The pergola in the garden as a place of retreat with blooming walls

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It’s always a great feeling when you’ve found a new way to expand your house. But don’t worry, you don’t have to tear down walls or build new floors for this. There is also another possibility, provided you have a garden or at least a small yard. You may already have guessed that this is about an outdoor room where all family and friends can gather and escape the noise of the city. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a Pergola in the garden build. This garden element has a fairly simple structure and, compared to the gazebos, has no walls and no roof. Here we have great suggestions for you again.

The pergola in the garden for rooms without walls or ceilings


Seen in this way, the pergola is a construction or an arch covered by climbing plants. It consists of side columns and vertical beams, but has no walls and no roof. the Pergola in the garden can stand either free or attached to the house and is mostly used to provide a shady place to relax. The construction of the pergola itself offers a certain protection from the hot sun in summer without disturbing the view of the sky. Yet they are effective enough to transform a corner of the garden into a true room outdoors.

Ideas for a romantic retreat in the garden


It is a place of retreat that is on the one hand closed and on the other hand sufficiently open to be able to enjoy the view of the rest of the garden. You can also send a friendly greeting to the neighbor across the street. That is at least the case when the Pergola in the garden is not overgrown with pretty fragrant flowers that can turn the summer room almost into a real one by creating colorful walls and a pretty ceiling.

Privacy protection with curtains


But if you don’t have time and don’t want to wait until the flowers have grown sufficiently, they can be replaced with colorful curtains and a pretty canopy. They are sufficient to provide the necessary shade and for cozy privacy.

Living room extension to the outside


the Pergola in the garden can of course also play the role of a living room if it is furnished with the right furniture, such as benches, sofas, deck chairs or as a dining room with a dining table and chairs.

Peaceful place to relax


the Pergola in the garden but can also be used as a bedroom in summer. Or you can hang up hammocks. For this, the construction should be sufficiently stable.

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Traditionally, the Pergola in the garden made of wood. But there are also versions made of metal. It all depends on taste and financial possibilities, whether it is built from finished materials that can be bought in hardware stores and garden centers or from those that were made by hand. You can also have a pergola specially made according to your wishes. The only downside to one Pergola in the garden is that it offers no protection from sudden rains in summer. One can only hope that this will not last long.


A better option with regard to the capricious weather would be the gazebo. However, these do not offer a view of the sky and the stars at night.

In case you’re still looking for a compelling argument to sell your house for a Pergola in the garden to expand, take a look at the examples.

Garden pergola in an attractive design








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