With these tips you can get that holiday feeling on your own terrace

Friends celebrate holiday feeling on the terrace

Of the Super summer 2018 will be remembered for a long time by many garden owners. Not only because the irrigation systems were extremely demanding, but also because the holiday feeling on your own terrace was almost perfect. A few simple tips will transform the open-air living room into a permanent vacation paradise.

Almost every employee knows this: the annual vacation is over after a few weeks and everyday life quickly returns. So it’s good to be able to relax at home after work and on the weekends. What could be more useful than designing your own garden as a holiday paradise.

Protection from sun and rain

Terrace set up sun protection parasol

The right furniture and a few weather-resistant plants immediately create a cozy atmosphere to put your feet up on. Garden furniture made of rattan with weatherproof textiles is particularly suitable. An awning provides sufficient shade and also protects against rain.

A patio cover, for example from polyester corrugated sheets, is suitable to be able to spend one or the other nice evening outside even in spring or autumn, as warm air accumulates under the roof and precipitation is kept away here as well.

Atmospheric light

Wine evening at home terrace atmospheric light

Special light sources underline the living room touch, an outdoor rug rounds off the picture. With lamps, care must be taken that they give off sufficient light and are atmospheric at the same time. Solar lamps or lanterns, for example, are recommended here. You can create a romantic atmosphere with lanterns and candles.

Create terrace holiday feeling plants fairy lights

Plants also belong on every cozy terrace. An oleander transports you to the Mediterranean. Roses beguile with their scent and add color accents. Perennial beds on the edge of the terrace area shield from view. If there is not enough bedding space here, the plants can also thrive in the tub.

Harvest fruit on the terrace

Terrace design plants pots

Make sure that the plant pots are sufficiently large so that the flowers and perennials have enough space for their roots. For garden enthusiasts who would like to bring in their own harvest in late summer and autumn, fruit trees are also suitable for terrace design.

Image 1: © istock.com/skynesher, Image 2: © Unsplash / Nidia Dias, Image 3: © istock.com/AleksandarNakic, Image 4: © Pexels / Daria Shevtsova, Image 5: © Unsplash / Brina Blum