Preparing the terrace nicely: You should pay attention to this when designing your open-air oasis

In spring at the latest, when the temperatures are rising and summer is just around the corner, it is time to design the terrace beautifully. It should serve as a cozy retreat as well as a meeting place for friends and family – and it should be prepared accordingly. The terrace can be a kind of second living room, at least in summer, but with the right approach all year round. The trend is increasingly towards spending as much time outside as possible. Whether for a barbecue or a coffee with friends or just to read a good book in peace and lie in the sun, to have a cozy outdoor area right in front of your own house or apartment is worth gold. In the meantime, terraces and balconies are in demand like never before in the big cities. Here we explain how you can prepare your terrace perfectly, prepare it for all eventualities and what you should pay attention to.

The right roofing for all weather conditions

Use the terrace in any weather with a terrace roof made of aluminum

First of all, it is important that the terrace can ideally be used in any weather. So you should be protected from too much sun in your outdoor area as well as from rain. Because it would be a shame if the cozy barbecue party had to break up just because a rain shower was coming. Terrace roofs are ideal here. One is particularly stylish and, above all, easy to care for Terrace covering made of aluminum. Aluminum is a high quality and very insensitive material. Thanks to the flexibility of aluminum, the canopies can be designed individually according to your wishes and defy all weather conditions. Even after years, the robust material usually looks like new and can also be cleaned very easily. This makes aluminum the ideal material for a patio roof. A roof gives you the opportunity to use your terrace all year round. Because even in winter it can be nice to drink a mulled wine on the terrace with friends wrapped in thick blankets. With a high-quality terrace roofing, snow and rain are no problem.

Beautiful furniture brings cosiness to the terrace

Nice furniture for the terrace garden set

If you want to make your terrace particularly cozy, you can rely on beautiful garden furniture. Lounge furniture that turn the outside area into a second living room. The furniture you choose should not only be comfortable and look good, it should also be made of high-quality materials. Good wood is ideal here or, in combination with the patio roof, aluminum is a particularly robust material.

Furnish the terrace nicely with plants in pots

When choosing the right outdoor furniture, however, space also plays a decisive role. The size of the seating group must be adapted to the size of the terrace in order to avoid the whole thing looking overwhelming and uncomfortable. If you are lucky enough to have a lot of space, you can’t go wrong with a large seating group consisting of a sofa, armchair and coffee table. For smaller terraces, a corner sofa in combination with a smaller coffee table is more suitable.

The right accessories for the perfect terrace

Furnish the terrace nicely with fairy lights to create a cozy atmosphere

Now the terrace is equipped with the optimal patio cover for wind and weather and has the right furniture. But it’s not finished yet. In order to provide that last touch of comfort, the right accessories are now missing. There should always be plants on a terrace to emphasize the connection between the garden and the living room. It is best to use potted plants. If you like it colorful, you can set up plants with beautiful flowers, such as roses, hydrangeas or oleanders. If you prefer green plants, cypress, bamboo or laurel are well advised. But the selection is large and depends on individual taste.

Lights and candles for cozy evenings outdoors

If the terrace is now equipped with enough plants, the right light should be provided in the last step. Electric fairy lights create a particularly cozy atmosphere outdoors, especially when the color is orange. In addition, there are of course candles on the terrace. In the best case, equip the outdoor living room with scented candles, which at the same time scare off unwelcome guests such as mosquitoes.

Covered terrace with living and dining area looks out onto the garden

In order to have a really nice terrace, you should therefore rely on a suitable combination. This includes a patio roof to be protected from any weather, as well as the appropriate outdoor furniture. Beautiful, robust plants and a cozy lighting concept give the outside area the finishing touch.