The living room conservatory – enjoy the winter sun behind the glazing

Residential winter garden alu black fading out modern furniture

A sun-drenched room with spacious exterior windows has many names: sun room, glazed terrace, glass extension and winter garden. A typical one Residential winter garden is a greenhouse or winter garden with three walls and a ceiling made of glass or another translucent material, where you can also create a lounge area. Winter gardens were popular with the great houses of the English aristocracy in the 19th century. The modern winter garden represents an extension of the living space and can be used all year round with the right heating.

A light-flooded home conservatory

Residential winter garden summer living room glazing plank floor sun

The conservatories were originally designed to allow people to cultivate plants that thrive in warm climates, such as citrus fruits, in cold climates. Often times they were also a place where exotic items from trips were exhibited – rare species of insects, bird cages, etc..

The living room conservatory – usable all year round

winter garden glazed terrace rattan furniture snow landscape

The good news is, you can build a small sun room without owning a large Victorian house. You can easily steal the look of those upscale home conservatories, especially if you have a room with lots of natural light. You need some plants (better palms), summery rattan furniture and maybe a carpet for more comfort.

cozy seat

Residential winter garden glazed terrace wooden floor furniture

Glass extension with modern furnishings

Residential winter garden, terrace glazing, hanging plants can be housed

relax in the winter sun

glazed terrace sun winter enjoy upholstered armchairs

Sun protection for the glass roof

Living room winter garden sun protection roller blinds

Classic style chandeliers and furniture  conservatory armchair chandelier classic style tiles

Kitchen in the winter garden

Living conservatory plants kitchen glass roof

glass cultivation winter garden marble tiles yellow green armchairs

glazed terrace winter garden kitchen rattan armchairs outside area

Living room conservatory glazing fireplace modern poly rattan furniture tv

winter garden wood rattan armchair fireplace

Home winter garden hobby room relaxation plants

glazed terrace winter garden dining area wood dining table

Residential winter garden furniture carpet boxwood  winter garden living room outside trees pot climbing rose

Conservatory seating area plants floor tiles

winter garden sitting area iron furniture white palm trees

glazed terrace carpet iron furniture glass roof