Terrace privacy screens – great ideas for this practical decoration

terrace privacy screen steel wood design couch bar

The terrace is the perfect place to relax on the warm days of the year. In order for this to be fully possible, however, you should be able to feel a certain amount of privacy. If your terrace is visible to other people, this is not guaranteed. In such a case, you can have one Terrace privacy protection to help and equip your terrace with it.

You have a wide range of options for this. Apart from the protective walls, which are bound to come to mind right away, there is also the option of using roller blinds or modern awnings. In this article, we would like to show you which versions of the practical terrace privacy screen are available to you.

1. Terrace privacy screens made of wood

terrace privacy screen strips of wood shutters design hedge

Screen walls made of wood or willow are particularly pretty. These can be made from any type of wood, including bamboo for an exotic feel. The wooden terrace privacy screen usually consists of a frame and individual strips that are attached in such a way that they do not block the view 100 percent. Otherwise you would certainly feel oppressed and not like being outdoors on the terrace.

Modern wooden strips for privacy protection

terrace privacy screen modern style wood strips flower box evergreen steel beams

Another advantage is that, due to the holes that are created, you can also use the terrace privacy screen perfectly as a scaffolding for climbing plants. The individual strips can also result in different patterns, depending on whether they are attached horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The wood must be maintained by regular repainting. However, you have the option of changing the color of the privacy screen as you wish, so that you can adapt it to the new style even after renovation work on the terrace.

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Privacy fence for the terrace

terrace privacy screen fence idea raised bed stone tiles fountain

Curved privacy screen

terrace privacy screen autumn fence wood idea seating area

Privacy screen as a trellis


Modern privacy screen

Terrace-privacy fence-wood-raised beds-planting

Screen in the grid look


2. Terrace privacy protection with screens

Terrace-privacy screen-wood-folding screen

The romantic room dividers are back in fashion and not only indoors. The advantage of this type of patio privacy screen is that you can adjust it as needed. This can consist of a natural material as well as plastic. Its folding properties are typical of it. In this way, you also have the option of individually determining how much space it should take up or protect.

Paravent privacy screen made of wood


A variety of designs are also possible with plastic screens. Take a look, for example, how effective this white screen is, which appears to be made of irregularly tightened cord.

terrace-privacy-screen-metal-white-climbing plants

3. Plastic privacy screens for terraces

Terrace privacy screen plastic mesh

As you can probably already imagine, the possibilities of design with plastic are virtually endless. With plastic, the designs typical of wood for the terrace privacy screen can be imitated or abstract variants can be produced. Furthermore, these do not require as much care as the wooden terrace privacy screens. Regular painting is therefore not necessary and cleaning is also easier, as the material can easily be wiped off with a cloth and cleaned with a mild detergent. Plastics are more weather resistant and therefore a popular choice for this reason too.

Terrace-privacy protection-rattan-wicker-dark brown-black

The rattan, which is otherwise known for garden furniture, is also very popular for the terrace privacy screen. It has a modern and cozy look and is offered in different natural tones. This variant is especially a good idea if your garden furniture is also made of rattan. In this way, the entire terrace area will appear more harmonious.

Terrace privacy screen - rattan wicker wood floor tiles

4. Fabric patio screens and roller blinds

Terrace-privacy-protection-fabric-roller-blinds-sun protection

Just as practical, as we find, are roller blinds as terrace privacy screens, which can be made of fabric, wood or bamboo. However, they are more suitable for a verandah or a covered terrace on which they can be hung. The roller blinds can be rolled down or raised again if necessary and you not only get protection from prying eyes, but also from the strong sun in summer. You can also attach the modern sun sails in such a way that they offer both privacy and sun protection, provided it is large enough. Simply connect it to the ground or, for example, to the fence that surrounds your terrace.

terrace-privacy protection-sunshade-roller blinds