantages. Compared to the heavy steel bucket, it is more manoeuvrable. The warm wood color creates a cozy atmosphere on the terrace or balcony. The wooden bucket also scores in terms of frost resistance – if it is oiled twice a year, it can withstand bad weather without any problems. In order to create a harmonious overall picture, the experts advise making the planters from the same wood as the terrace flooring. Smaller terraces or balconies can be designed on several levels – the change of steps brings structure and turns the planters into exclusive garden elements.

Build your own wooden planters


Anyone can do one Planter made of wood Build it yourself – this task can be done with little effort if you have the individual wooden parts sawed in the hardware store and then simply connect them together at home. Do not forget to line the bucket with foil and put a drainage layer of expanded clay on the bottom. This ensures that your bucket has a long service life. Put your new ones effectively Planter made of wood into the scene – by combining tall grasses, shrubs and flowers!

Recessed lights

planter-wooden-raised bed-terraced-relocated-built-in lights

Planter with climbing aid

planter-wood-climbing plants-trellis

Design a wooden terrace – planters in combination with a bench

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Wooden flower boxes – tall plants provide privacy

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Bench with integrated planter

Wooden floor covering planter long bench

Planters for the balcony – evergreen plants create a cozy atmosphere

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Cozy seating area – design roof terrace

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Also for the backyard – perfectly structured allotment garden

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In the evening the plant pots are illuminated with LED light chains

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Modern roof terrace with a clear division – the planters serve as room dividers

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Vegetable garden on the balcony – self-made wooden planters

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Planter and table made of stone for the balcony

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Balcony greening – the change of steps brings structure

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Well shielded from the neighbors – the balcony as a refuge in the middle of the big city

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