Terrace Glazing Ideas – 25 Inspirational Glazed Terraces

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The covered terrace is an extension that could become an amazing living space for your leisure hours. The glass-enclosed porch has a ton of advantages, especially when you want to spend a lot of time outdoors but the weather isn’t particularly pleasant. The classic version should at least include furniture and a maximum viewing angle that will allow you to take advantage of the amazing view of the garden. Today we’re going to have some ideas for that Terrace glazing and present inspirations from the most impressive house projects. Check out these amazing examples and inspiration from homes from Brazil, Portugal, and England.

Terrace glazing with smoked glass


The days are getting warmer and warmer, but the cold winter wind is still blowing. However, you can enjoy the warmth of the sunshine on your glassed-in terrace. There you will have a chance to enjoy an al fresco dinner without worrying about mosquitos and other insects. The patio glazing gives you a space where you can enjoy nature, but in the safe environment of the house. What sets the covered terrace apart from the winter garden is the lack of lush greenery in the interior. But a couple of flower pots are okay. The focus is placed on the great landscape outside.

Terrace glazing with sliding doors

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Terrace glazing has a number of important advantages compared to conventional roofing. Above all, this creates additional space, which is a good thing, especially in smaller houses. The terrace can quickly be turned into a space for cozy coffee-clapping hours or an additional workspace. If you create good, sustainable glazing with high-quality heat protection windows, the area can also be used without hesitation in the winter months.

Sit outside in bad weather


However, the prices for terrace glazing are the same as those for a small winter garden and are several thousand euros. How much exactly depends on the size of the terrace, the type of glass and also on the hours of work required for the construction. The best way to find out more is from the professionals on site. The mobile glass walls offer a popular alternative that does not completely or permanently seal off the area from the garden. This allows you to enjoy fresh air and an immediate outdoor feeling in summer. The mobile glass walls can simply be pushed to the side when the temperature is pleasant enough, allowing you to sunbathe in the open air. The effort involved is really low if special requests such as these were met from the outset for the terrace glazing.

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Nice and clean glazing looks like there is no barrier between the inside and outside and offers the best view of the garden and bushes. It is certainly not difficult to keep the glass clean and the maintenance effort for the terrace glazing should not be a problem. A glass cleaner and a suitable cleaning cloth that ensures a clean wiping technique are sufficient. Special care products and detergents are not required for this.

So that birds do not fly against the pane, it is advisable to attach the customary bird motifs to the pane. These can be found in every hardware store and can be stuck onto the glass like a film or like a sticker. In addition, you can also attach self-made window pictures, which definitely look more attractive and individual. Regardless of which variant you choose, this will protect the birds from impact.

glazed veranda black frame iron furniture

Terrace glazing also fundamentally contributes to the energy efficiency of the house and helps you save on heating costs. The glass creates a barrier and thus insulation from the weather in the outside area. If reasonable privacy protection is also provided, the room that is right next to it remains relatively cool, even in direct sunlight. In winter, the room temperature remains relatively constant thanks to this natural air barrier and the heat does not escape outside. It should be mentioned that the glass surface is always less favorable in terms of thermal insulation compared to a wall. In sunny weather, however, the glazed terrace can be heated up by the sun and if you then open the terrace door, this warmth can also penetrate into the house.

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The easiest way to connect a room to the house and make it as weatherproof as possible is a windbreak made of glass with a patio roof made of the same material. In the best case scenario, the terrace glazing has a sliding system. In good weather, the terrace can be opened to the rest of the garden by rotating or sliding the doors. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy the terrace to the fullest and without restrictions. In bad weather it is a closed room. The opening and closing are made possible by guide rails that are attached to the patio roof and in the floor. As a result, these processes run quickly and without great effort. However, these elements can be made to measure and are therefore costly.

Sliding glass doors to the garden

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With regard to the design, basically two design concepts for terrace glazing can be made possible – with frameless panes or, on the other hand, with framed ones. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Frameless panes have the advantage that the glazing itself appears almost invisible. You get the impression of sitting outside, as the panes run directly next to each other without interruption. In the other case, each pane is set in a frame, which makes the individual elements more stable and stable. There is the option of designing the room with thermal insulation and heating it in winter. This enables insulating glass to be used in construction. The range of designs can vary accordingly, and so can the costs.

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The glazing without a window frame is therefore not as heat-insulating as the one with a frame. This is simply because the areas where two panes meet cannot be 100% sealed. Which variant you choose therefore not only depends on what you find visually more attractive, but also on what seasons you want to use the terrace. If the warmth is sufficient for you from late spring to early autumn and if you only want to sit on the terrace during this season, the modern frameless versions may be sufficient for you. If you want to use and heat the terrace area on colder days, you should choose the more energy-efficient variant with a frame that can keep the heat inside longer.

There are also a few things to consider when it comes to roofing. On the one hand, you should consider whether this should also be made of glass or an opaque material. With the former, it should be noted that good sun protection should be added, because the sun heats the room extremely quickly through the glazed roof, which can be very uncomfortable even with the windows open and even on a sunny winter’s day.

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Furthermore, a good incline should be considered. After all, when the snow begins to thaw, it should also be able to slide off the roof without any problems. This is especially important because it becomes more humid and therefore even heavier when it thaws. We certainly don’t have to remind us of a stable construction. Since the glass roof does not provide perfect insulation, the snow usually thaws very quickly, especially when the patio glazing is heated.

Also, get advice on the need for additional protection for the roof. It is often advisable to provide the roof of the house with a few transverse beams that hold the heavy snow and thus prevent it from falling on the glass roof and breaking it. This is usually the case if a less steep slope has been chosen for the glass roof or if the distance between the two roofs is slightly larger, i.e. there is no smooth transition.

Wood floor and ceiling

Terrace glazing wooden floor view of the mountains

Once you’ve chosen the type of walls and roof, it’s time to start thinking about the flooring and ceiling too. In the case of a glass roof, the ceiling paneling is not required. With a closed roof, you can choose wood or panels, and also any plaster. A little more attention needs to be paid to the flooring, especially if the glazing can be opened. Then even light winds can carry sand and other dirt onto the terrace. An easy-care covering is therefore an advantage. Tiles and stone slabs are probably the best options. If you value wood, you can expect relatively complex maintenance, because even with patio glazing, the wood is more or less exposed to the weather. Laminate is an alternative that is very cheap. However, you must not allow yourself to accidentally leave the windows open in rain and bad weather, because moisture will ruin this attractive surface.

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If you have planned and thought everything well, you will soon be able to enjoy your attractive garden design from a comfortable seating area. We do not want to deny that the investment is worthwhile. But on the contrary! Especially if your house is a bit older and therefore not equipped with large window fronts, winter gardens and glazed terrace designs are the perfect way to feel closer to your garden even in bad weather.

Floor to ceiling windows and glass canopy

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Integrate outdoor fireplace

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Patio glazing sliding garden sofa

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