Sun protection awnings – a pleasant living environment for your terrace

Awnings pleasant shade breakfast terrace

Sun protection awnings are fabric-covered structures with covering, which can provide a pleasant shade on your terrace. The frame will become an integral part of your patio and you can either use the awning fabric year round or change it seasonally. The awnings can also serve as privacy and rain protection. You can also install outdoor lighting on the frame structure to illuminate your patio.

Sun protection awnings for a pleasant breakfast outside

sun awnings roll awnings dining area

The awnings are good for full shading of compact terraces or partially for larger ones. The awning fabric and structure can withstand rain, hail and strong winds. Since it is a permanent structure, the awning has no moving parts that can jam or break during use. The fixed awnings have their designs for all needs – roll-up and folding awnings.

Sun protection awnings in the garden

Sun protection awnings orange seat cushions patio water garden

Lie on the wooden terrace

Awnings on the wooden terrace shade the sun lounger green

high quality frame construction

Sun protection awnings frame construction fabric

Relaxation on the terrace

Sun protection awnings relaxation lounger terrace wood furniture

Roll-up awning shades the lounge area outside

roll-up awning outside lounge furniture

Sun deck and sea view

Sun deck awnings pleasant shade lounger sea view

Stone flooring terrace

Awnings shading terrace stone flooring

Stripes of awning fabric

Sun protection awnings stripes dark blue

Awnings offer pleasant shade   Sun protection awnings compact plastic furniture

Sun protection awnings courtyard veranda lie rattan

Shading for the dining area outside

terrace shade awnings house terrace dining area outside

Grilling under the awning

shading awnings garden terrace barbecue   Awnings sun protection rain protection view of wooden terrace