Stunning example of a tiered wooden deck in Portland

example of multi-level wooden terrace round design

This inspiring idea for a multi-level wooden terrace is located in Portland, Oregon. The owners have dreamed of an outdoor space where the whole family can enjoy outdoor pursuits. The design of the wooden terrace should follow the curves of the natural relief and have a beautiful view of the lake.

The result is this stunning multi-level wooden terrace, which consists of two main levels and an additional step for the whirlpool. There is another mezzanine level where there is a grill next to the kitchen corner and the dining area. This step is even closer to the water than the other two and allows a better view of the lake.

The building material for the multi-level wooden terrace

example of multi-level patio design douglas tree

the multi-level wooden terrace is mainly made of red cedar from the west. This wood material ensures the warm and natural look. The use of real wood was of great importance not only for the appearance but also for the quality of the terrace.

The multi-level wooden terrace with built-in stone

example of multi-level wooden terrace stair design

In their attempts to expand the veranda as much as possible, the construction workers literally hit a wall. They found that the slope behind the house is made of solid rock. That is why the construction workers came up with the creative idea of ​​stopping the veranda there and adapting wooden stairs to the shape of the stone. That was a real challenge. Each piece of wood should be cut very precisely to match the uneven surface of the rock.

The breathtaking view

example of multi-level patio design panoramic view

The aluminum pillars were carefully designed and built so that the beautiful panoramic view of Lake Oswego is not obstructed.

The cozy bathing area

example of multi-level wooden terrace whirlpool

the multi-level wooden terrace has a cozy and beautiful bathing area with whirlpool. The bathtub is not in the sights of the upper levels. So you can enjoy the beautiful view in the whirlpool without being disturbed. The round terrace was built around the hot tub. Here, too, the design of the balusters was chosen very carefully and adapted to the landscape.

Considerable space saving

example of multi-level patio design decoration door

The space under the terrace is very often neglected. In this case, the space was used very carefully and practically. In the space under the terrace are the piping and filter systems of the whirlpool, as well as storage space for various objects. All of these items were hidden behind wooden doors with matching design.

Built-in bench

example of multi-tier patio design built-in bench

The mezzanine level of the patio contains a built-in bench seat which also has a beautiful view of the lake. The construction workers set up the bench with built-in elements that only add to the improvement of the design.

Transitions with elegant shapes

example of multi-level wooden terrace round stairs

Doors with French windows secure access to the upper levels of the veranda, while three round steps provide the transition to the intermediate level.

Round shape design

example of a multi-level patio design bathing area

the multi-level wooden terrace Above all, it has elements and designs with rounded shapes. The curves were adapted to the shape of the slope and the design of the prefabricated railings was coordinated with the benches and stairs.

Bent wood

example of multi-level patio design woodworking

the multi-level wooden terrace especially impresses with the unique designs made of curved wood. The red cedar wood from the west was worked and bent when the material was young and green. So that the boards were bent without breaks, they should be torn in thin strips and then shaped accordingly. Then these were put back together and laminated.

Unique design

example of multi-level patio design garden landscape

These multi-level wooden terrace was carefully adapted to the house design. The veranda contains natural elements such as wood and stones. The result is a unique design that looks like part of the environment and is also efficient and practical.