Summer is just around the corner – use the terrace and garden in a family-friendly way

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In the warm season everyone longs for vacation and free time, and it’s still best at home. Spending a little time in your own garden and giving the children some freedom through safe furnishings – doesn’t that sound wonderful after the cold season? We collect some tips on how you can use the terrace and the garden in a family-friendly manner and how you can make the area behind the house a safe oasis of well-being so that you can make the best possible use of it.

Use the terrace and garden in a family-friendly way: Your own home is the perfect place to relax

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The first sunny days of the year are already behind us and they have made you want more. After a long winter, nothing is better than being able to spend time outdoors again without a thick jacket. Sunday afternoons under blue skies are particularly fun with the family. The easiest way to do this is of course to spend free time in your own home – wonderful days can be spent in the garden or on the terrace.

For parents and grandparents, it is often the nicest thing when the children can run around freely in the garden. But so that this works without worry or constant supervision, everything must be secured and set up in a child-friendly manner. In this way, the little ones enjoy maximum freedom and independence when playing, which of course also benefits the adults. We give a few suggestions on how the outdoor area can be designed safely and yet visually appealing.

Make terrace and garden child-proof

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Especially if the terrace is accessible by stairs and is slightly higher than the surrounding area, there is a risk of falling. A fence or similar protection is needed to prevent falls. This can also be used as a design element: The seating area is visually separated from the rest of the garden. Another bonus is the option of attaching planters to the railings, in the classic way, for example with geraniums.

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At the same time, such a boundary can also be used as wind or privacy protection so that you can sit outside in all weathers. If this is not necessary, a picket fence that surrounds the terrace looks very nice. Another advantage of this is that the gates that can be inserted in it allow the terrace to be completely fenced in or left open, depending on the situation, so that the little ones or pets can access the garden.

Use the terrace and garden in a family-friendly way: also pay attention to the furniture and accessories in the outdoor area

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Choosing the right flooring is also important so that the youngsters can play uninhibited. The very durable stone or exposed aggregate concrete slabs are poorly suited for this, as there is an increased risk of injury if they fall. If these already exist, you can temporarily cover the area with rubber mats or soft floor tiles, which also reduce the risk of slipping to a minimum, even when wet. These are also available in a visually appealing design.

Alternatively, flooring made of wooden planks can reduce the risk of injury and look very classy at the same time. The only disadvantage here is the higher maintenance required in order to permanently avoid wood splinters. If the terrace is exposed to strong weather, wood is less recommended. Depending on the individual circumstances, it is therefore important to select the right material for the terrace floor. There is a good comparison, for example here at the building materials dealer BENZ24.

Create a child-friendly terrace and garden Tips

If the terrace is located a little away from the garden, such as in a corner of a house, plant pots and similar accessories are often used to create a cozy atmosphere. Care must be taken that these do not have any sharp edges. Likewise, they must not run the risk of being knocked over by playing children. So they should be heavy and stable enough to withstand such playful “attacks”. Choose lower planting for such plant pots so as not to give children’s hands a lever to knock over.

The same applies to the furniture in the outdoor area: It is ideal here, either harmless chairs made of plastic or fixed benches without using hard edges.

Make the entire garden child-proof

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If the garden is openly accessible from the terrace, it should ideally be designed to be as free from danger as possible. Especially if you have a garden pond, you have to make sure that the little ones do not have direct access to the water. A metal cover grille that can be walked on provides security and at the same time gives curious children the opportunity to explore the wet element up close. The same applies to a swimming pool in your own garden – a permanent cover is particularly recommended for this, as it offers the greatest security.

The entire garden must of course be securely fenced in to prevent it from escaping. If possible, choose a narrow picket fence without spikes. The cheap chain link fences unfortunately pose a risk of injury, especially when trying to climb.

Likewise, our offspring are not allowed to have access to tool sheds or workshops – the tools stored there are often more interesting for them than their favorite toys.

Out in the garden!

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If all freely accessible areas around the house have been secured in a child-friendly manner, days in the fresh air are twice as relaxing. Without constant direct supervision, the offspring can move freely between the house, terrace and garden and work off as much as they want. You don’t even have to do without the garden pond as an oasis of calm, as long as it is correctly fenced or covered. Nothing stands in the way of local recreation with the family!