Privacy protection for terraces – 38 ideas for your privacy in the garden


Of the Privacy protection for terraces plays an important role in patio design, so you need to consider the various options when choosing. You don’t want to feel disturbed on the terrace in order to really relax and enjoy the sun. Protection from prying eyes is therefore of great importance here. Take a look at our ideas to find the perfect model for you and protect your privacy in the garden.

The calming sound of the water use – privacy protection for terraces


The background noise from a busy street can be just as disturbing as seeing your neighbors in the back yard. Solve this problem with privacy screens installed a little higher and enjoy relaxing moments by the swimming pool. The gentle trickle of water can make a huge difference, especially when beautiful exotic plants cast natural shadows next to it. Green trees and shrubs are a prime choice for patio privacy screens. They block every view and offer a lush, green backdrop. The plants also act as filters for the sounds. A variant in which your garden would look pretty even in winter would be the evergreen plant species. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes – including columnar types that grow no more than two feet.

Pergola made of awning fabric – why not

Privacy-screen-terraces-shangrila-april-furniture-mountains-view-wooden floor-lounger

A pergola is the perfect privacy screen for terraces and can also protect against the sun at the same time. It makes your outdoor area more comfortable and creates a pleasant shade. A particularly attractive idea would be a mobile pergola with a stable construction and high-quality awning fabric. Something like that already exists, it’s no fantasy – Shangrila by April Furniture, available in several colors.

Use natural resources, such as trees and bushes, as privacy screens for terraces


The gardeners in warm climates know how tropical plants can create the privacy they want almost immediately. Gardeners in the north also enjoy these fast-growing plants with their large leaves. Either use them as house plants and put them on the patio as soon as it gets warmer outside or use them as exotic annual plants that you can buy again after the winter. The plants will thank you for the long time outdoors with lush growth.

A very simple and not at all costly alternative for a privacy screen for terraces would be a curtain made of fabric. Our tip: Use only natural fabrics in light colors that do not hinder the draft. After all, you don’t want the patio to be stuffy. It doesn’t have to be an expensive model either. In most cases anyway, the color will fade over the years due to exposure to the sun, so the curtains will need to be replaced. A white color is suitable as an alternative.

Privacy screen for terraces made of wooden panels

Privacy screen-terrace-garden-grill-planter-tree-natural stone-house

Instead of cleaning up the floor for the terrace construction, use what is already there. Not only is this old tree a great addition to the yard – it protects residents’ privacy by creating a soft, natural canopy. Lush plantings around the edge of the deck also add to the feeling of security. Even the neighbors on the higher floors of the adjoining houses can no longer smother in your garden.

Sun protection in red or other colors – Siro from Stobag

Privacy-protection-terraces-stobag-siro-red-house-palm-sun protection-privacy

Such awnings have become very popular as protection against prying eyes. The reason for this is that they are attached to a wall and are pulled out of a cassette box as required and stowed back in it like a roller blind. The side awnings have different heights and can even protect against wind and solar radiation, so that you can benefit from them in several ways. You can also combine it with a suitable awning as a pull-out roof.


The traditional awning offers protection from the hot summer sun as well as from the neighbors who look out of the window on the second floor. Awnings come in a number of styles and colors, including retractable types. But beware! If a stronger wind is approaching, you should definitely stow it in its box so that it is not destroyed by the wind.


A fence is one of the most common ways to block unwanted looks. Here you can see a simple fence that frames the patio and provides the perfect retreat. A number of plant containers embellish the garden and make it more inviting. Plants, whether in beds or in pots, make a bare privacy fence visually much more interesting.

Patio privacy screen made of awning fabric – Sicura from Ke, Italy

Privacy protection-terraces-orange-peach-color-garden-furniture-palms-sicura-ke-italy

If privacy protection for the entire terrace is not possible, then only concentrate on part of it. Here creates a beautiful colored side awning that shields the eye from the visible terrace areas behind. This is for apartments that are at the end of a block of flats and have adjacent balconies on one side. Perhaps you also have two areas on the terrace (e.g. dining and seating areas) and only want to shield one of them.

Plant climbing plants

Privacy protection-terrace-wood-bench-table-garden-grass-climbing-plants-tiles

Climbing plants are the ultimate in privacy protection for patios. Magnificent shrubs form a nice privacy screen on the side of the terrace. On the other hand, a protective wall made of wood is placed. So if you want a privacy screen for terraces that looks particularly natural, consider one or more trellises, which you can then plant as desired. There are both fast-growing variants that provide adequate protection in the first season, as well as those that you have to be patient with. But it’s definitely worth the wait.

Arched shape made of wood by Deeswat


An interesting construction, which looks more like a partition wall or a wall shelf for interiors, creates a subtle protection without taking up too much space in your garden. Add some green plants in pots or other decorations and get a unique atmosphere with practical use. Find out more about this product at Deeswat.


The model is also available in other shapes and sizes. The special thing is that this privacy screen model does not completely block the view of your garden, but rather offers mysterious views through the open segments. You decide for yourself how opaque you want the shelf to be by choosing the number of decorations yourself. You can only close one part and leave the other open.

Sun and visibility for terraces – mobile pergola Shangrila from April Furniture

Privacy-terrace-ShangriLa-April-Furniture-sea view-roofing-awning fabric

Check out the wide variety of outdoor-friendly fabrics to create the perfect crash barrier. Fabric panels with beautiful, cheerful colors can be put together quickly and easily. Plus, they’re inexpensive – you can have a few different options depending on your mood. April Furniture models are available in different colors.

Privacy protection-terraces-black-ShangriLa-April-Furniture-seaview-couch

The modern pergola-like constructions can only serve as a canopy and sun protection from above, as well as closing off the sides. They can be used free-standing or set up directly on a wall. In this way you get a perfect model for the terrace in front of the house or in another seating area, for example near the pool.

Privacy-terrace-ShangriLa-April-Furniture-white-gray-modern-awning fabric

Whether in beige, purple or another color, the garden constructions will be real eye-catchers and, in addition to their useful function, have the advantage that they will attract everyone’s attention. Their modern, subtle framework creates a minimalist accent in every outdoor area. With the sliding fabrics, you also get privacy and sun protection where you need it.

Color matching garden furniture and privacy screens – Sicura from Ke, Italy


If you would like a side awning, you can also consider the “Sicura” model from Ke. Whether on the terrace or the balcony, it is guaranteed to meet all your needs. Side awnings are also very space-saving and quite discreet. It is best to choose a color that matches the garden furniture, the house facade or other elements on the terrace.

Durable and modern privacy screen panels made of steel and wood – SOTOMON by Carsten Gollnick for Conmoto

Privacy screen-terrace-SOTOMON-Carsten-Gollnick-conmoto-couch-garden furniture-wooden floor-steel


Optimal privacy protection with Choko wooden panels from Burger

Privacy screen-terrace-wood-plant-tub-panels-burger-choko

Privacy screen for terraces and outdoor areas made of plastic fratan – Kubi by Skyline

Privacy-protection-terrace-loungers-seat-cushions-kubi-skyline-design-swimming pool


Privacy-protection-terrace-wood-view-sun-shade-wooden slats

Privacy protection-terrace-roof-terrace-garden-furniture-wicker-white-seat cushions



garden privacy protection blocking sight

Privacy protection for terraces, fountains, water features, reduce street noise

garden furniture wooden terrace protect privacy

 Build a wooden pergola

Privacy screen for terrace wooden pergola rocking chairs

. Create lush greenery as a privacy screen for terraces

Privacy protection terrace lush tropical plants

 Take advantage of the location of the house

Privacy screen terrace veranda climbing plants

Build a protective wall

outdoor fireplace wooden terrace wooden lattice

Incorporate a tree

evergreen trees build around wooden terrace

 Add an awning or other roofing a

awning terrace privacy screen neighbors

Build a big fence

Privacy protection garden privacy protection build wooden fence

Divide the view

Privacy protection terrace Hinoki false cypress

 Grow climbing plants and Vines

Privacy screen terrace climbing plant roofing

 planting trees

Privacy screen terrace planting trees

 Add fabrics with beautiful patterns

colored sheets of fabric curtains veranda