Wood for patios and interiors – house remodeling in Australia

Wood for terrace -outdoor-garden-house-door-hasu facade-garage

A midcentury house in Australia was remodeled by Bower Architecture in 2014. The owners wanted to keep the unmistakable character of the 1960s, but give the house a new, more modern touch. The front of the house was only refreshed, the interior and garden were modernized. Two design elements create the connection between the ages – gray and Wood for terrace and interior.

Wood for terrace and modern garden design – house in Australia

Wood for terrace -outdoor-pool-modern-architecture-house-garden-glass railings

The living space is extended by the terrace, which is partly covered from the upper floor and can be used from spring to autumn. This is separated almost seamlessly by lift-and-slide doors made of glass and offers direct access to the beautiful, modern garden. Outside there is a rectangular pool and lounge area included.

Wood for the terrace and interior – modern, cozy and stylish

Wood for terrace -outdoor-garden-sun-lawn-boxwood-outside stairs

The terrace ensures optimal comfort – decking, comfortable weatherproof upholstered furniture and a fireplace ensure a feeling of well-being and real enjoyment during the warm season.

Spacious inner garden with pool and lounge area

Wood for terrace -outdoor-pool-modern-tiles-gray-roofing-lounge

The theme of “gray and wood” is pursued in the interior. The furniture is simple, functional and comfortable – a wonderful example of contemporary user-oriented design. As a reminder of the 1960s, there are handleless built-in cupboards in the living room and in the open kitchen. These create a uniform wood look that looks modern and at the same time looks like wall cabinets from the past.

Wood for terrace partially covered from the upper floor

Wood for terrace -outdoor-garden-roofing-open-lawn-boxwood

Wood for the terrace and external spiral staircase leads to the upper floor

wood-terrace-outside-terrace-outside stairs-upper floor-garden-modern

Wood for the terrace as an extension of the interior

wood-terrace-outside-roof and-ceiling-wood-outdoor-furniture-gray

Wood for the terrace and modern outdoor fireplace

wood-terrace-outside-outdoor-fireplace-firewood-seat cushions-wood floorboards

Modern decorative fireplace integrated in the partition

living room-parquet floor-wood-fireplace-modern-wall

Design living room modern and stylish – in white, gray and elements made of wood


Mini-bar and wall shelves in a light wood look 

wood-parquet-floor-furniture-modern-simple-living room

Minimalist, modern wood kitchen and shades of gray 


Gray tiles as flooring in the modern, open kitchen

wood-kitchen-ceiling-gray-tiles-open-dining area

Spacious, light-flooded dining room  


Small open area for grilling separated from the living room by sliding doors


Modern hallway – gray tiles, dark wall paint and art picture in bright colors


Modern bathroom – gray tiles, wooden wall cladding and skylights

wood-wall cladding-gray-tiles-bathroom-modern-mirror wall

Plan and floor plan of the first floor 

modern-house-plan-floor-plan-first-floor-ground floor

Plan and floor plan of the second floor 

modern-house-floor-plan-second-floor-upper floor

Side view of the house

modern-house-plan-side-section-floor plan

* Project of remodeling a single family home in Australia from Bower Architecture