Planters for outdoors – design tricks for an effective garden


Flower pots and Planters for outdoors are a central element of modern garden design, especially in urban landscapes. The garden can be arranged even more beautifully with a few simple design tricks.

Arrange flower pots and planters for outdoors in a stylish way


Flower boxes and Planters for outdoors enjoy great popularity not only because of their current look, but also because of their small footprint. As is well known, the large garden in urban regions is more of a luxury. That is why it is important to make it attractive and cozy.

Planters for outdoors – a modern design object


The minimalist character of a modern house can be underlined by simple rectangular flower pots in the garden. The right angle radiates simplicity and does not leave that Planters for outdoors optically dominate, but complement the entire picture. Concrete tubs or vessels in anthracite or lead gray, planted with boxwood, work extremely well as part of the architectural concept. Small flower pots on the coffee table complete the picture.

Create intense contrasts with colors and shapes


Classic planter models can be placed amazingly well in any garden style. For an extreme visual impact, however, one should choose something out of the ordinary.

Combine outdoor planters with different shapes and sizes 


Planters for outdoors look very decorative, especially during the flowering period. If you want to enjoy the splendor of flowers, you should surround yourself with abundant flowering plants. The begonia, for example, is particularly suitable as a potted plant in the garden. The neon green fat lenne creates a dramatic contrast to the anthracite flower pot.

Classic planters – a highlight in the garden

Begonia planters for outdoors - modern garden ideas - magnificent flower color

Photo by: Little Miracles Designs

Different sizes – same material

Hemispherical designer planter, black windowbox pebbles

Photo via windowbox

Give structure to the garden

Planters design flower box modern different sizes models-west elm

Photo via West Elm

Add perspective with repetitive structures

Add perspective pebbles potted plants garden design

Photo by: Blue Renovation&Landscape

Maximum effects in the entrance area

Garden design front garden pots modern

Photo by: Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Flower pots that blend in with their surroundings – easy-care, decorative and creative

Modern ceramic vessels for creating flowers in the garden

Photo by: Berghoff Design Group

The size as a visual advantage – terracotta planters bring a Mediterranean flair to the garden

Mediterranean garden elements-terracotta planters-lemon tree growing

Photo by: AMS landscape design studios

Terracotta planters-tubs garden design windowbox

Photo via windowbox

Garden plants species-tubs modern-minimalistic evergreen

Photo by: Samarotto Design Group

Pool deck design planter modern rectangular design

Photo from Secret Gardens

Gardening Bbougainvillea wild nature-of the south-

Photo by: Debora Carl Landscape design

Sedum sedum neon green hemispherical flower pot design garden