Whirlpool in the garden – what is the charm of the hot tub?

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Whether in summer or in winter Jacuzzi in the garden ensures bathing fun for young and old. We are taking a close look at a popular alternative to plastic tubs – namely the charming hot tub!

Whirlpool in the garden – the assembly of a hot tub

Build your own garden hot tub in the ground

Of the Jacuzzi in the garden is a nice addition to the terrace – but if you are really looking for a flexible solution, you should opt for a hot tub. Above all, it inspires with a country house style look and fits perfectly into the natural landscape. The hot tub is usually supplied with a heating pump that can be installed inside or outside. Anyone who only uses the hot tub as a cladding for the whirlpool tub does not need the pump – instead, you can buy a whirlpool kit and mount it in the tub. Each kit consists of the following elements – a motor with a long connection cable, suction technology, which is installed at the lowest point of the tub, and several nozzles. These are either delivered separately and installed on site, or can simply be installed in an acrylic bathtub.

Whirlpool in the garden – what you have to consider

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For one Jacuzzi in the garden need – water drainage, water inflow, electricity. In addition, you should cover a stable floor / for example made of concrete / so that the hot tub is stable. If desired, the hot tub can be built into the terrace or placed in the garden as a free-standing variant. Accessories such as wooden stairs, seats on the edge of the tub or LED lighting are also offered.

The hot tub ensures bathing fun in the garden

Garden mount wood stairs whirlpool feature

Relaxation in summer – the hot tub can be supplied with a heating pump

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The whirlpool function is on possible through the installation of motor, nozzles and suction technology

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Bath barrel in the garden – the power connection is hidden in the stones

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Additional LED lighting can be installed on request

Stone stairs hot tub summer cooling off garden

The hot tub can provide refreshment on the summer days even without a whirlpool function

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Additional seating and stairs can be installed on request

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Hot tub comfortably embedded in the hill

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Build your own LED hot tub function